What does it mean to be spiritual?

Are you spiritual?

What does it mean to be spiritual? Does it mean to be telepathic, see angels, read auras?
Or maybe it means practicing lots of meditation and chanting sacred mantras in Sanskrit?
Perhaps it is wearing loose clothes and having either long or shaved hair…or perhaps giving
long hugs and long eye gazes? Many people consider themselves spiritual without having
a deep and authentic understanding of the actual and profound meaning of being spiritual.

So what is being spiritual? To begin with, it starts with how pure your heart is. Before anything else, no matter how amazingly psychic you are, or what a great Tarot reader you are, or how many workshops and years of meditation you practiced, the purity of your heart is the first measure of a spiritual nature. An innocent, pure, honest heart is already an embodiment (whether conscious or unconscious) of the Spiritual Nature.

Substituting true Purity with Power

Oftentimes, people tend to substitute a pure heart with all kinds of powers. They will be 
amazing channellers, dogmatic preachers of certain paths of practice, develop their psychic
abilities, or even spend many years around spiritual teachers but without truly intending to
change. You see, a pure heart, an honest heart is not something you can acquire, not something you can own like all other powers. It doesn’t make you special. For most people it feels too vulnerable, too weak…too un-special.

Power gives you at least the feeling that you are achieving something, that you are becoming special, better than others, stronger, you stand out. But funnily, if you’ll look deep into your heart and being, you will see the Truth – with all the powers you have, you still feel empty. Underneath it all, you know you are a miser. Your heart is empty.

True Power is Love

What if I tell you that giving up all these fake forms of power, in that amazing vulnerability,
you will touch a power that is greater than all your pseudo-powers? What if I tell you that the only real power you have is actually giving up your control? What if I tell you that the greatest  power is surrendering to Love, to God, to pure and deep Honesty?

You see, with pseudo-powers you can do all kinds of things, it’s sweet and nice, it’s like fireworks, but the one thing that truly matters you cannot do – Love. And Love is the greatest and mightiest powers of them all, and the essence of being truly Spiritual. When Love springs in your heart, you know the actual meaning of being Spiritual. Spiritual means, something of Eternal value and nature. It means, letting that tremendous beauty and intelligence out of which all the universe springs, shine through your heart and take over. It means surrendering your need to be a special someone, a separate outstanding someone, and melt into Oneness, into Love.

The Shining Sun of True Spirituality

True spirituality has nothing to do with being someone in the world, impressive in society, strong and successful in career or anything along these lines. True spirituality is all about opening up to that which is Eternal, that which no matter in what time, place and age you live in, will shine with an unchangeable glory. It is discovering the source from which all times and places emerge and in which they exist. This eternal nature is the source of evolution but absolutely not bound to it, it is the ground and nourishment of human life and all other life forms.

An honest heart that longs for the Truth, will eventually come across this Eternal nature and will raise a profound silent smile of Knowing. It has touched the real treasure, the real Gold of Life. It has woken up to its source, to the Great Heavenly Silence, the dazzling Divine Love, the Tremendous Holiness of one’s own True Nature – God within.

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