Decision Making – 2 steps to make sure your decisions are aligned with your Soul

Decision Making

In this blog post I’ll attempt to give you a couple of simple tools, rooted in Numerology, that will help you know how to optimize the process of decision making and make sure it’s aligned with your deepest Soul’s Path.

Why decision making is important and how can numerology help

Every day of our life we make decisions, big or small. From what we’re gonna wear, what we’re about to eat, to what partner suits us and where we want to live. Decisions shape our life and pave our path moment to moment. In many ways, we can say that our entire future is based on the quality of our decision making process in each and every moment. This is especially true in the case of big crossroads in life but also in general decisions that are of powerful influence on our life as a whole.

We can meet crossroads such as family pressure early on in life. We want to take a certain creative route but our parents prefer that we follow the convention. In some cases one will choose to go against their family’s wishes and in others to conform. How can one know what’s right or wrong?

Another example is later in life. One might have a family, with a husband or wife and 3 kids and feel completely worn out. Suddenly the person asks themselves whether they should leave the family and set themselves free or whether they should stick to what they have. How does one make such a decision?

You need a roadmap to understand your Soul’s Path

When faced with such difficult crossroads, we very often procrastinate our decision making. We hope that somehow things will fall into place by themselves. But more often than not they don’t. The good news is that these moments are in our own favor. They are our Soul’s need to take the next evolutionary step. We only need a way to find out what are our deepest Soul’s needs and path. That’s where Numerology enters the picture.

Numerology is a spiritual science that taps right into the core structure and fabric of our Soul’s Path. It is not a guessing game. It is a thorough system that goes thousands of years back and has been used in many countries such as China, India, Israel, Europe and more to help give people the right direction in life.

Let us now explore the main elements we need to take into consideration in order to align our decision making process with our Soul’s path.

Your Heart Number – the deepest compass

The first thing you want to know about yourself is your Heart Number which is derived from your date of birth reduced to a single digit. (Read the following blog post to learn how to calculate the Heart Number). When you know your Heart Number you know the central lesson your soul chose to focus on in this lifetime and therefore you have the 1st and most important key to know: am I or am I not following my very core path in what I’m doing?

Say your heart number is 5 and all you long for on the deepest level is to live in freedom, adventure and not have people limiting your expression but you find yourself always complying to people’s needs before your own, you most probably aren’t following your core destiny and path.

If your heart number is a 1 which shows that you long for independence, self-authority and strong willpower but you find yourself in a workspace or career in which you always have to get approvals and never get the lead, perhaps you’re not in the right place.

You see, when it comes to decision making, you first have to understand your heart number and then check: is what I’m about to do aligned with my core path? This is your first key.

Decision Making and your Personal Year

After considering the heart number which never changes and is a constant anchor and compass, you want to know the current energies affecting your life. This is where the personal years kick in. Knowing your personal year gives you a penetrating gaze into the universal energies at work in your life right now. You can imagine the personal year like a certain cosmic school in which certain lessons are to be learned more than others. The personal yearly cycles go from 1-9. When you know what’s your current personal year, you know which doors are open for you and which aren’t.

Knowing that is like a magnifying glass, enabling you to take a closer look at your actions. This can be a very powerful determining factor in your decision making process. Now you know both the heart number and the current energy at work in your life.

Say you really want to invest in finding an intimate relationship and you are now in a personal year number 3 which is all about playfulness, enjoyment and non commitment, you can already know that it’s not necessarily the best time to put all your money on intimacy. On the other hand if you’re in a 2 or 6 personal year, I’d say the doors are fully open for you and you should go for it!

To calculate your Personal Year simply reduce the full date of your last birthday into a single digit.

Example: if your last birthday was on 12/3/2018  (12th of March 2018)
your personal year is:  1+2+3+2+0+1+8 = 17  = 1+7 = 8

Now you have the 2nd key. Pretty easy isn’t it?

Conscious decision making

Now that you have both of these keys, you can use them as anchors and as a compass that you can use consciously whenever you’re faced with important decisions. Instead of struggling with yourself, find out your heart number and personal year and check whether what you want or don’t want to do is aligned with your soul’s path and current yearly lesson. Using numerology in this way helps you evolve into the level of a co-creator in life.

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