Your Destiny according to Numerology


We all want to know our Destiny

Before I even start talking about how a numerologist finds out your core destiny, let’s start
by analyzing this beautiful word.

D(4) + E(5) + S(1) + T(2) + I(9) +  N(5) + Y(7)

Destiny = 33/6

This is no coincidence that such a grandiose word is matched by such a powerful Master
Number of 33/6.  When we are talking about the deep meaning of destiny, we are talking
about the divine impulses that are moving one’s soul to act out its divine mission here on
Earth. We are also talking about the full flowering of the soul in our human incarnation and
the full expression of its natural capacities and talents.

The Master Number 33/6

The Master Number 33/6 represents a very high vibration of spiritual inspiration that is
motivated by universal love. It is in many ways, divine love that wants to be expressed
through a human being (or soul). Therefore, we can see how this word accurately represents,
numerologically speaking, its very meaning. Since the eternal reality is absolute goodness,
each destiny emanating from it as a human soul, is moved and motivated by universal love
and great care for the Whole.

What is your destiny?

There are many calculations that tell the experienced numerologist about one’s destiny,
however some calculations are perhaps the most central and constitute the axis around
which every other calculation revolves. These calculations are:
The Major Heart number and the Secondary Heart Number.

  • The Major Heart number is calculated by reducing the date of birth into a single
    digit. This is the most important and influential number.
  • The Secondary Heart number is calculated by reducing your birth Day into a single

The way to calculate correctly is: to reduce each part – Day / Month / Year – separately
and only then add them and reduce to a single digit. In addition there’s a list of numbers
that should not be reduced to a single digit if they appear in any of those parts or in the
final result. Same goes for your birth Day. The reason will be explained in future posts in
my blog.

These numbers are: 11, 22, 33, 13, 14, 16, 19.

Example:  2/10/1984 =   2  + 1 + 22 = 25 = 7

The Major Heart number = 7
The Secondary Heart number = 2

Life Destiny 7 & 2

In this case you see a person who’s major destiny in this lifetime revolves around the number 7 which represents depth, wisdom, inquiry into the mysteries of life, seeking truth, having the passion to understand more than anything else, to delve into the secrets “behind the scenes” so to speak. Having a 7 as your Major Heart number shows you have a journey of becoming your own authority, of trusting yourself very deeply. Therefore, naturally, issues of self-trust will accompany this person and the need to develop an unshakable sense of Self-Trust and Self-Authority.

Having a 2 as his Secondary Heart number adds an element of intuition, listening, caring for others, lessons of intimacy and cooperation, seeing the two sides of the coin. It is a softer number than the 7, but they are both very intuitive and spiritually oriented. Both love depth and getting in touch with the unknown. So you can imagine here a person who’s going to probably want to delve deep into his own being and into life’s wonder perhaps through
meditation, music, science, spiritual practice. He will be called to dive deep and discover what lies hidden within his own subconscious and unconscious.

By the way – this person happens to be me 😉

Other examples for Destiny interpretations

Let’s look shortly at a few other possible combinations just to give a taste.

Major Heart = 8
Secondary Heart = 1

This person motivated by the dynamic, masculine and ambitious energy of the 8 as his
most powerful influence will definitely have high expectations of himself. He will not be
satisfied until he manages to express his full power and authority and if it’s a man, than also
his full manhood. The 8 comes to learn a lot about the right use of power and the meaning
of true success. Equipped with the vital strength of the 8 he will try to push his way to the
top. This will of course invite struggle, opposition and often power clashes with others.

The 1 in his Secondary Heart adds an element of individualism, leadership and a strong
wish for independence. There’s a need to be outstanding. Being the two most masculine
numbers, the 8+1 show us a person who aspires to discover his inner and outer strength,
willpower and develop a strong presence in life.

Let’s have a last example:

Major Heart = 2
Secondary Heart = 3

With a 2 Major Heart this person is naturally attracted to relationships, close bonds, has
a very deep intuition, a capacity to understand others in very deep ways and has strong
motherly and feminine qualities. This person has come here to learn about and manifest
the true meaning of vulnerability, intimacy, deep listening, the power of softness and the
feminine aspect. As a 2 Major Heart she will experience also shyness and over-sensitivity
on her journey and most probably a few heart-breaking experiences. She is here also to
learn about emotions and to connect to their beauty and power.

The 3 as her Secondary Heart brings an interesting tone to this journey by adding the wish to discover true simple joy of life, simplicity, humor, lightheartedness and an innocent trust in life. Both the 3 and 2 are very soft and feminine numbers and together they pull this person to connect to the softer sides within, to discover the true meaning of softness but also on a deeper level – the connection to shamanic qualities, to her intuition – that is really coming from the heart and gut and much much less from the mind.

The Importance of knowing your destiny

Numerology, being a tremendously deep system for self knowledge, helps you know
and realize your true destiny. Knowing your destiny is a fundamental need for living a
happy and meaningful life. Especially in our days where survival is not the most urgent
topic anymore, meaning has become a very crucial factor for a balanced and healthy
emotional and mental life. And of course, it is of great importance when it comes to
living a full spiritual life and manifesting your soul’s divine plan and purpose.

As a last note it important to understand that understanding your destiny is much more
complex and deep than what I could explain here in a few paragraphs. This deserves a
complete numerology reading where all the different factors in a person’s numerological
chart are taken into consideration. But hopefully I managed to inspire you to check out
your own two major numbers and embark on this journey of discovering and fulfilling
your destiny.

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  1. You have made my day. I’m so grateful to come across this article today. I have been very confused and unsure lately and realized that nothing will ever happen if I don’t do something! Our destiny has surely been prepared but we won’t get there if we don’t embrace the messages and signals around us– guiding us to the right path 🙂

    1. Post

      Dear Emma, it’s a great joy for me to read your message. Exactly, you got the point! Our destiny is both a given AND something we need to cooperate consciously with. Best of luck to you!

    1. Post

      Then it shows a deeper, stronger emotional connection with the 7 tendencies. Can make one more reserved, introverted, sometimes lonely, but also more spiritually focused, deep and self-searching.

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