Numerology – How to Calculate Your Numbers

Your Numbers

Numerology is such a rich world. It reveals so much about who you are and what’s your unique destiny. Naturally in order to tap into the secrets of numerology you need to know your numbers. For this reason I’ve dedicated this entire blog post. So that you can learn how to exactly calculate your 5 core numbers. These numbers are the most cardinal to understanding who you are. So lets jump right in!

Your Numbers – Your Blueprint

Your numbers, especially the core 5 ones we’re about to learn here are your most fundamental makeup. They define your deepest tendencies, talents, potentials, lessons, career choices, relationship preferences and much more. You can imagine how important it is to know how to calculate them. In this blog post I won’t focus on the deep meaning of each calculation, but rather give a short summary. I prefer to keep my posts clear and simple to read. If you’ll scroll through my blog posts I’m sure you’ll find further explanations for the various calculations.

I will lay out the 5 core calculations one after the other in order of influence. From the most influential to the least influential of the five.

The Heart Number – the Center of Your Numbers

The Heart Number is perhaps the most important number in your chart. It is your deepest lesson, destiny and temperament in this lifetime. It is what your Soul chose to learn and perfect. Let us now learn how to calculate your heart number.

The heart number is calculated by reducing your date of birth to a single digit. As a rule of thumb, whenever you add master numbers (11, 22, 33) or karmic debt numbers (13, 14, 16, 19) you do not reduce these ones to a single digit. You leave them and add them as is. For the sake of learning we will use a fictional person named John Levin.

Below you can see John Levin’s date of birth and the process of calculation:

Your Numbers

As you can see, first you reduce each part separately: DD/MM/YYYY. You can see the 22 master number that hasn’t been reduced. Reducing them separately and then adding them gives you a more refined specification of your heart number. And here is the final result:

In this case the heart number is a 3. But more specifically a 30/3. In advanced numerological interpretation of your numbers the double digit that constitutes the single one matters very much. Let’s move on now to the next calculation.

The Hands Number

The hands number shows you your strongest acquired talents and abilities. It influences greatly your choice of career and the way you express and manifest yourself in life. You calculate the hands number by adding up all the numerical values of your full name. As we did before, you first calculate FIRST NAME and LAST NAME separately and only then add them. Let’s see the numerical values of John Levin’s full name:

As we did before, here again, we add first (1+6+8+5) = 20 = 2. Then we add (3+5+4+9+5) = 26 = 8. Now we add these two reduced digits of the first and last names together: 2+8 = 10 = 1 or 10/1. John Levin’s Hands number is a 10/1. Remember the rule of master numbers and karmic debt numbers. This applies to all calculations in this blog post! Let’s move on to the next calculation.

The Head Number

The head number reveals to you your deepest desires, urges and dreams. It shows you the “where” you want to go and “who” you want to become. Your vision in other words. It also reveals your unique way of thinking. To calculate the head number we continue using John Levin’s full name, however this time we focus only on the vowels. As opposed to the previous two calculations, here we add all the vowels at once without splitting first into first and last names. Here are the vowels:

The vowels here are the letters O(6), E(5) and I(9). Reduced to one single digit this will be: 6+5+9 = 20 = 2. John’s Head number is a 20/2. The deeper you understand your numbers, the more validation you will have to your natural impulses. This is a unique form of personal acceptance. Let’s move on to our next calculation.

The Legs Number

The legs number reveals your outer personality. It is the YOU you like to show as a first impression. It is a form of social adapting mechanism and a skill in communicating with new people. Just like the Head Number, here we do a similar thing in calculation. We add together at once (without splitting) only the consonants in the full name. Let’s see how this works in John’s case:

Your Numbers

The consonants here are J(1), H(8), N(5), L(3), V(4), N(5). Now let’s add them up: 1+8+5+3+4+5 = 26 = 8. John Levin’s legs number is a 26/8. As you can see I always write the double digit before the final reduction. For a numerologist this gives much more information and specification about each number. And now, last but not least, we will introduce the 5th core calculation.

The Minor Heart Number

The minor heart number shows you which inborn talents you came with. These talents are available to you from a very young age, like a gift. It’s not something you need to develop, but something you brought with you into this life. The minor heart number is the easiest number to calculate. It is simply your DAY of birth reduced to a single digit. In John’s case it is:

As you can easily see, John’s day of birth is a 12 which is eventually reduced to a 3. Therefore John’s Minor Heart number is a 12/3. Now we have all the 5 core calculations of John Levin.

Your Numbers Are Key

Remember one very important thing: each one of us has come here as a unique being. By understanding your numbers you tap into the very codes that make up who you are. This in turn helps you not only to understand yourself on deep and touching levels but also to deeply accept yourself. One of the hardest things for us is to accept ourselves. We try to imitate others, live by other’s image. Instead we should discover our own. This is the gift of numerology. And you start by learning and calculating your 5 core numbers. Good luck!

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      Dear Paul, I’m not sure what you mean by Q number. But 17/8 as an expression number gives assertiveness, focus and ambition when taking action in life.

      1. I’ve been to a numerologist and she included my middle name as part of my hands number, but your example only uses first and last name?
        It is also stated in the above example that your minor heart number is the day you were born, not the month- so wouldn’t his be 5?
        I’m really enjoying your podcast!

        1. Post

          So happy to know you’re enjoying my podcast!! It’s true that in my example I simply didn’t use a middle name, but if you happen to have one you should see it as part of your first name and certainly include it. And…since I live in Europe, we write the DOB: DD/MM/YYYY whereas in the US they write MM/DD/YYYY. That’s why you expected it to be a 5.

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  1. What name do you use if you were adopted after your birth registration and then later married

    Is it the name you were born with, the name you grew up with
    or the name you currently use?

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  2. Hello would someone who uses a name given to them in daily life, different to the birth name, living in alignment with their soul purpose, or does the preferred name change the frequency or meaning of the soul purpose?

    1. Post

      Hey Gyan, I wouldn’t say it changes the soul purpose, but can add a certain quality or color that join the journey.
      Sometimes it can be more supportive and sometimes less. But the full name at birth will always be the leading energy in your life.

  3. Dear Tom, I love your podcasts and this is an amazing explanation of the core numbers, thank you.
    I googeled the chart with numerical values of the letters and found this one:

    1: A, I, J, Q, Y
    2: B,K,R
    3: C, G, L, S
    4: D, M, T
    5: E, H, N, X
    6: U, V, W
    7: O, Z
    8: F, P

    in your explanation you also use a 9 as a numerical value, do you use a different chart? Could you maybe share that with us?

    Keep on going what you are doing, the podcasts are really a great learning to numerology in the most sincere way!

    One love,


    1. Post

      Dear Nicole,
      Thank you for your lovely message and kind feedback.
      I’m very glad to know these podcasts are meaningful and inspiring for you.

      It’s great you found the answer to your question. Oftentimes it is the Chaldean
      numerology that doesn’t include number 9 and has a very different letter & number chart.

      Much love!

  4. Mr Eckert,
    Your “Career Choices in Numerology” podcast refers to this blog to calculate the 5 numbers.
    This blog refers to Heart, Hands, Head, Legs, and Minor Heart numbers.
    Your podcast refers to Life Path, Soul Urge, and Expression number.

    There appears to be several names for the same numbers. I don’t know if I’m calculating the correct numbers as you call them different things in the blog and the podcast.

    I’ve Googled the different names but would like to confirm my findings with you…
    ‘Heart’ is also known as ‘Life Path’ ?
    ‘Hands’ is also known as ‘Expression’ or ‘Destiny’ ?
    ‘Head’ is also known as ‘Soul Urge’ or ‘Heart Desire’ ?
    ‘Legs’ is also known as ‘Personality’ ?
    ‘Minor Heart’ is also known as ‘Birthday’ ?


    1. Post

      Dear Phil,
      Yes you are totally right – I do refer to these calculations in
      two different ways. This is because in my podcast I speak to the
      general audience, and in private I teach a specific method called
      the Human Body Method numerology.

      I can confirm that the way you understood the correlation is
      perfectly correct!


  5. Hi Tom,

    Thank you so much forbtgis detailed analysis.

    i have a question, how do I know my most active chakra if my 5 core numbers are 11, 9, 22, 5 and 3.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Post

      Dear Esther,
      Generally you have to learn the correlation between the numbers and the chakras and then
      determine which chakra is your most active one. If you want a personal analysis, you are
      most welcome to schedule a numerology reading with me.

  6. Wow. I only knew my (as you call it) heart number(life path. It is your favourite, 27/9 🙂 (mine, too)
    Yet I was astonished to see the rest, the master numbers and the 1/1 in the end. Need to explore that deeper.
    Thank you,

    1. Post

      Dear Silvia, I’m happy to hear about discoveries! By all means, keep exploring. It is an unending wonder!

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