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Awaken Your Inner Knowing

Develop an Unfailing Inner Compass Through Life's Ups and Downs

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Awaken an Inner Knowing that will always show you the way


Life is full of paradoxes. It is both beautiful and horrifying, touching and heart-breaking. In the midst of this often perplexing and challenging experience, we need an anchor of safety, confidence and clarity.

It is exactly in these moments where we can open to the Spiritual Wisdom of our being and soul and find ways to use the highs and lows as vehicles of inner growth and soul expansion.


Underneath moments of breakthrough and breakdown lies an invincible Inner Knowing.


Opening the door to Freedom

In a spirit of focus and true intention, we will help you advance on your spiritual path and achieve tangible and grounded progress towards spiritual awakening and liberation.


In a space of intimacy and openness we will learn how to use every experience on your path in order to foster genuine growth, solid Inner Knowing and Spiritual Insight.

Going beyond Problems and Conflicts

Many years of meditation have made me realize a precious space. It lies beyond my limited sense of self and is a space free of problems and conflict, a space of pure wonder and potential.


This realization is true for all of us, and is the foundation for freedom and liberation. It gives you tremendous strength and flexibility to deal with life’s challenges and always come out more shining and wise.


These sessions will be aimed at helping you become increasingly more established in this limitless freedom.


What guided patients say about the sessions

Karen, Venezuela

Livia, Switzerland

  • All Questions are Welcome

    sessions are designed to be a space where all your questions on the spiritual path can be addressed in-depth and provide you with clear guidance, tools and understanding to keep growing and opening to freedom and spiritual awakening.

  • Tangible & Grounded Progress

    In every session you are asked to come with clear questions about your spiritual practice and path and together we will carefully help you make noticeable and grounded progress.

  • Holistic Spiritual Growth

    This process embraces all of your experiences on the path, light and dark, high and low, and harnesses them in order to facilitate holistic spiritual growth.

What can I Expect in a Session:

Transparent Communication

A space of open hearted, honest and transparent sharing of anything that wants to be heard and shared. Through intimate communication we are listened to and seen deeply. A lot can happen by communicating open-heartedly.

Energetic Reflection

At times, insights, or energetic messages may present themselves and I might choose to share them or use them to empower you and give further clarity.

Healing Resonance

There are times where gaps of silence can work miracles. Just being together for a few moments in silence and love can open doors to soul healing and fresh clarity.

Guided Meditation

From time to time we may move into guided meditations to enable you to deepen your experience of deeper dimensions of your own beautiful being.

1 on 1 sessions cover topics such as:

Finding the gifts behind deep suffering

Remembering one’s unique Light and Soul essence

Opening to true Love and the Heart of Compassion

Building authentic Inner Power and Trust

Cultivating Energetic sensitivity and opening the energy body

Cultivating Meditation, Eternal Wisdom, Spiritual Expansion

More guided patients tell about the meetings

Heather, US California

Karina, India

A Loving Heart...Here just for You

Whenever you need a place to rest your head, find peace, remember the light and beauty of your soul, embrace your vulnerable humanness, I'm here for you. Whenever you want to deepen your Wisdom and spiritual understanding, I'm here for you.

Individual Sessions

Whenever you want a session, I'm here for you.


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Patient testimonials

“ When I started working with Tom I was going through a big crisis, feeling so lonely, uninspired, more undergoing life than fully living it. I had the chance to meet Tom at the right moment, he is such an open and compassionate person, one feels safe in his presence. He opened a space where I could explore and grow, each session we had was a revelation. I learned so much about myself, I also learned how to accept things as they are, be open and confident about life. I appreciated how Tom could sense and direct our sessions exactly the way that was right for me. I gained confidence through the sessions and became more and more connected to life, more joyful, I acted from a completely different place. I am really thankful to Tom for giving me this chance, he not only gave practical and effective techniques to work with but also his presence, wisdom and a beautiful space to grow. “ Joher from Germany
“ I went through depression and Tom’s guidance helped me a lot to discover myself. When I say “myself”, I talk about a place, or let’s call it “center” that always remains silent, peaceful and happy within me. Even when things go wrong, this silent space is always there, it’s part of me. I’m every day more and more able to separate thoughts from emotions, what I’m supposed to be from what I really am. Even from the first session I was fascinated how much energy is involved in the process. “ Sonia from Germany
“ Tom is an amazing teacher and from the first moment I met him in a private session I felt comfortable and something positive. Just simple without too much details he said to me the right words for what I needed to my current situation and everything started to change faster. From that day I felt that doors have opened for me to a better understanding of how to live happier and in balance in the physical world after my spiritual awakening. “ Olga from Germany
“Tom, is a Heart awakened spiritual guide. His spiritual guiding session was healing and allowing me to access my own inner wisdom which I needed by then. Gratitude! Being present with such a beautiful open hearted being is wonderful, not to mention his intuitions and insights. May it benefits all beings! OM. “ Jiajia佳家 from Ireland

    “Even the most painful experience is a doorway to Wisdom and Light”

    ~ Tom Eckert

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