Master Number 11


This blog post will explore master number 11. In numerology master numbers are very often talked about. The most common thought is that a master number is a good and powerful number. However in this blog post we’ll explore the phenomenon of the master number in its deeper complexity.

The 11 Master Number Energy

Out of all master numbers, the 11 is perhaps the most high-strung. It is deeply spiritual in its essence in the sense that it brings light into the darkness into order to expose the truth. This master number is about conductivity of spiritual light and the ability to gain profound insight into reality beyond the limitations of our known patterns. It is high strung because it exposes everything. It leaves you highly vulnerable and exposed. This is both beautiful and challenging. It is beautiful because it enables you to get in touch with higher and subtle truth. It is challenging because you simply cannot hide with the eleven.

The eleven master number is also a number of high idealism. It wishes to bring about a truly enlightened reality. It communicates higher knowledge from the higher reality and wishes to teach it. In this way the 11 helps us transcend our limiting patterns and belief systems for the sake of a greater truth.

Is a Master Number Good or Bad?

As I’ve mentioned above, many people think that having a master number in one’s chart is good. But truth is, that like anything in life – it is a potential. This potential can become good or bad depending on what you do with it. Thing is that with Master Numbers the potential is bigger than with other numbers. This can be a wonderful gift if you know how to handle the high energy it has. But it can also be deeply frustrating if you don’t have the maturity and readiness to respond to its calling. All master numbers require of you to evolve and respond to a higher calling. There’s always an element of bridging heaven and earth. A wonderful potential but not always an easy job!

Sides You May Not Know about the 11

You may be surprised to know but the 11 master number is very serious when it comes to justice. It cannot stand seeing injustice and will always attempt to reveal it. In its very essence it’s the exposer of lies. When it functions in its power, it’ll exude impressive courage and stand for the truth even if it means big sacrifices. The double 1-1 that the eleven has reveals its powerful leadership capacities. You may literally find many people with active 11’s in their chart functioning as activists. But the beauty about the 11 is that because it also reduces to a 2 –> 11/2, it includes both a penetrating power and deep sensitivity.

This unique combination of traits enables it to “download” both very radically transformative but also very subtle wisdom. It can also be a unique leader because it combines both cutting power and softness. But that might not be as easy as you think.

The Two Faces of the 11

Let’s look deeper now into the fact that 11 is actually also 11/2. How does this affect a person with this number? First thing you should know is that it takes a certain maturity and inner strength to embody the 11 energy. For this reason very often it isn’t that easy to work with it as a child and adolescent. And when you can’t function on the 11 frequency, you will move to the 2 energy which is the lower frequency of the 11. In this case, instead of embodying the strength, leadership and fearlessness of the eleven, you will function as a 2. This means shyness, hesitation, being introverted and very cautious.

Later on in life, if the individual is motivated to evolve and embrace her destiny, she starts to open up to the eleven qualities. Then slowly the elements of justice, activism, daring and leadership come to the front. As a rule of thumb, if you avoid evolving and living for a higher purpose you’ll most probably function on the lower frequency of number 2. This will result in deep frustration because your soul originally wanted to embody the eleven energy. However if you embrace the call, you’ll open up to the amazing talent, power and destiny of the high 11 frequency.

How to Embrace Your 11 Destiny

The most important thing to understand is that when eleven is part of your destiny, you have an evolutionary path. You should always aspire to grow, evolve and never stagnate. Yours is a spiritual evolutionary path. You need to always aspire to see the higher truth and be willing to grow up beyond your current limitations. You have to become a role model for others and stand for the highest truth. It’s important to on the one hand have no fear to expose hypocrisy and lies and on the other remain sensitive to others.

Remember that yours is a destiny that pushes high. Your soul wants to evolve and will give you little rest unless you, well…evolve! As you embrace this calling you will definitely reach far in life.


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  1. Over and over I am amazed by the profund insights I can get thanks to your work. Very recently I was researching about the 11, today I see this article.. Thank you very much for sharing!

    1. Post

      Dearest Nadin, I’m so happy that this work is of service and help to you. I hope you discovered some helpful insight about the 11 master number. Very potent and powerful number!

  2. A very insightful article! Thank you dear soul for sharing such precious knowledge. I am 29\11 life path and have been into the spiritual realms so avidly. I believe that numerology can bestow a lot of eye-opening wisdom on inquisitive seekers.

    1. Post

      Dear Yasmin, I’m happy this article had touched a meaningful spot for you. And yes I agree, numerology can indeed be a wonderful eye opener for lovers of truth.

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