2017 – Global Yearly Forecast

2017 – Redefining our entire system: The birth of a new paradigm
In the same way that numerology can address personal issues, it can also look into global
tendencies. I am dedicating this post for all of us to have a guiding road map for 2017 from
the Numerological perspective.
This new cycle that we’re entering in 2017 is a very interesting one. We are at a point where
on the one hand there is a lot of creative drive worldwide, but simultaneously, we do not know
yet where exactly we are going, or in other words where should we direct our creative impulses
as humanity.
The frequencies of the 1 and the 3 are going to be dominant, inviting fresh beginnings and an
experimental spirit. There’s a sense in the air that we as a whole want something new. Something
fresh wants to be born through us. It is important to understand that with every process of birth
we need patience to let things ripen in the right timing and way, and we need to be prepared that
it sometimes also…well…hurts.

Sensitivity and care as the keys to change

As we look at the beautiful sequence of numbers: 2 0 1 7  we can see that eventually we are called to solidify ourselves and our path as a whole (1+7), but the way to do that should have the foundation of deep sensitivity, openness, care and consideration (2+0). The 2, enhanced by the 0, tells us that the way to reach this new integration and clarification of where we’re going to, should be done with no haste and with deep listening and caution.

Here I want to point out the Feminine aspect which is coming forth this year. Although on a certain
level there will be a lot of creative fire, on another level we are called to connect with the feminine
aspect inside ourselves. It is like being in a womb in which new pathways, ideas and systems are forged
and created.
Building our collective Spine
We are called to build our “spine” as a whole. We’ve experienced a lot and there’s a feeling in the air
of mixed feelings about our entire system. It is important to keep an optimistic spirit and not fall into
despair or disbelief because of past failures or mistakes. We are all learning – both individually and
collectively. Therefore we should try to find out the right questions to focus on this year. Questions
that will enable us to find greater clarity about the new path we want ourselves as a species to go on.
It’s a time where we will more clearly see our past failures and will be asked not to repeat what has
already not worked in the past. We will feel the need both individually and collectively to determine
our path and direction.
All systems are changing
We should expect to feel feelings of uncertainty during this time, a certain disorientation. On the one hand
there will be a strong feeling that so much about our system has run it’s course, but at the same time we
don’t yet have the new system available. And in this year, we are starting both individually and collectively
to create it. This will touch all areas of life: economically, socially, politically, environmentally, personal
meaning, health and well-being, relationships…everything will be re-examined and new paradigms will
pop up as new possibilities.
Things that don’t work anymore will be felt much stronger and some degree of chaos in outer and inner
events is to be expected. This is not negative, but a symptom of leaving the past behind and moving into
a new uncharted territory.
Recommendations for this coming year
So to sum it all up, my recommendation to us all is: meet with full attention that which doesn’t work
anymore in your life and gently let it go with gratefulness and love. Listen to new and better ideas and
possibilities that arise within you and out of this listening and sensitivity, start building a more sustainable
future for yourself and the world.
May we all have a blessed and marvelous new beginning!
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