Numerology Yearly forecasts


Every year is a new opportunity for growth

Did you know that on every birthday of yours, you enter a new numerological year?
This personal yearly cycle, brings new lessons, potentials and opportunities into your
life. Naturally, with lessons and opportunities, challenges appear as well. We all know
how useful it is to use a road map or a GPS when it comes to road trips, but very rarely
do we activate the inner GPS to know where we’re going inwardly, understand where
there are inner traffic jams and what are the best routes to walk on.

Yearly Cycles

Yearly cycles run from 1 to 9, each number representing certain qualities that will be central during a specific year. For example, a Year number 1 will usually have new beginnings, in the form of ideas, projects, career etc. A year number 2 will often have a slower pace to it and will bring more focus to your relationships and intimate life. A year number 3 will give you the opportunity to express yourself more fully and connect with joy and creativity.

This is of course generally speaking. To truly understand the depth of every personal year and the way it affects you, a full numerological reading has to be done in a professional manner. Not every person reacts the same to every year. For example, while for some people a year number 3 will be a very dynamic and joyful time of expression, those of us who have more difficulties with self expression and creativity might find this year somewhat challenging.
Therefore it is crucial to understand how specifically YOU can open up to the calling of this year according to your unique structure and natural tendencies.

Finding your specific path

The yearly forecast as I’ve already mentioned is like a GPS. And the GPS shows each one of us how to arrive to the destination from exactly the point where we’re at. And that’s the most important thing here. Having a personal yearly forecast allows you to work intelligently and consciously with the opportunities and challenges of each year, making you a co-creator and active participant in your life’s unfolding journey. This is a great joy and privilege.

It helps you accomplish inner and outer lessons in a much more aligned way. It also
helps you make important decisions on the right timing. For example changing a career
on a personal year number 4 is perhaps not the best idea, since the year 4 invites you to
have a stable ground and maintain your roots firm and strong. On the other hand a year
number 5 might be a better time to experiment and try out new endeavors.

Living in alignment with our path

Spiritually speaking, this type of numerology readings align you with your soul’s path
year by year. They bring precision, clarity and perspective to every step on your journey.
They give you a torch that lights your path – through the ups and downs of life with
wisdom and understanding.

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