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The only way to Ultimate Fulfillment is spiritual growth.


In this lifetime you have the unique opportunity of opening up to the wondrous depth of your Being and Soul. You have the chance to let it shine through your very own body. 

Spiritual Growth is the final frontier. Relationships, career, financial success, travelling, having children or sexual experiences will never succeed in providing you with the completeness, joy and wisdom that spiritual growth will bring about.


Sieze this opportunity with all your heart.


The 2 main Paths

Spiritual Guidance

Self-tailored guidance into spiritual growth and Soul fulfillment.


Numerology as a tool for self-discovery and vocation in empowering others.

“Tom, is a Heart awakened spiritual guide. His spiritual guiding session was healing and allowing me to access my own inner wisdom which I needed by then. Gratitude! Being present with such a beautiful open hearted being is wonderful, not to mention his intuitions and insights. May it benefits all beings! OM. “JIAJIA佳家 FROM IRELAND
“Tom’s readings helped me to categorize and understand better the current challenges in my life. I was impressed by the accuracy of numerology, how it’s not talking about general things but pointing out specific issues. Tom really knows how to give you a vivid impression of the numbers’ magic, choosing words carefully to not influence you in any direction.“Jessi from Germany
“ Tomˋs numerology teaching is highly professional, well-structured and showing great love for detail and accuracy, which in the end makes all the difference between any random online numerology course and his. But more than that: I feel that with every new aspect we discuss in class, a new door opens up within myself, creating great inspirational flow and a deeper understanding of the rich, differentiated and colorful inner human potential. To put it short: truly fascinating and mind-blowing! “Gabriel from Germany

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About Tom

Tom is a Spiritual Guide and Numerology Expert. At the early age of 18 his spiritual quest began with a a great intensity and an unwavering love of truth. This was followed by many years of pain and growth that allowed Tom to reach ever more refined insights into the workings of suffering and how to use it as a catalyst for profound spiritual wisdom and soul-evolution.

Tom works with students privately through his potent 1-on-1 personally-tailored guidance and by teaching Numerology.

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