Spiritual Guidance One-on-One

Personal guidance to Spiritual and Soul Awakening   Develop deep Meditation abilities Open to Intuition and Inner Guidance Awaken the Kundalini Energy Gain clarity at any stage on your Spiritual Path   Read more and schedule your session here

1-hour Numerology Reading

Spiritual guidance for every subject or question: • Get a full numerological chart about your soul and purpose • Receive personal answers for any question that’s on your mind • Know what to expect from the year ahead for best decision making • Readings are recorded via Skype and sent to you afterwards! Read more about Numerology Readings – click here

Yearly Forecasts

Receive an accurate GPS mapping for every year of your life. • Learn what opportunities each birthday presents in your life • Be an active co-creator of your destiny and happiness • Make the right decisions in the best timing • Know what challenges lay ahead and how to handle them Read more and schedule a yearly forecast here