The Power of Prayer

Prayer creates real impact

It’s been a while that I wanted to write about prayer and its importance in our times.
Yesterday, 19/12/2016, there was a terror attack in a 15 minutes walking distance
from my apartment. This is a place I used to go to very often. It is a Christmas
market – and I was in that market in previous years.

Terror attacks, wars, human violence, suffering, abuse…is happening all over the
globe. Fortunately we live in times where the media brings it directly into our
awareness so that we can’t avoid it anymore and think it’s happening “somewhere
over there – but not to me”.  Slowly but surely we start seeing and recognizing that

We are Humanity

There is no one to blame really, or we are all to blame. We created this humanity
and we ARE this humanity. Therefore, it is up to us to change it, to bring beauty,
love, kindness and wisdom into it. We do that by changing ourselves and then
by serving as an example through action.

How prayer works

Prayer is one such action. It is an extremely potent and powerful tool of our heart
and soul that creates an actual impact on the human collective mind and energetic
field. Thus it influences people’s thoughts, emotions, behavior and state of consciousness.
By praying in the right way – from the bottom of our hearts, with deep honesty, humbleness
and true love, we activate our Auric field and literally send echoes throughout the collective
human consciousness of our authentic energy of love, unity, healing and support.

This energy field might not show results immediately, but it creates a deep effect for the
long run. Each one of us has more power to influence and create goodness than we imagine.
When you pray with true intention, with an open heart, you are supported by tremendous
universal forces and grace and your energy expands to help people in all kinds of unknown
ways. Therefore, as you change yourself, you also actively change human consciousness as
a whole.

Prayer is needed more than ever

We live in times where true prayer is needed. Where those of us who live in peace and are
privileged to have the space and time to work on ourselves, should feel responsible for
our brothers and sisters all over the world.

Spending even 5-10 minutes a day in a state of authentic Prayer is a blessing for you and
for the entire world. Give yourself this gift and bless us as well as you grow into you true
measures as a beautiful shining being for the sake of all humanity.

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