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Without knowing the deeper meaning of each number, you will miss most of the secrets numerology has to offer to you. Every number is a vast world. As a matter of fact, I could write a few articles about each and every one of them. I will reserve this though to my Self-Study Numerology Course. For now, I’d like to give you a clear, precise and easy to apply meaning of the numbers 1 to 9.

Light and Shadow in Every Number

Before I jump right into the meanings of the numbers, I want to explain a few things. First, there are no good or bad numbers. Every number has a light and a shadow side. They all have gifts and obstacles they’ll need to overcome and grow through – none excluded. Secondly, it is very much up to you if your numbers will function on the light or shadow. Numerology isn’t a fixed system. It doesn’t “predict” your future. It shows you the general trends and potentials of your life path. It’s more like a weather forecast, or a GPS – both are dynamic and changing. Use the numbers as a way to understand the major lessons, challenges and potentials on your path. Then, do your best to grow and refine your numbers.

Number 1

The 1 is all about leadership, innovation, pioneering and new beginnings. It is a powerful individual with a strong willpower, very opinionated and sharp minded. The 1 is very self-sufficient, decisive, masculine and direct. It trusts its own gut feeling and has a high level of integrity.

Shadow: It tends to compare itself to others, fighting to be the “number 1”. This causes superiority and inferiority issues. It can be harsh, not listen to anybody else and tend to violence. The 1 can also be emotionally distant and overly strict.

Number 2

The 2 is highly sensitive, caring, kind and perceptive. It sees the two sides of the coin and is very considerate when making decisions. It is feminine by nature and speaks the language of compassion. Relationships are central for it and it loves intimacy.

Shadow: Over-sensitivity, fears and phobias, tending to be very shy. They often feel not ready to take a step forward. They hide behind other, stronger individuals. Often they’ll be needy and cling onto relationships and partners. In more extreme cases they can use their high sensitivity in mean ways in order to hurt others.

Number 3

The 3 is about playfulness, creativity and self-expression. It wants to express emotions openly and freely. They are innocent and childlike. Their memory is good, they are curious and their inner world is rich. Learning new things is something they love. Joy, simplicity and friendliness are part of their nature.

Shadow: They lack a spine and don’t learn from mistakes. Often they behave in childish ways. They don’t have a clear path and are easily influenced by other’s opinions. Their judgments are shallow and flat. Emotionally they can also be very shallow. Don’t expect them to be committed or reliable.

Number 4

The 4 is organized, responsible and loves stability. It needs steady routines and an organized structure. They keep their word and have a high self-discipline. They’re controlled and have high moral values. They can carry any task from A to Z and have a solid willpower. Very patient, persistent and loyal.

Shadow: Overly strict and emotionally closed. Afraid of changes and filled with worries about the future. Money is always a concern for them. They can be overly realistic and lack a sense of vision and possibility. Tend to get stuck with problems and bump their head against the wall instead of finding creative solutions.

Number 5

The 5 is all about freedom, adventure and change. They love to taste life through their senses. Very social and easy-going, usually befriending a wide variety of people. They love travelling and will often not want to settle for a repetitive routine. Communication is one of their best skills and they are very witty and smart. They love to experiment and improvise.

Shadow: Very addictive, carried away and inconsistent. Will get lost in destructive behaviors and not learn from their mistakes. They fear intimacy and find it very hard to commit. Don’t expect them to be reliable. Always dissatisfied because they can’t enjoy where they are (maybe there’s something better around the corner).

Number 6

The 6 is about giving, caring and nurturing. It is the natural parent. They are warm-hearted, loving and will give you a homey feeling. Beauty is in their nature and they understand it – also in the form of creating it around them. They cherish loving relationships, family life and being part of a community. They’re responsible and will take others under their wings.

Shadow: Suppressing emotions and not processing anger. They can become bitter and disappointed by others due to high expectations. It’s harder for them to forgive and forget. They don’t let go of the past. In extreme cases anger will simply spill out of them. Guilt issues – both with themselves and imposing guilt on others.

Number 7

The 7 is all about understanding, wisdom and truth. They are the ones who always look beyond the surface of any phenomenon. They are the scientists, mystics and philosophers. Deep observation is their gift and they often have very deep insights about the nature of life. Their intuition is deep and their mind is sharp. They are highly intellectual and analytical. They have a strong sense of inner knowing and are a light to themselves.

Shadow: Arrogant and thinking they know it all. Stuck in their mind. Very afraid of their subconscious. Tend to fears, anxieties and depressions. They can be too serious and heavy. Their emotional world can be very complicated and they’re afraid of emotions. Not easy for them to be simple and enjoy life.

Number 8

The 8 is very ambitious and competitive. They are powerful, assertive and capable of manifesting wealth and high position in their job. Often they want respect and to reach the top wherever they are. They have a great strategic mind and are very pragmatic and capable of fulfilling great projects. Very strong willpower, a born survivor.

Shadow: Doesn’t accept or acknowledge weakness. Will use/abuse others for its own goals. Can be very strict, harsh and at times even cruel. Always in competition with others. Is blinded by power, money and position. Feels like life is about survival and therefore lives in a constant struggle mode.

Number 9

The 9 is about universality, wisdom, openness and pluralism. It is the most open and vast number of all. It is generous, giving like a sun without expecting anything in return. It’s an idealist and dreams big. What it does it does for the benefit of all. The 9 can see the big picture from a bird’s view and this gives them wisdom. They are a leader by example.

Shadow: Imposing their ideals on others. Can fall into self-aggrandizement. Will go to war in the name of their beliefs. Can be ungrounded and energetically scattered. They lack boundaries. Will tend to eruptive anger.

Your 5 Core Numbers

Now that you know the meaning of the numbers, it’s time for you to discover your own 5 Core Numbers. Take a pen and paper and make sure to calculate them well. Once you’ve got them in front of you, make sure to read again the meaning of your specific numbers. Secondly, try to think: how do my numbers work together? Do they understand each other or maybe they are pulling in opposing directions. Do they compliment one another or do they add more of the same? These questions will help you build further connections within your own unique numerological chart.

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