Making Decisions in the Best Timing – with Numerology

Making Decisions

You are making decisions every day. Some big and some small. Decisions are the very act of directing your intention and energy towards a desired goal. The question is: are you aware of the unseen forces that enable a decision to either succeed or fail? In this blog post I’ll show you how numerology is a powerful tool when it comes to making decisions in the best timing.

Are you Making Decisions alone?

Your physical eyes are limited to seeing only a very narrow spectrum of what’s actually happening inside and around you. This makes you believe that YOU – and only you – are making the decisions in your life. But the truth is that there are always great universal forces at work within and without you. What oftentimes seems like a decision you had to do, is simply a greater force that moved you towards a certain direction.

Sometimes no matter what you choose, it never succeeds. Peculiar isn’t it? Well, the secret behind this is that you are not making decisions alone. Yes, that’s right. Decision making is a dance between the universal will and the personal will. However by law, the personal always has to align with the universal in order to see positive results.

Numerology is exactly the method that reveals to you both the personal influences as well as the universal ones.

The Key to Successful Decisions lies in your Periodic Numbers

Imagine that you are a farmer and you want to grow food. It is very important that you understand the exact influence of the seasons on each type of food. If you seed a certain seed in the wrong season, it will not bear fruit – no matter how well-intentioned you are. Winter is for winter food and spring is for spring food. If you don’t follow the universal cycles you can forget about food!

When it comes to seeding the seed of decisions, you need to understand the universal seasons affecting your life. This is what is called in Numerology:  Short Period Cycles. Short period cycles include Personal Years, Personal Months and Personal Days. For the matter of focus, in this post we’ll focus on the Personal Years.

Personal years are cyclical universal energies that show you precisely where the winds are blowing. Each year in your life has a unique energy that opens specific doors while closing others. Let me explain now how it affects making decisions in the best timing.

Personal Years in the process of Making Decisions

Personal years move from 1 to 9 in cyclical repetitions. Every number has its unique opportunities, lessons, open doors as well as challenges and things to avoid. Let me show you now the meaning of the personal years from 1 to 9:

Good years for making decisions in order to try out the new

Personal Year 1 – Opens the door for new beginnings, such as projects, relationships, career etc. It is an opportunity to develop strong independence and authority in what you do. It’s a time to give your ideas a chance and to move forward with your individual views and agendas.

Personal Year 2 – Is a time for nurturing the seeds that have been sown in year 1 and allow things to grow quietly and safely. It’s a good time to develop cooperation, team work, close bonds and intimate relationships. Wonderful time to work on self-healing and enhance your sensitivity as an intuitive and emotional human being.

Personal Year 3 – Opens opportunities for creative self expression and joy of life’s bounty. A great time to let out your playfulness, creativity and curiosity. Wonderful time to learn new things. Good time to get pregnant as it’s a fertile year. This is the time to take things easy and not too seriously.

Good years for making decisions that stabilize and enrich what you’ve sown

Personal Year 4 – When it comes to making decisions for the long run, year number 4 is your year. It is all about stability, building and investing for the long run. It’s about the cultivation of safety, security and a solid structure under your feet. Build a house, commit to a serious job, invest in what you already have.

Personal Year 5 – This is the time to explore new opportunities. It’s time to taste the new. Take your time to socialize, meet new people, build new friendships and connections. Try out new experiences and let yourself get out of the box. Enjoy your senses, go out for a trip. Allow yourself to learn through experience. This is a time of dynamism and change.

Personal Year 6 – Perhaps the best time to find a lasting love relationship, get married and build a family. Wonderful time to expand your finances through taking greater care and responsibility in your job. Fantastic time to resolve emotional hang-ups, let go of anger and forgive. This is the time to invest the most in those you love.

Good years for taking your entire life and investments into a whole new and higher level

Personal Year 7 – This is the time to dive into yourself. It’s time for gaining deeper self understanding. Time to reflect. The 7 year is a meditative time and calls for inner development. It wants you to deepen your spiritual connection and reflect on who you are, where you’re going and whether it is the right thing for you.

Personal Year 8 – Now is your time to manifest and prosper. It is a year that opens the gates for advancement in many fields, but especially with career and money. Year 8 asks you to be decisive, assertive and ambitious. It’s time to grow bigger, push higher and know that you can achieve much more.

Personal Year 9 – The last year in the cycle invites for expanding your overall perspective and gaining wisdom. Great time to let go of those things that don’t serve you anymore and open up to the new. It’s like shedding old clothes. Great time to travel and inspire your Soul in order to broaden your horizon. Also a good year to heighten your spiritual insight.

Making decisions according to Personal Years

Now with the clear meanings of every personal year you can understand why when you want to invest in something for the long run (i.e buying a house, finding a secure job etc) you should use Year number 4 and not Year number 5.

You can also understand why you should avoid conflicts in year number 2 and instead develop better understanding. Insisting on conflicts in year number 2 will result in blowing up precious opportunities.

Wanna take a financial risk? Year number 8 is for you, but don’t risk it in year number 4! How about leaving your job after 10 years? I’d suggest either year number 9 or 1. Both support leaving the old and stepping into the new.

Making decisions in this way allows for a precise attunement with the universal energies at work. This in turn enables you to direct your decisions in a way that will yield the best results. For this reason, people have come (and still do) throughout the ages to numerologists to get personal yearly forecasts. These allow to determine the exact energies working in your life and the best way to direct yourself to achieve maximum results.

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