Numerology – Why you should Learn it


We spend our life learning loads of meaningless things. Meaningless in the sense that they don’t give us any long-term value, strength and clarity. To make your life a joy and a flowering you should have the proper education and tools. Numerology is a major tool for self-understanding. It is like a compass for the Soul. Let us explore together why it’s so important and beneficial to learn numerology.

Numerology is Your Manual for Soul Fulfillment

What is your real Destiny?
Are you doing the right thing for you?
Is your way of life matching your deepest needs?

These questions work themselves into the minds of any sensitive person. And rightfully so. Because we want to live with purpose and see our deepest needs and dreams answered. This is as natural as eating and drinking. But when it comes to the inner life, very often you have no clue what’s right for you. Many of us think there’s no way to know what’s right for us. We ask others to confirm us and give us permission. We ask society, friends, family etc for validation. Be we don’t know what’s right for us.

Fortunately there is a way to know exactly what’s right for you. This way is called Numerology. I’m not talking about some fresh new age method that exists for 20-30 years and is now booming. No. I’m talking about a very very ancient method used in many cultures to give wise direction and advice. Numerology holds within it the keys to validate exactly what’s right for you.

What can You Know through Numerology?

In the olden days, when you wanted to know when is the right timing to take action you would consult the wise. If you wanted to know what lays ahead you would consult an oracle. There were always those who had access into the deeper dimensions of life, and they were reliable guides. Numerology has been one of the ancient systems used by the wise. And the beautiful thing is – that it’s as relevant today as it ever was! Numerology has access to the governing energies of your life and thus is like an ever updated GPS.

As a numerologist I can know what type of personality you have. What are your most powerful traits and talents as well as weak spots. I can directly see your major blockages and even traumas. In a numerology reading I can see what career and relationship type suit you most. I can also advise you as to how to increase the chances for financial prosperity. But this is not all!

Numerology allows me to look into every year of your life and even every month and give you accurate predictions. Predictions of what? Predictions of the doors and the opportunities that will open for you. This is perfect for decision making and living a balanced life. It’s exactly like the advice from the wise in the olden days! And this is but a tiny part of what I can see and do using numerology.

Develop both your Right and Left Brain

One of the great advantage points of studying numerology, beyond what’s already been mentioned is its effect on the brain. As you study numerology, you are required to be attentive to details: numbers, letters and cross-checking data. At the same time you have to allow your intuition to put this all together in creative ways. Very often you will discover things you didn’t even intend to. This is a very healthy cooperation between your two hemispheres.

But have no fear! You don’t need to be a mathematician to study numerology. If you know how to add and subtract – you’re fit for the job. Nevertheless you’ll be surprised how stimulating it is for your brain and how enriching it is. It is a well-known fact that learning something new and stimulating the brain has amazing anti-aging effects. And I believe that numerology has this effect through its vital stimulation of the two hemispheres simultaneously.

It also stimulates curiosity – another irreplaceable element for a healthy life, longevity and happiness. Curiosity makes you alert and involved in what you do. This in turn produces a state of flow. Again – another fantastic effect for your brain and overall mental and emotional well-being.

Never get bored again!

One thing I can say confidently – numerology never gets boring. Many arts, crafts and sciences can get boring and even overly repetitive. But numerology has an infinite depth to it and it never ceases to surprise you with new discoveries. To this day, being already an expert numerologist, I still feel like a total beginner. I constantly learn new things about my own numerological chart and about those who are closest to me. That’s pretty exciting to say the least.

The more I learn, the more I discover the horizon expands and there’s infinitely more to discover. So as you start to gain expertise in numerology you also start to be a developer in the field. Now that’s when things get even more exciting!

To me numerology is both a way to help others but also a time for myself. I love sitting in coffee places and simply dive into numerology and discover new insights. I love sitting with friends and answering their most intimate questions. It’s a great tool for intimacy and bonding. I even give numerology readings to my wife. It is both playful and deep, easy to apply yet extremely refined in its output.

Be a Light unto Yourself (and Others)

As you advance through the numerology courses you’ll start having profound and accurate insights into yourself and others. This puts you in a very empowered position. You start relying on your own authority for the most important steps in life. And you become a beacon for others by helping them through numerology. Imagine your friend who’s experiencing a time of crisis. They come to you for advice, and you can truly guide them in a way that is exact for their path. Imagine when your life’s a mess – you turn to numerology and check why. Things become clear.

This is a conscious and creative way to live your life. It is a path of wisdom – just like in the olden days, only that today you can also give readings via Skype! 😉

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