Master Numbers

Master Numbers

Master Numbers – what a gift!…or is it??
Often people who have a shallow acquaintance with Numerology are very proud when they discover they
have a Master Number appearing in their birth chart. Master numbers being so highly revered by Numerologists
and numerology books often mislead people to believe it makes them very special.
However, it is important to understand that having a Master Number in your birth chart is not something
to take so lightly. And definitely not with any hasty ego self-aggrandizing attitude.

Master numbers (11, 22, 33, 44 etc.) indeed are very powerful numbers. Each in their own unique way brings about a heightened capacity for connection with the spiritual dimension in some way and to potentially reach unique developmental heights. What is less talked about, is the fact that having them in your core numbers also puts a great developmental pressure on you.

Is your vessel ready for a Master Number?
Having a master number, in a way, means that your soul has taken on itself a greater task or at least is
demanding of itself to manifest something greater than the usual. When your vessel is ready and prepared
(body, mind, soul), the master number can become indeed a wonderful gift in your life and to the world.
However, if you lack the maturity, the necessary level of personal integration and right conditions, this number
can become a disturbance in your life – like a nagging voice, an irritating energy that doesn’t give you rest.

When the person is ready to take on the challenge and destiny of the master number it can lead them into new horizons and expand them very much, but when the person isn’t ready, what happens often is that they will function on the lower vibration of the master number (11/2 , 22/4, 33/6 …the single reduced digit) instead of its higher frequency. Feelings of failure, lack of fulfillment and frustration can accompany us when that happens (even without knowing why).

Universal energy currents
Imagine the master numbers as universal energy currents that want to flow through a human vessel (You).
If your vessel cannot hold and conduct this amount of energy, it’ll create a short-circuit (metaphorically speaking). However, if the vessel is brought to a place where it can conduct that amount of energy, this is where miracles
can happen.
Now, I don’t want this post to sound like having master numbers is negative – not at all. As a matter of fact
no number is positive or negative ultimately. And this is a very important point! I’ve seen many people with
many Karmic Debts and disharmonious numbers in their chart flower tremendously in their lives and vice versa.
We all have Free Choice!
Embracing the potential
So remember that a master number is a potential – not a promise. And the greater the potential, the greater
the responsibility and the price we need to pay. These are cosmic laws. And it is beautiful it is so. Once you are
ripe, ready and willing to pay the price, you will of course also bear amazing fruits and become a wonderful gift
to the world.
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  1. Thank you for this blog. It fully speaks to me. I can feel when I run on the higher or lower frequencies. I don’t have the master number in my birth chart, but for months, I see it everywhere, either 11 or 22.

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      Beautiful Sabina, I’m happy this resonates with you! May it help you live in better alignment with yourself.

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  2. I have a master number 11 ,my bday is on 22 which is also a master number .
    My brother masters number is 22
    My sisters master number is 33
    Why all of us are born with master numbers??

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      Hey Maya, this question can have myriad reasons, many of which are unknown. But perhaps on some level you share as a family a similar learning path or certain similarities you are meant to develop and can help each other better understand and embody.

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