Numbers 1-9 as a process

Numbers 1-9 as a Process
One way to look at the numbers 1-9 is to focus on each number individually as if it stands alone,
understand it’s qualities and attributes, it’s positive and shadow sides and so on.
Another way which I want to mention in this post is to look at the numbers as a process from 1 to 9.
So let’s begin…
1 – Is the father principle, the creative principle, the male energy. This is the energy that initiates
any process in life. It is the time for a new creation.
2 – The first split, representing the mother and feminine principle, relating, nurturing and caring.
Now we have two and therefore our first relationship and bond. This is also the beginning of emotional
3 – After we have the father and mother, the child is born. And three stands for the child principle,
simplicity, joy and creativity. Number 3 stands for fertility, optimism and enjoyment of the simple
things in life. Lots of curiosity and innocence…just like a child.
4 – Now that we have a father, mother and child, it’s time to have a stable home. And here comes
the 4 with stability, order, a safe and solid ground, the ground-base for a family. This is where a safe
nest is created.
5 – Now that we have a home and safety, it is time to explore the world and go together on some
delightful adventures. See, taste, experience and discover. This is the number 5. Stability enables
us to experiment and make changes (and also enjoy them).
6 – After we explored, tasted, experienced and had our joys, time comes to come back to our home
base and share what we’ve discovered. It’s time to give to our community, to set deeper emotional
roots, not only physical roots (number 4). Here is where we flow with abundance and care towards
our family, friends and society.
7 – Now that we’ve shared our heart, knowledge and experience, it is time to take time for ourselves.
It’s time to retreat, dive deep into ourselves, integrate everything that we’ve learned, discover perhaps
what is truly meaningful for us and what’s not. It’s time to come to a deeper connection with ourselves,
our soul and our vocation. It’s also a time to find deeper inner peace and completion within ourselves.
8 – If we’ve done the job well, we now know better what we’re meant to be and do and so it is time to put
this new knowledge to practice. We come from the inside to the outside and work to manifest the fruits
of our deeper connection to ourselves. It’s a time to transform and leap forward in our capacities, doing
and manifesting.
9 – And here we are at the conclusion of an entire cycle. It is time to take a panoramic view, or a bird’s view
on our entire journey, put all the pieces together. It is time to integrate and prepare for a new cycle, a new
octave where we’re going to function on a whole different level of ourselves. Therefore, it’s time to let go of
all that’s irrelevant (habits, relationships, jobs…) and adopt new ways that are in tune with who we are now.
Time to shed the old skin and prepare to spread our wings into a new beginning.
You can literally check this process in your own life when it comes to personal numerological yearly cycles.
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