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Donald Trump
Donald John Trump – the 45th US president

I’ve been asked by a few people to take a deeper look at Donald Trump’s numerology chart as we can all agree – he is quite a controversial figure. And so here is my response.

The core destiny and motivation

Trump’s most major number appearing as his Heart number is a 22/4 master number. To begin with it shows us that on the deepest level, he knows, and has always felt that there is some big vision he has to manifest in the world. Having on the one hand a strong vision and at the same time being led to action and manifestation Trump feels either consciously or unconsciously led by an inner vision. Since it is also a 4 that sits on his Heart, it makes him not necessarily the most emotionally flexible type, but probably more strict. One could say, that perhaps it’s not an easy task to reach his heart. Nevertheless, the element of justice and order is inherently a deep quality he has and is attracted to.

The secondary destiny number

Next to the 22/4 we have a 14/5 Minor Heart number which adds a rather complex twist to the president’s life destiny. It is an inner calling for free expression, experiencing changes and excitement and in combination with the 4 frequency can be somewhat contradictory. One can say that he definitely wants and can get things done on the physical level, but the question is – in which direction will he take his actions? The 22/4 is very responsible, mature and reliable while the 14/5 (being also a Karmic debt) pulls him to a more irresponsible and possibly also wreckless behavior.

As we look deeper into his core, we find out that also his Hands number is 14/5. This tells us a few things. One is that most probably Donald Trump has some deep issues around his ability to bring his innermost to the outermost. It may also be that there is a history of violence in his personal life or family which left a deep imprint on him. Thus it may very well be, that he conducts himself oftentimes in violent ways. The second thing is that although in his heart of hearts there is a big vision, on it’s way to being translated into action, it may become very diminished and even somewhat distorted due to the powerful effect of the tendency for lack of seriousness of the 14/5.

What should we expect of him?

As we continue looking at Trump’s numerological chart we can’t miss the very interesting amount of 7’s that appear there. Especially in his Head number and Legs number. The Head number being a very important influence in one’s life, in Trump’s case shows a very opinionated type with a 16/7 (another Karmic debt!). In a sense we can say that on the one hand he is an intelligent man, with a sharp and observant mind, which cannot be easily fooled. But at the same time, the fact that it’s a Karmic debt number tells us that again it might be not easy to reach him – not only emotionally, but also on the level of his opinions and thoughts. The 16/7 can often add an element of arrogance to a person and a tendency to at times make abrupt changes.

An unpredictable persona

Now here comes another powerful point. Donald Trump’s chart is full of the combination of 7’s and 5’s. This combination is a rather rare type of personality which can be defined by the word: Unpredictable. On the one hand there is a potential for a very dynamic and even brilliant performance when it comes to his career life and public life. It can be very creative, very out of the box, perhaps even not caring to appear strange in the eyes of others. It can also mean the capacity to bring about change in new ways. So that can be a powerfully positive sign. However, the shadow side can be a kind of too extreme behavior and ways of thinking that can be very out of line. Add to that, that he doesn’t really care what others think of him too much and who knows what actions he might take.

Donald Trump’s inner world

The combination of 16/7 and 22/4 does show that on a deep level Donald Trump has a sense of integrity and even a certain connection to a more intuitive and even spiritual dimension of life. There is something serious, practical, grounded with high standard values. It’s a form of inner strength. However, because of the many contradictions in his chart, it is hard to say where he’s going to direct his energies. It’s a kind of enigma. Yes, one cannot deny the fact that there are some destructive tendencies that may pull him into less responsible behavior. However, he is also a kind of lightning bolt – a change maker. We just don’t know yet in what way.

The pinnacle and cycle in Trump’s life

The combination of a 2 and an 8 show us that on a certain level the new president is in a time in his life where there is a calling to manifest and learn balanced use of power. Not an easy task, but nevertheless this is the call of the universe on his personal journey – and since he represents a huge chunk of humanity, perhaps this is also our lesson! In a way it is a rather testing time that requires lots of balance and sensitivity of him in his decisions and actions, which in his case will probably not be an easy task, as he is not a mild or balanced character.

Donald Trump’s personal year

It is very interesting to note that Donald Trump was elected on an 11/2 personal year. 11/2 being a very powerful master number also represents leadership and truth coming to the light. It is a high number of justice and karmic cleansing. So interestingly, he is brought by the universe to power under an influence of bringing a certain Karmic justice to the world. None of us knows truly what that means from the eyes of God, but one thing we can say for sure – his election is not a mistake. There is a lot of intelligence behind it.

A collective tuning

After presenting all this information, it is important that we accept our new reality with Donald Trump as president of the United States of America. And with this acceptance hold in our hearts and minds the best of intentions and prayers for him and his leadership. Let us not take extreme positions, but intelligent action if needed and try in the ways that each one of us can, support him to be the best president he can possibly be.

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