The Destiny of the USA


What is the Destiny of the USA?

From the Numerological perspective the Major Heart number (the most important number)
of the USA is 14/5.

14/5 is a Karmic Debt number which means that the whole creation of the US is mixed with some karmic influences (as we all know). The number 5 as the US’s deepest lesson and destiny is about learning the real meaning of freedom. It is about learning how to allow life to expand without boundaries, how to explore and experiment and truly enjoy what life has to offer.

The lesson of Freedom

However, in the case of the US, it’s dealing with a more complex lesson – that of a karmic debt:  14/5.  This means that on its way to learning freedom this huge country will need to go through (and has already gone through) the extremes of abuse of other’s freedom in order to achieve its goals, limiting people’s lives in the name of freedom (as it happened with Native Americans and Afro-American people) or on the other hand, total overindulgence, unintelligent use of resources, a very extravagant and irresponsible way of consumption that is confused to be freedom.

Freedom calls for a fine balance between allowing life’s energies to be truly liberated, creative and unlimited and knowing the healthy point of stopping when necessary and that one is not the center of the world. Then freedom can become a beautiful expression of joy, creativity and wise use of the resources and energies at hand.

However the US is still functioning on the shadow side of the 14/5 which is overindulgence
that is very present with its consumption habits, food habits, creating enormous amounts of
waste and using other’s resources for its own self-indulgent needs.

Freedom or Morality?

The Minor Heart number of the US is 4 which gives us more specification about the major destiny and temperament of the US. Number 4 is very moralistic and calls for order. It is very different than the 5 and actually stands in complete contrast to it. Here we can see the funny-sad phenomenon in the US where sexuality and the porn industry is running wild, while at the same time for genitals you say “Private Parts” or whenever there’s a using of the word F**K on TV there’s a censoring sound. Every tiny thing can be considered a sexual assault (even it had nothing to do with that) and the codes of behavior are very very specific (especially in the dating scene but in other
fields as well).

You can see how the 14/5 has yet another lesson (and struggle) here, which is to learn how to be free while not losing the authentic moral value. And again, there’s a lot of work to be done here as well on the US’s part.

The Maturation of the USA

The maturation of the USA will begin when the childish dream of freedom will become a mature and responsible reality in which there is a deep understanding that: We Are Not The Center Of The Universe. Through this understanding, it will become clear that there are far better ways to use and share resources, that giving others freedom instead of taking it from them through wars, conquering, mass media and financial control – this is where true prosperity comes from.

The more this huge country matures, the more it can become an example of true and mature freedom, that takes into consideration others. That respects the need for healthy boundaries that don’t stem out of hypocrisy or fear but a simple understanding that healthy boundaries create a far better setting for freedom to express itself. It can become an example of what it means to be resourceful and caring in a way that the spirit of justice and fairness is cultivated to share these resources wisely and lovingly for the benefit of all.

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