Joe Biden – Numerology Analysis

Joe Biden

Image taken from: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The 46th President of the United States has been elected: Joe Biden. In this article we will go deep into a numerological analysis of Biden’s character, strengths, potentials and personal challenges. Let us see how numerology gives us a revealing insight into his life.

Joe Biden – Healing America

At his speech to the people on the evening of November 7th 2020, Biden placed an emphasis on Healing America. Words like empathy, unity and compassion were used. And while it is easy for many to be cynical about such statements, let us not underestimate them – coming from Joe Biden. Why? Because his deepest Destiny Signature is marked by an 11/2 Heart Number (Life Path) and a 20/2 Minor Heart number (Birthday). These two very strong 2 energies are absolutely destined to embody compassion, healing energy, sensitivity and empathy. It would be enough to have one 2 to say that, but in Biden’s case you have two 2’s appearing together exactly at his deepest core destiny location.

This means that this man is deeply and inevitably moved by a highly sensitive nature, very kind and empathetic in nature, very considerate and understanding of other fellow human beings. That’s, after all, the nature of the number 2. Looking at his Life Path – 11/2 we can see the highly charged insight and wish to serve the people and bring light, truth and goodness. ‘Truth’ by the way is also a word he used. We definitely see here a soul on a mission.

A True and Smart Survivor

Looking further into the numbers of Joe Biden, we see the 8 Hands Number (Expression) and the 5 Head Number (Soul Urge). Both are highly dynamic, capable, fantastic at finding solutions, persuasive, magnetic, energetic and passionate. Needless to say that for any US president it’s not enough to have good-hearted ideals, but to have the strength to carry them out. And Biden has what it takes for that. The 8 and 5 are also born survivors – even more so when they appear together in the 5 Core Numbers. This means that when faced with difficult situations, people or very deciding moments, they know how to step in and come out in an intelligent way. No matter what you throw at Joe Biden, he will be able to handle it. That’s a great plus.

As a matter of fact, Biden has already proved this point in his own life in which he suffered many tragic losses. Biden has lost his daughter and ex-wife in a car accident and later on his son to brain cancer. This is an unimaginable load to carry. But he not only bounced back, but continued his job as vice president and now we have him elected as the 46th president. This shows tremendous power of character.

Joe Biden in the Service of Others

As you take a deeper look at Biden’s Period Cycles chart, you’ll see again many 2’s, but also 4’s and 9’s. You even see once more an 11/2!

The period cycles chart of Joe Biden

This clearly shows us that on his life journey, Biden learned time and time again to focus on others and set himself aside. He definitely learned to be there for others, to be of service for a greater cause. This is represented by the numbers 11/2, 20/2, 18/9, 22/4 and 27/9. So much of his chart is focused on serving others and a higher cause. And indeed that’s something a US president needs.

The Pinnacles of Joe Biden

As you can see in the image above, Biden’s last 3 pinnacles are clearly pointing to a leadership role: 18/9, 22/4 and 27/9. All of them are highly inspired numbers, courageous and in the service of great ideals. At the moment he’s under the influence of the 27/9 which is perhaps the most ideal number for a great leader. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa shared that number. [Read more about the 27/9 here]. Now, being a leader is very important in Biden’s role. Luckily the 27/9 is not only a leader, but a leader by example and integrity. Add to that the fact that his current cycle is a 16/7 and you get the classic combination of wisdom: 9-7. Joe Biden may very well be a leader that is guided by deep life experience, bringing a lot of wisdom into his actions.

Challenges of Character

Now, after we’ve covered quite a bit about Joe Biden’s potentials, it’s time to talk about the potential shadow sides. No numerology analysis is complete without looking also at the shadow. With Biden you clearly see that his emotional world can be very messy and painful. What gives it away? The 2-5-8 combo in his Core Numbers. These numbers coming together, can be quite emotionally messed up. At times this can cause a person to be moved by strong emotional unresolved wounds. It can also cause one to avoid or run away from their wounds. The 5-8 combo alone can also at times be quite a “shark”, someone who becomes manipulative for one’s own benefit. I did mention above how the 5-8 functions in the light. But there are always 2 sides to the coin.

Having said that, I do feel that in the overall, he is definitely more inclined to goodness and healing. The amount of 2, 9 and 11/2 energies is just too strong to keep him in the shadow side of his character.

US’s Ideals in Mind

What’s beautiful in my opinion about Joe Biden is that his Head Number 50/5 (Soul Urge) fits perfectly the ideal of the US. Number 5 represents freedom in every way. And the US’s own Life Path number is a 5! This means that Biden has this ideal in mind and is himself motivated by it. Contrary to Donald Trump who had twice 14/5 (a Karmic Debt Number), Biden has a powerful and clean 5. This is a good sign. A karmic debt 14/5 can suffocate and enslave instead of free. A balanced 50/5 definitely gravitates towards the higher ideals of freedom. The 50/5 is also powered by the 0 energy which gives it an edge of subtlety and spiritual touch.

Let’s wish Joe Biden good luck in his new role. I believe he is equipped with what it takes!

Check out also my YouTube video about Trump vs. Biden!

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