11:11 Meaning – a Universal Calling

11:11 meaning

Many people contact me to ask about this mysterious phenomenon of seeing again and again the combination of numbers 11:11. Do you also happen to see this recurring pattern? If so, read on. I’m about to reveal the 11:11 meaning.

What is the 11:11 Meaning?

First and foremost it is important to understand that the universe is an intelligent being, fully alive and fully conscious. Each and every being is deeply and intimately guided in every step it takes. There is perfect order in the Cosmos. As a matter of fact the word “Cosmos” means: “a well ordered universe”. This means that nothing happens by accident and that secondly, the universe chooses varying ways of communication with us depending on what we need at any given point in time.

Using numbers as messages to one’s Soul is one such method of communication. So to tap into the depth of understanding of the 11:11 meaning, we first need to understand that it is a message coming from a profound conscious intelligence. Some people call it “Angel Numbers”, but I tend to dislike this definition as it diminishes the true depth behind this phenomenon.

The 11:11 meaning has to be understood from a few different angles:

  1. Reading it as twice the number 11 (master number)
  2. Interpreting it as four times 1
  3. Reading it as four times 1 that adds up to 4

11:11 Meaning as a double Master Number

The master number 11 is a very potent number and deals mainly with amplifying the vibration of inner light so that the Truth can be seen. It is an intense vibration that sheds light on every dark corner so that no stone stays unturned. When this number appears in your life it is a calling from cosmic intelligence to first and foremost heighten your level of Self-Honesty and to start being more truthful with yourself.

This may mean looking into areas of your life you were avoiding or trying to suppress. It may mean to look at the ways in which you give significance to things of lesser importance in your life and that it’s time to rethink and rearrange your priorities. The 11 Master Number won’t let you off the hook!

When it appears as a double 11:11 master number, naturally the calling is amplified. It gives it a sense of urgency. Urgency not in the sense of danger, but in the sense of “The time is NOW”. Cosmic intelligence is calling upon you to step into a higher vibration, to increase your awareness, to check in with your soul and make sure you’re not neglecting it.

  • Therefore we can say that the 11:11 meaning in this case is a calling for deeper activation of your Spiritual Nature.

11:11 meaning as four times 1

Now that we’ve understood the deep calling of the 11:11 from the master number perspective, let us look at the 11:11 meaning as one continuum of four times the number 1.

Number one has to do with stepping into the new, daring to step forth and take initiative. Therefore the repetition of 1111 amplifies the energy of number 1 and calls us to step into the new, allow a new beginning, move forward, step forth into a more integrated, solidified and undivided version of ourselves. It’s time to dare to move into a new territory, bring fresh air into a perhaps stagnant situation or perhaps simply enliven even more what we already have.

Number 1 is also about building authority, leadership and independence. In this case we see the clear Universal Message to step into a deeper strength within us, to unify ourselves in a more complete way. But let’s look now at the interesting fact that the four 1’s add up to the number 4.

11:11 Meaning as a Sum Total of 4

So we’ve had the calling to grow in Truth and we’ve been called to step into the new and into our authority. But now we can see that the 11:11 adds up to the number 4. This means that the new energy that we are called to embrace and open ourselves to, wants not only to remain as a general energy or inner experience, but rather to become truly manifest and materialized.

This is why the 11:11 meaning has to do also with bridging Heaven and Earth. The inspiration (11:11) that’s coming from above needs to become manifest and structured (1+1+1+1 = 4).

Number 4 is very important when it comes to giving a solid structure to anything spiritual. Without a proper structure, spirit cannot manifest itself in the world and in our experience. Creating a solid structure and foundation for our inspiration and ideas ensures that they will have a reliable vessel to hold them. This way they become a true benefit for our own and other’s evolution and growth.

Putting it all Together

Now that’s we’ve looked at the 3 main angles to interpret the 11:11 meaning, it’s time to mold this all into one coherent meaning.

The deep message of the 11:11 for you is to step up and dare to move into a higher spiritual vibration in which you are deeply truthful, and are willing to take initiative and responsibility for manifesting this deeper truth. It is a calling for you to move forward, get out of the box and realize that the Truth of your Being and Soul is of utmost importance.

It is a calling for you to open yourself to a higher Truth, attend to all the neglected shadow sides of yourself so that you can manifest in actuality (number 4) a higher and more unified (1111) example of the Living Truth (11:11).

General meaning and Personal meaning of the 11:11

After you’ve read all the above, please remember that although there is a general message imbued within the 11:11, there is always also a personal side to it. Reality is always a dance between the personal and impersonal and therefore you should also understand what is the specific 11:11 meaning for you at the specific point in time it appears in your life.

To do that, you can ask yourself:

  1. What is the current state of my life?
  2. Where am I and where do I want to go?
  3. What is my highest priority?
  4. What is holding me back from living a higher purpose?

After answering these 4 questions deeply and honestly, try to interpret the 11:11 meaning in relation to your specific situation. Naturally, use the impersonal meaning and extract from it the personal meaning.

That being said, I always say that getting a deep Numerology Reading from an expert numerologist is perhaps the deepest way to interpret the 11:11 meaning for you.

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