Spiritual Mentoring

Applying Spiritual Knowledge to Illuminate every Aspect of Your Life

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Spiritual Mentorship to awaken your Inner-Knowing


My spiritual mentoring program is designed to accompany you through every phase and facet of your life and help you instill clarity, light and the stabilizing depth of spiritual wisdom to establish a powerful and lasting connection to your Soul and Inner Strength.

I'll empower you to know the spiritual laws and align with them. By doing so you will experience flourishing relationships, clarity of purpose, thriving work-life, empowered decision making and a profound connection to the Inner-Light.


Every problem and conflict is an opportunity for growth in disguise.


Walking Together into the Light

With proper focus and true intention, I will help you advance on your spiritual path and achieve tangible and grounded progress in all areas of your life by utilizing spiritual wisdom and practice.


In a space of intimacy and openness you will learn to use every experience on your path to foster genuine growth, solid Inner Knowing and transform difficulties into strengths.

Resolve Problems and Conflicts with Spiritual Insight

By applying spiritual insight correctly, you will learn how to approach any problem or conflict and turn them into an opportunity for greater inner-wholeness, a sense of empowerment and greater vision in life.


You will learn how to view problems and conflicts from the true spiritual perspective and approach them with joy, curiosity and eventually discover how they are amazing opportunities for growth.


What Mentored patients say about the sessions

Karen, Venezuela

Livia, Switzerland

  • Addressing Life-Themes

    sessions are designed to be a space where every life topic or conflict can be brought up and be addressed in-depth and provide you with clear guidance, tools and understanding to keep growing and transforming problems into light and prosperity.

  • Tangible & Grounded Progress

    You will learn to utilize spiritual insight in a grounded and concrete way and apply it to every topic you bring into the mentoring sessions and gain practical and powerful tools to experience real inner-transformation.

  • Holistic Spiritual Growth

    This process embraces all of your experiences on the path, light and dark, high and low, and harnesses them in order to facilitate holistic spiritual growth.

What can I Expect in a Session:

Transparent Communication

A space of open hearted, honest and transparent sharing of anything that wants to be heard and shared. Through intimate communication we are listened to and seen deeply. A lot can happen by communicating open-heartedly.

Energetic Reflection

At times, insights, or energetic messages may present themselves and I might choose to share them or use them to empower you and give further clarity.

Healing Resonance

There are times where gaps of silence can work miracles. Just being together for a few moments in silence and love can open doors to soul healing and fresh clarity.

Guided Meditation

From time to time we may move into guided meditations to enable you to deepen your experience of deeper dimensions of your own beautiful being.

Spiritual Mentoring sessions cover topics such as:

Finding the gifts behind problems and conflicts

Activating your unique Light and Soul essence

Establishing relationships in Lasting True Love

Building authentic Inner Power and Trust in yourself

Finding your true Purpose and Vocation

Cultivating  Meditation, Sense of Purpose and Spiritual Insight

More Mentored patients tell about the Sessions

Heather, US California

Karina, India

Supportive Mentoring

Life can be challenging and it is healthy and empowering to receive the help of an experienced spiritual mentor. You don't need to walk alone, and receiving help is a great strength.

Individual Sessions


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Patient testimonials

“ When I started working with Tom I was going through a big crisis, feeling so lonely, uninspired, more undergoing life than fully living it. I had the chance to meet Tom at the right moment, he is such an open and compassionate person, one feels safe in his presence. He opened a space where I could explore and grow, each session we had was a revelation. I learned so much about myself, I also learned how to accept things as they are, be open and confident about life. I appreciated how Tom could sense and direct our sessions exactly the way that was right for me. I gained confidence through the sessions and became more and more connected to life, more joyful, I acted from a completely different place. I am really thankful to Tom for giving me this chance, he not only gave practical and effective techniques to work with but also his presence, wisdom and a beautiful space to grow. “ Joher from Germany
“ I went through depression and Tom’s guidance helped me a lot to discover myself. When I say “myself”, I talk about a place, or let’s call it “center” that always remains silent, peaceful and happy within me. Even when things go wrong, this silent space is always there, it’s part of me. I’m every day more and more able to separate thoughts from emotions, what I’m supposed to be from what I really am. Even from the first session I was fascinated how much energy is involved in the process. “ Sonia from Germany
“ Tom is an amazing teacher and from the first moment I met him in a private session I felt comfortable and something positive. Just simple without too much details he said to me the right words for what I needed to my current situation and everything started to change faster. From that day I felt that doors have opened for me to a better understanding of how to live happier and in balance in the physical world after my spiritual awakening. “ Olga from Germany
“Tom, is a Heart awakened spiritual guide. His spiritual guiding session was healing and allowing me to access my own inner wisdom which I needed by then. Gratitude! Being present with such a beautiful open hearted being is wonderful, not to mention his intuitions and insights. May it benefits all beings! OM. “ Jiajia佳家 from Ireland

    “Every conflict and blockage is a doorway to Wisdom and Light”

    ~ Tom Eckert

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