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As a spiritual teacher and numerology expert I had the privilege to work with hundreds of people over the last 10 years and guide them on their path of finding meaning, clarity and fulfillment in their life.

What I've come to see during my years of work is that when it comes to fundamental questions like…

  • What is my deepest lesson?

  • Why do certain lessons in life seem to repeat themselves over and over again?

  • What is the purpose I came here for?

  • And how should I bring it into Manifestation?


…I felt that general answers weren't enough. That there were very unique life lessons and purposes to each and every person. I believed there must be a way for people to reveal their original purpose and design so that they can empower themselves on a whole different level.

I wanted people to be able to fully reveal the structures
of their being and soul's journey.

And then I came across numerology.

"Number is the within of all things." ~ Pythagoras

I discovered this ancient method with a millennia-long tradition behind it. And I realized that this was the missing link I had been looking for.

Numerology cuts right through all the layers and masks a person has. It leaves no doubt as to who a person is, what their journey is about, and how they’re meant to manifest themselves.

I immediately started to buy all numerology books I could find and to study them. I also spent time on numerology websites.

But it was like fragmented information and wasn’t enough to know how to make use of numerology. This only changed when I found a teacher that initiated me into the science of numerology.


After working for many years as a professional numerologist, I realized that like me – many others can use numerology to get answers to fundamental questions quickly and directly.

But unfortunately to get good information is hard, and you are still mostly overloaded with fragmented information. That’s why I decided to create this course.

It is the course I had wished to receive when I started
my journey into discovering my destiny and potential.

You have come to this earth with a purpose

Your soul has come here to further its evolution and master very specific lessons. These lessons make up your life journey and the very gift you are meant to be and give to the world.

  • What is your Deepest Lesson?

  • What is the purpose you came here for?

  • And how should you Manifest it?

The answer to these questions will awaken you to a life with purpose and clarity like never before.

And it lies right before you in the form of this Self-Study course.

What makes this Course Unique

This one-of-a-kind self-study course will finally enable you to discover the secrets that bind numbers into your life-story. Plenty of books and websites provide information that sparks your curiosity, but never reveals to you how to make actual use of numerology.

You remain with a pile of details and calculations, and cannot see how to connect them and be able to reveal and read the secrets of your destiny and that of others.

This course differs in that Tom created it in such a way that you will learn all that you need to know to both understand and use numerology with any person you meet - starting with yourself. 

By the End of this Course you will:

Know exactly what is your core lesson and destiny
Be clear about your strengths and major challenges
Read the map of past, present and future periods in your life

Give impressive numerology readings to your friends and family

Inspire any person you meet by explaining their purpose and blueprint to them

Discover past life Karma and learn how to solve it

"I want to thank you Tom for all that you gave me through your self-study numerology course! I found you on YouTube and really connected to the way you teach, your calmness and clarity. From the moment I started the course I realized that the foundation I’ve gotten previously about numerology with other teachers was really bad and incomparable to the quality you shared. That hurt. But I’m so grateful that I didn’t give up and eventually found you. You really give and teach with all your heart. You don’t hide information and you are very clear. Thank you for everything!" Victoria, Israel
"I started to study Numerology with Tom out of curiosity and today I am proud to say that I am a numerology practitioner myself! I love Numerology as it can be of such great assistance on one’s path and I love to share Numerology Readings with other people. Tom is a great teacher and his self-study course enabled me to get to know a whole new world where numbers have characters and relations. Tom's sharp clarity, vivid & funny examples and vast understanding made every hour an experience where I learned a lot and that I enjoyed so much!I am very grateful that our paths have crossed and that Tom shared the use of this beautiful tool with me!" Marleen, Germany

Creative Course Environment

Everything has been done to make this course both an enjoyable and practical learning experience. It’s deeply important to Tom that you’ll be able to apply what you learn and for this reason you’ll be accompanied at every stage by:


These engaging and highly informative videos will take you by the hand into the heart of numerology with ease and clarity.

PDF summaries

All the material in this course is summarized for you and will accompany you as your numerology bible.


These exquisite and crystal clear worksheets will enable you to practice all the study materials - one step at a time.

  • All the written materials are both downloadable and printable as separate documents or as a Book and Workbook.

What makes this Course so Valuable

  • Everyone should have access to a foundation education in numerology – it brings acceptance and understanding between people.

  • It will enable you to understand the deeper meaning and purpose of your life’s journey and make powerful and well-informed decisions.

  • You will realize why certain challenges repeat themselves in your life and how to balance them.

  • It will teach you how to look into your own future and prepare for it consciously.

  • You will gain the ability to support your friends and family by providing them clarity and empowerment on their path.

  • All future updates and newly added information within the course materials, you will get for free.



"Tom is a very knowledgeable, fun, and kind teacher who has lit up the path of numerology for me in an engaging, comprehendible way. I've been able to apply the teachings from this course in my life since the very first lesson. The wisdom Tom shares through this numerology courses is life-changing, powerful and extremely effective in helping me understand myself and others in deep, meaningful ways. With the help of this course I’ve learned how to identify my personal challenges that have held me back from attaining goals in life, as well as approaches to working through them more gracefully. The results of this have been quantifiable and impressive." Danica, Canada

"Tom is a brilliant teacher with a sharp mind and a wise heart. It’s so inspiring to learn from him, as his knowledge for numerology is very deep and precise - in his didactic and thoughtful way of explaining he is always straight to the point. For me, this course, was an incredible gift on my way to understand myself and the people surrounding me much better and it was full of surprises. The humorous and kind way of sharing his wisdom with so much passion and compassion is Toms outstanding talent. I highly recommend to take the chance to learn from him and his numerological and spiritual experience." Anke, Germany
"After finishing this course, I can assure everyone who is interested in this Self-Study course that it contains all the information that is necessary to gain a very good understanding and practical application of numerology. It is compact, complete and very well structured. It will not only allow you to understand your core blueprint and step into your full potential, but will also enable you to give readings to your friends and family. The moment I understood the potential of my numbers I felt seen and confirmed on a deep level. Tom’s ability to bring across deep and meaningful content in a clear, lively, joyful and professional manner is unmatched for me. I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun!"Daniele, France


A lot of thought, love and intention has been put into this course. Tom’s aim is to help people educate themselves with high-quality numerology. This is part of a wish to raise humanity’s consciousness and bring about a world of acceptance, mutual love, respect and wisdom.

Your investment:

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And you get:

  • This course for life

  • Future updates and upgrades in the course – for free!


Money Back Guarantee – We are 100% confident and proud of our course and am sure you will absolutely love it and benefit from it. Therefore, if in any way you feel that you haven’t gotten the quality you’ve expected, you have a 7-days money back guarantee – no questions asked.