Trusting our inner guidance

All my life I remember how much I dreamed of having access to an endless resource of intelligence, some source of holistic wisdom that will always be available to me, that whenever I need clarity or advice I could draw on it and receive direct and clear answers and guidance. Truly, I was really dreaming of having an access to such an infinite source. What I didn’t know back then is that I was not just dreaming, but was actually intuiting something real that exists within myself, and within everyone else.

The first time I experimented with meditation was at the age of 12 and when I was 16 I already started meditating more seriously, starting to discover the wondrous and rich world of meditation. The deeper I went into this practice I discovered a greater capacity to enter an aspect of my being which is magically silent. And what seems to this day so amazing, is that it never ceases to deepen, the silence goes on becoming more and more refined – this is truly incredible.

However, to me what is so touching in all of this is the discovery of how rich this silence is.
To simply call it ‘silence’ perhaps isn’t doing justice with it, as it is far beyond just a silent space, but rather it is a space of endless potential. It’s a source of endless wisdom, spontaneity, creativity, ideas, love, guidance, nourishment and much more. I basically started realizing that within my own very being I’m tapping into an endless source of richness which is always accessible to me. Now this is big news, it’s revolutionary. It means that whenever I need something essentially valuable such as clarity about what’s my next step in my career, how to tackle anxiety, what do I really want to do in life or even how to handle better a conflict in my marriage, I have an available resource to draw on at any moment just within my own consciousness, mind and heart.

Even now as I write these words it makes me excited to realize what this means and the blessing it is. And we all have that within us. Our very own consciousness is a source of endless potential, of all that is good and relevant and essential. The ironic thing is that this huge potential exists within us, but we were never taught to trust it, to trust ourselves. On the contrary, we were taught to trust others more than ourselves, to ask for approval, acknowledgement and answers from others. And the funniest thing is that everyone is looking for the answers in another, rather than inside themselves. So we have billions of people walking like confused beggars, each beggar asking for some advice from the other beggar, while nobody is really asking: “wait a moment, if we are all beggars, so who really has answers here?”

And the simple answer to that is you and I and we all have the answers inside of us. We are not beggars and we do not lack a thing. As a matter of fact we are like rich kings and queens, full of gold and diamonds and food. We have so much to draw on within ourselves, so much to share and give and we can start trusting this inner well of richness. Inside of us there is such an intelligent inner guidance that can instruct us moment to moment as to what’s best for us. Sometimes it instructs through thoughts, sometimes through emotions, intuitions, new ideas, sensory perception, new impulses. At times it comes through actual words in our mind, at other times just like an inner knowing. It is truly a creative source that guides us all the time and is only waiting for us to recognize its existence and start cooperating with it.

In my work with people, one of my basic aims is to help people develop and awaken to this inner guidance in a way that over time one becomes one’s own guide. Instead of needing me as a guide or teacher, one learns how to trust their own inner guidance and communicate with it directly and effortlessly. This inner guidance once activated and recognized gives us always exactly what we need. Sometimes it’s an intellectual clarity, at other times it’s inner conviction and strength while at other times it’s a simple sense of knowing what’s right. It’s important to understand that this inner guidance is not limited to our own mind and consciousness, but rather connected to an infinite network of cosmic and divine intelligence and love that is moving and guiding every living (and non-living) being in this universe. What a gift!

My recommendation is to dedicate every day at least ten minutes to contact this inner silence within us, to establish a stable connection with it, as this is a gift for life. In these ten minutes you can simply allow yourself to do as little as possible. Let yourself really rest and listen. You don’t need to go anywhere or become anything, but rather let yourself BE. And in that being you can start to listen to the silence and discover that silence speaks. It is very much alive.

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