The realm of the Unseen


Entering the realm of the unseen

Just underneath our everyday consciousness there lies a whole oceanic depth of stillness and unfathomable wonder which can become accessible to us the more our meditation practice develops. If you haven’t had previous experience with meditation, most chances are that if you’re asked to close your eyes and sense what’s happening beneath the surface of your conscious mind, you won’t feel much. You’ll pretty much feel the same as with open eyes. However with the steady practice of meditation, something inside you starts opening itself, your energetic body starts to awaken and a magical new reality begins to emerge right in front of you.

My first real meditation experience

I remember when I first started practicing meditation, I couldn’t feel a thing. I recall how I was so enchanted when I first heard from my first teacher that she feels herself burning from the amount of energy in a room. I so wanted to feel energy myself. And then, after a month of practicing meditation as little as 5 minutes a day , it happened. All of a sudden I felt a strange sensation at the bottom of my body, the genitals area, and I was waiting to see what it was. And then, after about 3 minutes I found myself swallowed into a burning, yet orgasmic feeling of energy all around my body, accompanied by a distinct yellowish color. It was a great thrill for me. I felt as if I’m literally floating a few centimeters above my physical body, as if I had an additional etheric body. It was exciting. It was then that I realized that what they say about meditation is real.

The rich realm of the unseen

Since that experience I’ve been exploring meditation for about 15 years, practicing in the most intense ways to truly penetrate the secrets that lie within my own consciousness. I have found that within my very own being, there hides a tremendous world of energies, deep wisdom, inner guidance, an actual essence of spiritual light that can be directly experienced, a vast spaciousness, a rich emptiness which is very nourishing, different colors, sudden insights, the capacity to experience myself as enormous as a whole neighborhood, the capacity to feel one with another person, deep empathy that enables to truly know what another is feeling and much much more. What a rich existence, fully real, just beneath the conscious layer of my being and mind! Who knows, perhaps this is the 93% percent of our brain which is usually unused. I believe that to discover this inner realm holds many of the secrets and keys for our happiness and peace as human beings, as well as the true sense of exploration and adventure that we long for. We always want to meet new frontiers, see new vistas and the good news is that we don’t have to go far – it all exists within our very own being! And in order to discover our own being we need to meditate in the right way and open our energy body in a way that we can go deep within ourselves and feel and perceive more and more.

Opening to the inner realm

Through the practice of meditation we start to gather our life energy that is usually dispersed unconsciously in our daily distracted state of mind. In doing so this energy can penetrate the inner dimension of being which was unavailable to us before. Thus meditation is a real process of gathering and channeling our life energy in a way that it opens new channels to our inner being. It is in a way like digging new channels where energy can flow. Another way to look at it, is that we discover a territory that was already there, waiting for us, just we didn’t have the right tools (meditation) to arrive there. In the beginning of our meditation practice the revelation of the inner realm is usually very gentle, we may feel tingling sensations of energy in new places in our body, perhaps our hands, we may feel slightly more spacious or wide. As we advance a bit we can experience that we are bigger than our body, we can start to sense different energies and our intuition might develop. In more advanced practice we can start tapping into states of inner light, emptiness, no-self states, we may feel a profound silence that is all-pervading and also experience different states of universality. As our meditation becomes more mature and ripe, our capacity to sense and perceive the inner realm grows and becomes more rich and elaborate. This gives us access to a rich land of endless resources within our very own interior.

Great silence hides within you

But perhaps the most precious resource that we discover in our own being is silence. This tremendous silence is so wonderful and fulfilling, so nourishing and peaceful that it is literally that which every living person truly longs for. This silence is not only peaceful but also full of love and kindness. Interestingly silence is a very profound state. Very natural yet very deep. It is made of love and is also kind and gentle, yet very stable and whole. The deeper we are able to enter this silence, the deeper it nourishes us, replenishes our energies and balances our entire body mind. It is like finding a secret place inside of you where you can always find peace in times of trouble – isn’t that incredible? It is a revolutionary discovery and extremely beneficial for any living person on earth. To tap into this silence we need to stick to the practice of meditation so that the build up of life energy can sufficiently awaken our energetic body. As this one awakens, it is far easier to be calm and relax into meditation, thus making it even easier to become silent. Meditating in the presence of a true enlightened spiritual teacher can significantly enhance your practice and initiate you into deep silence. I deeply recommend finding a spiritual teacher that can support your meditation practice with his or her presence.

The realm of the unseen within us holds immense treasures that give us access to real joy, happiness, love and all that has true value in our lives. Being able to access this inner environment is of great significance for attaining inner peace and developing our inner wisdom, intuition and sense of inner guidance. Once we open the channels of our energetic body, these do not close down, thus every achievement along the path remains with us. This is a blessing.

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