Spiritual Autonomy

Spiritual Autonomy

It is hard to express how important it is to develop your spiritual autonomy along the spiritual path. So many practitioners fail to gain lasting results solely because they don’t trust themselves. In this blog post I’ll explain why spiritual autonomy and confidence is one of the most important ingredients for stabilizing your potential spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Autonomy – Stabilization of Awakening
Many authentic spiritual seekers along the path struggle with the question of how to sustain
the state of awakening. There are so many splendid revelations and openings: experiencing
divine grace, experiencing oneself as pure light, no time, deep silence, emptiness, oneness,
no-self…and the list goes on.
But no matter how many times we experience these marvelous revelations of our true nature –
it seems like we’re not managing to sustain these awakened states.
This is where I want to point 2 very crucial points that address this question and perhaps provide
a clear answer.
1. It is of utmost importance that we deeply understand that what we are experiencing is NOT a
STATE but our actual true nature. If you experience Light or Emptiness – you are as a matter of
fact getting in touch with the REALITY of yourself – not with a state.
2. After we understand that our experience is not a state but our true nature, we have to back up
our knowing with full conviction and confidence. ***This is where many honest spiritual seekers
of truth miss the point and therefore do not stabilize in the awakened reality.
Validation of our inner experience and insight
Have you ever put your finger above a burning candle and realized it hurts and burns? I’m sure you
did. Do you have to go through this experience again in order to be convinced about it’s validity?
I’m sure not. But why when it comes to deep insight and subjective experience you doubt yourself
so much?
We have been taught to trust and give validation only to external, tangible, so-called objective
experiences and not trust our internal subjective reality. This is part of the collective conditioning
of our time. Therefore, we BELIEVE that we need these experiences again and again and again in
order to become fully convinced in their validity. We search for acknowledgement from the outside
instead of trusting our own spiritual autonomy.
Truly, there is no person walking on this earth who hasn’t had experiences of their true nature – even
many times. But because they do not recognize it as such and do not give these experiences validation,
they remain in a sense unrealized.
We cannot grab or hold awakening. It’s bound to fail. Actually it’s literally impossible. The awakened
state is already your True Nature. You cannot hold or sustain what you already are. BUT you can
certainly recognize and acknowledge your True Nature and you can and should certainly give it
Stop waiting for another experience – Trust Yourself!
The power of your validation and confidence in your experience of your true nature is one of the most
important stabilizing elements of the Awakened Nature – your own nature. You stop mistrusting yourself,
you stop lying to yourself that you don’t know. Because you DO KNOW. And then you stop waiting for
another experience, or teacher, or book to validate your awakening, but you simply start living it, moment
to moment, trusting what is revealed to you and backing it up with conviction and love.
There comes a point on this journey where no teacher, book or explosive experience can give you the
validation you so deeply long for. It has to be YOU that gives this validation. And why’s that? Because
trusting yourself IS knowing yourself, IS being yourself.
This is called Spiritual Autonomy.
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  1. Wow. A synchronicity made me google autonomy and then I googled it with spiritual meaning, and low and behold you’ve written this article. Thank you, sincerely.

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      Dear Clare, I’m very happy you found your way to this article.
      Blessings to you on your path!

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