Hidden Strength – How to find it in Your Numbers


Your core numbers in numerology point to your deepest lessons and major capacities in this lifetime. These are the numbers you should follow when it concerns your Path. However, to fulfill your path, very often complimentary strength is needed that isn’t found in your core numbers. In this blog post I’ll show you how to find your Hidden Strengths, that can help you find empowerment, balance and superior health on your path.

The Importance of Strength on your Path

To fulfill your Life Path you need a variety of qualities that allow you to bring forth what you know, balance destructive tendencies and bring an overall balance to your character. These qualities are not always found in your core chart number.

Let me give you an example:

Say your entire Five Core Numbers are:  1, 4, 5, 8, 1
Clearly you have a lot of Willpower (1,1,4,8).
You also have lots of Creativity and Initiative (1,1,5,8).
You’re a natural improviser (5,8,1).
You got leadership capacities (1,8).
You are also very diligent (4).

Now you may want to pursue a career as a Personal Fitness Trainer. You can definitely motivate a person. You know how to push them forward. Finding creative ways to train a person is your second nature.

BUT – you very often lack the ability to be sensitive to what your client needs. You tend to impose your ideas and goals on your clients instead of listening to them. In other words you may lack sensitivity.

This is exactly the point to look for your hidden strength and utilize it.

What is a Hidden Strength?

A hidden strength is a quality that complements your core numbers and allows you to function and manifest yourself and your intentions in a more balanced fashion. To use the example above:

If you had complementary numbers such as: 2, 6 or 7
you may have had the capacity to provide full on motivating personal training and yet make it completely suitable to the exact needs of your clients without imposing too much of your willpower on them.

Or perhaps if your complimentary number was a 9, you would be able to understand the need of your client to use physical fitness to reach spiritual ends and not just pure strength. Complimentary hidden strengths enable you to counterbalance certain excessive energies or their lack thereof.

How to find your hidden strengths

I’ll reveal to you here a fantastic method to discover hidden strengths in your numerological chart using your Full Name (first and last names). This method is called: Intensity Points

To begin with, follow these 2 simple steps:

  1. Write your full name on a paper.
  2. Below each letter write its numerical value

Here’s an example:


The Intensity Points Chart

Next step is to draw the intensity points chart. It looks like this:

And here’s how it looks like when you fill in the numbers (I’ll explain that in a moment). The numbers should always be placed in the order shown below.

Next step is to insert the numbers of your full name into the chart. Here’s how it looks like in Ben Cohen’s example:

Please note that every number was placed in the respective slot as presented above.

Revealing the Strength in the Chart

After you’ve placed your full name numbers in the Intensity Chart, please check which number repeats itself the most. It may be that 2 numbers repeat themselves more than all the others with the exact amount of repetition. In such a case note both numbers. In Ben Cohen’s case, we can clearly see that the number repeating most of all is 5.

Now let’s say that Ben’s core numbers are all:  2, 4, 7

This means that Ben is a very sensitive man, very tactful, cautious in his actions, always thinking twice. Ben takes his time when it comes to making decisions. What you don’t know is that Ben is working as a physician. So it is very true that his qualities of care (2,4), deep attention (2,7), cautiousness (2,4,7), thoroughness (4,7) are wonderful and needed strengths when it comes to his profession.

But sometimes there are cases that need a quick response in times of emergency. At other times clients come with unknown symptoms and Ben can’t find the answer in the “book”. This is where Ben can draw on his Hidden Strength of number 5. It will enable him to draw on his Soul’s experience with improvising, knowing how to take a good risk, being more courageous and stepping out of the box of the known solutions.

How do Hidden Strengths influence your Chart?

The unique additional strength that is revealed through the Intensity Points chart is a positive influence in your chart. Even if the number is very different from your Core numbers – it still joins your life as a positive complimentary influence.

Very often you will notice that your hidden strength can bring you back to mental-emotional balance. It can be integrated into your profession as a unique coloring of your Core Numbers and their destiny. Very often you will notice how it naturally becomes your hobby, or a characteristic that lifts you up. You will naturally be attracted to activate these hidden traits.

Your hidden strength is an actual skill at your disposal. Do not underestimate its influence. In many occasions it will balance your Core Numbers. In other cases it may empower an already existing tendency. So go ahead and discover your own hidden strengths and see what the numbers have to tell you!

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      I’m happy dear Linda. Hopefully you’ll discover many more secrets of this marvelous science of numerology!

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      Fantastic! Expanding the readings and making them more precise and empowering is our job as numerologists!
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