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Wouldn’t it be great to have a GPS to navigate your Soul’s Path?

  • To know exactly what energies affect your life at any given moment so that you can be an active co-creator?
  • Not to mention being able to predict events and reveal your skills and talents.
  • What if you could make decisions in alignment with Universal Timing?
  • How about unveiling the best relationship and career types that match your Soul’s needs?
  • And then giving your closest friends and family (and perhaps even strangers) access to this information about themselves?

You have the opportunity to Become a Professional Numerologist with access to the most fascinating knowledge and insight about yourself and any person you meet.


You’re probably a sensitive and
intelligent person...

...and you enjoy tapping into the deeper secrets of your own and other’s lives. That’s what probably brought you to read these lines.

You most probably also love helping people and are very good at that. Many sensitive people with gifts like yours, need a method they can use systematically to receive accurate results and channel their talent.

  • Do you often get the feedback that you’re great at helping others?
  • Wouldn’t it be great to have a powerful method to channel your abilities to help others?
  • Perhaps you even wish to make it into your very profession and make a living out of it.

Becoming a Numerologist will not only give you the tools to channel your sensitivity and talent to help others and understand them deeply, but to understand yourself as well.


This is a life-changing journey

  • Here is just a tiny fraction of what you’ll be able to achieve as a Certified Numerologist:

  • Know the destiny and major lessons of every person
  • Gain insight into relationships, career and financial matters in people’s lives
  • Detect people’s major challenges and friction points
  • Understand people’s fundamental talents, skills, temperament and world-view
  • Assist people in decision making processes based on the energies of every year and every month

  • In other words, you will gain deep access into your and other’s inner world and the tools to navigate and guide anybody into understanding themselves and living according to their unique design.

Numerology Courses are not just about learning a method, but about discovering yourself!

What would it change to be able to leave the guessing game?

Just imagine the following scenario…

Your clients share with you what they feel and what troubles them, and without further ado, you give them razor sharp clarity about themselves and their issues. They are deeply touched and gain your trust. You become a solid and confident coach/therapist and people stay with you because of your confidence, precision, vision and guidance.  In other words, they stay with you because you touch them.

You are able to see all your clients clearly and to provide each one with pearls of wisdom and precious advice that leads their life every session into a tangible better place. And because of your unique and accurate way to diagnose you become an outstanding niche expert in your field.

How would this feel like?

Expert Tools

The Fundamentals of Numerology Course is a powerful program designed to introduce you to the outstanding and exquisite system of Numerology. It will give you the tools to see into the very fabric of your client’s inner life, personality structure, deepest motivations, lessons and even challenges.

Learn to see into the fabric of your clients inner life

Discover their unique personalty structure

Reveal their deepest lessons and challenges & support their flowering

This is a gold mine for any therapist/coach.

What others say..

“ Tomˋs numerology teaching is highly professional, well-structured and showing great love for detail and accuracy, which in the end makes all the difference between any random online numerology course and his. But more than that: I feel that with every new aspect we discuss in class, a new door opens up within myself, creating great inspirational flow and a deeper understanding of the rich, differentiated and colorful inner human potential. To put it short: truly fascinating and mind-blowing! “ Gabriel from Germany

“ I completed the first numerology course with Tom and apart from learning and getting a deeper understanding of numerology, which gave me the ability to give basic readings, I really enjoyed the lessons. Tom is a very warm person with a great sense of humor, who knows how to create a welcoming and stimulating atmosphere. I always felt energized and stimulated after the lessons. I highly recommend studying numerology with Tom! Petra from Germany

"Numerology has been one of my interests as a young girl, so I believe that meeting Tom was a wonderful synchronicity. Tom and I also have something else in common; the heart number, which instantly made me feel at ease, supported and inspired. Following his Numerology course felt like a warm blanket to my self-attained numerology knowledge as it created a solid foundation. By confronting my own chart and that of others with the Human Body numerology method, I've gained greater clarity and insights on the complexities yet synthesis of the numbers, which perfectly describes the essence of an individual. The sessions were enlightening and I am thankful to have been part of it." Lourdes from Germany

What does the Numerology Fundamentals course look like?

The course consists of 13 lessons and focuses on the fundamentals of Numerology.

By completing the 1st course you’ll be able to:

  • Tell people about their original destiny and lessons

  • Reveal people’s talents, skills, dreams and potentials

  • Understand people’s character and temperament

  • Gain insight into the energies governing people’s entire lifespan

  • Give basic Numerology Readings

Module 1: the 5 Core Calculations & Numbers 1-9

Introduction to the Human Body Method, the 5 core calculations and the numbers 1-9.

This method is a unique way to create numerological charts in an intuitive, easy to remember and accurate way.

You will learn the 5 calculations that constitute any human being and make up their deepest blueprint and structure. This is their character. It includes their deepest lessons, traits, talents and tendencies. This is the foundation to understanding any person.

You'll also study the traits, potentials, strengths and shadows of each number and how they function in a human being.

You will discover how each number is a living energy, a dynamic world, and how it makes up human behavior, choices, strengths and inner conflicts. You’ll learn how to understand any person based on their core numbers.

Module 2: Special Sides of the Numbers

Special characteristics of numbers:

  • masculine/feminine
  • even/odd
  • harmonious/disharmonious
  • simple/complex

This module will show you further secrets hidden within each number that are not immediately visible to the eye. They will allow you to make even more refined diagnoses for people/clients.

Module 3: Cycles, Pinnacles and Challenges

Important life cycles that determine the road we’ll take on our life.

While the 5 core numbers represent the vehicle that we are, the life cycles represent the road we are destined to drive on. You will learn how to calculate and understand the basics of where the road is taking and what one should expect to learn and experience during different parts of their life.


Here is what you get

13 in-depth lessons on the fundamentals of numerology and support from a leading numerology expert

In depth studies of all the numbers and the 5 core calculations in numerology and special characteristics of numbers

Exclusive group-setting with max. 6 students per group to ensure the highest quality of teaching

All lessons are recorded and will be sent to you for future referral.

Life Cycles: Pinnacles, Cycles and Challenges

free 1-on-1 numerology session with Tom Eckert (first three participants only)


Numerology Certificate

Upon completing the Fundamentals of Numerology study course and the following two advanced courses, you will receive a certificate from Tom Eckert stating your accomplishment as a certified Numerology Course in the Human Body Method.

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Advanced Courses

How the journey into the depth of numerology can continue after completing the fundamentals course

There are 2 advanced courses that together with the fundamentals course form a thorough understanding of Numerology step by step and an advanced capacity to put it to use.

As they build on this first course they are only available for students that succesfully completed the fundamentals of numerology course.

Second Course

Consists of 18 lessons and focuses on the core “how-to” of deep Numerology Readings.

By completing the 2nd course you’ll be able to:

  • See the fuller picture and storyline of a person’s life
  • Detect blockages, traumas and hidden strengths
  • Gain deep insight into people’s relationships, career potentials, financial matters, social behavior and emotional expression
  • Find effects of past life Karma and the way to solve it.
  • Give detailed Numerology Readings

Third Course

Consists of 24 lessons and focuses on diving into subtle layers of Numerology Readings and lots of advanced numerological chart interpretations.

By completing the 3rd course you’ll be able to:

  • Uncover deep childhood conditioning
  • Detect unconscious patterns of behavior that
    affect people’s external and internal life
  • Use advanced techniques of understanding
    people’s deepest inherent design
  • Guide people through processes of decision
    making based on personal years
  • Give professional Numerology Readings


What others say..

“ Learning numerology with Tom is like sunrise: with every new lesson a new day seems to begin! WOW, numerology puts sooo much light on life! And thanks to Tom's vivid, heartful & practical way of teaching, the new light is just absorbed right away into my awareness. “ Marlene from Germany

“ Studying Numerology with Tom Eckert is an fantastic journey. He has an eye for details and also the humor to make learning Numerology something you can't get enough of. His teachings are well structured und make it really easy to understand such a deep and sometimes complex topic like Numerology. “ Sebastian from Germany

“ Being a Numerology student of Tom was a very deep and interesting journey. The structure of the classes as well as the material were more than satisfying. What I enjoyed the most was that he explained the learning material and the meaning of the numbers by giving us fitting images or anecdotes which made the learning very interactive. “ Andrea from France

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