Tom Eckert



About Tom Eckert

Tom Eckert is a Spiritual Teacher, Numerology Expert and Martial Artist. Since very early childhood Tom had mystical experiences occurring on a regular basis. From out of body experiences, to feeling himself becoming very wide, or heavy, or seeing the world from afar, to getting in touch with the wonder and mystery of the present moment. He was also deeply intrigued and fascinated by high and complex mathematics. At the age of 10 he would already solve mathematical equations and at the age of 12 already read his first book about meditation and mind control.

At the age of 16, followed by a deep existential question about the nature of reality, Tom had a spontaneous experience of being sucked into a state of being a witness for more than a year. He had no previous preparation or context and it was terrifying. In one moment, his entire world, everything he held dear, seemed completely unreal and shattered into a thousand pieces. Although it seemed that everything is lost and that this state is going to last forever, one day, completely by surprise, life’s grace has decided to take that state away from him.

This is when his spiritual journey began.

Coming across a book of Osho, in an instant it all became clear – spiritual awakening, liberation and the discovery or eternal wisdom is what Tom wanted to dedicate his life to more than anything else. It was a moment of profound grace, clarity and inner conviction. No doubt was left. It felt like a deep remembrance.

Tom wasted no time and decided to study from authentic Enlightened spiritual teachers. He studied for 2 years with Osho (through his books, videos and Ashram) and 11 years with Shai Tubali directly. Additional teachers who accompanied his path were:  Lili Benatav, Barry Long and Adyashanti. Tom has deep gratitude to all those wonderful beings for all that he learned from them.

However, making the teacher a focal point has never been Tom’s approach but rather, the pure love of Truth as the center of the entire journey.

His main internal shift happened at the age of 29 where he had a significant Kundalini awakening that his former teacher had recognized as irreversible. This awakening has continued deepening and stabilizing into ever expanding new frontiers and continues doing so ever since. This grace enables Tom to share spontaneous wisdom and love and be in constant service of the awakening and spiritual maturation of his brothers and sisters world-wide.

After 13 years of profound spiritual training Tom knew deep within, it was time for him to walk alone and share his living wisdom and ever deepening self realization. Today he is teaching and sharing his spontaneous living knowing of the Truth within.

Integrity, Honesty and Purity of heart always were and will always and forever be his highest guides.