2019 – Numerological Yearly Forecast


In the following article, like in every New Year, I will present my own forecast of the energies, trends and potentials of the year 2019. This forecast is based on the profound knowledge of Numerology.

The Transition into 2019

2018 has been an intense year. This fits very well the frequency of 11/2 (2+0+1+8 = 11/2), a master number that is very uncompromising and revealing. Not to mention the 1 and 8 that are very intense as well. You can read my numerological forecast for 2018 Right Here. Now however, things are about to change as we shift into 2019. First of all this is an end of a 10 year cycle in which number one was still the leading number in the decimal position. However from next year (2020), we will have two leading 2’s. To my belief this will bring more spiritual and emotional progress to our human culture.

So to begin with, 2019 is a year of preparation for the next decade to come. Please remember that since we shifted to the year 2000, we are in a deep transition into the influence of leading number 2. This in general means more sensitivity, tolerance, patience, intuition and balance. Naturally after 1000 years of a leading number 1, this transition is not an easy one. Many concepts have to still collapse and others, more harmonious ones, take their place.

Hope for a Better Future

After the intense and somewhat stormy 11/2 energy of 2018, we’re shifting into a softer, more benevolent frequency of 12/3 in 2019. The previous year was also marked with a very conflictual energy tone – combining 11/2 with 13/4 (1/1/2018 = 1+1+2+0+1+8 = 13/4). Now I’m happy to say we are shifting to a significantly lighter energy tone of 12/3 and 5 (1/1/2019 = 1+1+2+0+1+9 = 14 = 5). This lighter energy tone stands for hope, optimism, creativity, innocence and goodwill.

The 12/3 Global Numerological Year opens a door for true benevolence. It is the energy of the spiritual heart, compassion, care and true love. It is also the energy of 3 which is optimism, trust, simplicity, playfulness and creativity. On a global scale this may mean we’re about to see many new creative and constructive endeavors popping up, offering new ideas for a better future for humanity. It surly will be a fertile time with lots of idealistic acts, sowing the seeds for a better world.

2019 is About Closing Circles

So we have the leading 2+0 which give us the energy lead of sensitivity, intuition, balance and spirituality. But now this meets the wonderful connection of 1+9! These two are on the one hand the furthest from each other when seen from beginning to end, but when seen from end to a new beginning – they are the closest. Together they bring lots of movement into new frontiers. In a way, this means that we are about to close some important circles in our initiation into the 2 frequency before we move to an intensified 2 (2020) next year.

The 1 and 9 which represent the expression of the leading 2, will call for freedom and breaking from the shackles of the past. It’s a healthy process but can also be somewhat uncomfortable, like any form of saying “goodbye”. Something on the collective level is longing to burst with positivity, hope, optimism, possibility…and 2019 will invite and ignite these energies in our collective mind and heart.

Leadership for a Higher Cause

With 1 and 9 as our leading expression this year, more people will be called to step into leadership roles. But while 1 and 8 (as in 2018) can also represent leadership, the 1 and 9 (in 2019) represent leadership for a higher cause. Number 9 stands for idealism while 8 stands for ambition and power position. There will be a drive to bridge gaps between where we are and where we want to go. This is expressed through the tension between 1 and 9. They are like two edges of a line that want to connect as a circle.

A Year of Preparation

So as we shift into 2019, I suggest we see this as a preparation time. It’s time to sow seeds for our future. It’s time for you to stand up and allow the dreams in your heart to become seeds of action. This year invites a lot of possibility for imagination and achieving wonderful things. It offers lots of space for creative expression. So you, who’s reading this, as a conscious human being, make sure to sow seeds of beauty and peace. Don’t worry if your ideas are not fully ripe. It’s time to jump into the water this year. This year invites trying out the new without too much hesitation. By trying out you will learn what works.

Points to be aware of in 2019

While there’s plenty of space for creativity, we can also get lost in dreamland. This is expressed through the childish side of 3 and 5. We may also be impractical and ungrounded (1 and 9 working together). And lastly, 12/3 along with the 9 can sometimes become fanatical. So here you go. I gave you the few warning points you should bear in mind. Remember to stay focused during this year. Allow your ideas to serve the greater good. Think not only of yourself but of humanity as a whole. Stay grounded and contribute. You might have the chance to participate in a pivotal year in our history!

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