2018 Numerological Yearly Forecast

2018 – a time for taking a Clear Stance

Now that 2017 is over and we’re entering the new year of 2018, it’s a good time to prepare ourselves for the energies and fine-tuning that is coming. Many things have happened in 2017, from Trump, to Refugee issues, to terror attacks, lots of uncertainty, but also many good and positive voices that started voicing themselves much more out-loud. The coming year of 2018 is taking us even deeper into this fascinating process in which the forces of Light and Dark will be clearly separated and seen.

An Evolutionary Intensification

There is an evolutionary intensification in the air. I’m sure many of my readers will agree. At times it is just pure bliss and truly fantastic and at times simply unbearable. So let me start by being clear and honest: this intensification is going to continue accelerating and refining itself, and that is a good thing. In this coming year of 2018 the ruling energy is of the Master Number 11/2 (Read about Master numbers Here). At the same time the Heart Number of the Collective derived from the reducing 1/1/2018 into a single digit, is 13/4 (a karmic 4). This means that the presence of Truth and Light is going to become stronger, but it will shed light on places that are deeply stuck and unwilling to change within us personally and as a collective.

Time to make a Choice: Light or Dark?

During this year, many will feel a process of purification where lots of buried inner content will rise to the surface. Now, that content can be both beautiful and difficult. But that matters less. What matters is that this year has a clear purpose: to bring us personally and collectively to be very clear about where we stand and what we choose. Do we choose the Light or do we choose the Dark. Now let me clarify what I mean by Light and Dark. Light and Dark are not a moral judgment. Another way of putting it will be choosing to live in a Conscious and constructive way where Unity rules or choosing to remain in Victim consciousness where pessimism and separateness rule.

This year will literally push each one of us personally and on a greater scale as groups and as a collective to make a choice, to be clear whether we choose to live by the law of Truth and Love or against it. Naturally, choosing Truth and Love doesn’t mean you can’t be suffering or even going through very hard times. It simply means that in your Heart of Hearts that’s your true Love and Choice. This year will not allow us to fake it anymore. It will become increasingly clearer who stands for what. In that sense it’s a bit like a separation of forces. Things become much more clear in that sense.

Facing the Polarities within us

The combination of 11/2 and 13/4 will create a strong sense of polarity throughout this year and bring up both feelings of suffering, stuckness, frustration, hopelessness and beauty, vision, spiritual inspiration and light. All of this will surface and come to the forefront of our awareness and we will have to summon our inner spiritual power to stick to the Light and to the Truth. For some, this will increase the feelings of a dead end and pessimism while for others it will increase the sense of infinite possibility and a promising horizon.

Please remember that as I describe this necessary split that is occurring, it is always and only happening for the Good. When there’s a mishmash of light and dark, it is very hard to create unification. But once the forces are clearly separated, then true unity can prevail. It’s not at all about cultivating feelings of us and them, superiority or inferiority, success or failure. We are all on our journey and should always support each other as brothers and sisters.

Throughout this year, we will face very essential questions such as:

  • Where are we going?
  • What’s the meaning of our lives?
  • Why are we doing what we’re doing?

It is a time to clarify our deepest intentions. This is why the purification process is so important.

Full Responsibility vs. Victimhood

It is very important to remember during this year that more often than not, a true purification process includes many unpleasant and oftentimes also really difficult times. That doesn’t mean you’ve lost your path. Just make sure to stick to what your heart Knows, be patient and have loving support around you. Eventually the purpose of this purification is to unify our Beings, so that all is part of the greater Light. We will be tested one can say, whether we choose to remain victims of circumstances (inner and outer) or whether we’re going to take full responsibility and create our reality with love and awareness. We will be called to learn how to use the light not in order to escape – but in order to heal and include the shadow. It’ll require a softening and surrendering of the heart to see where we truly are and how we can more from there.

Voices of the Past and voices of the Future

The voice of the forces of Change and the forces that are against Change will become very amplified. We will hear and see many conservative, strict and dogmatic world views expressed. Views that want things to remain the same or even go backwards. Voices that don’t see hope. On the other hand, we will see voices emerging of great positive and optimistic vision, of tremendous spiritual inspiration and activism, voices that love evolving and moving forward into a better future. Again, there will be a sort of separation happening between those that cling to the past and those that are willing to move on with the winds of Evolutionary Change.

Discovering a new sense of Ground

As a collective, our sense of safety and confidence is going to be severed, as those anchors that once gave us feelings of certainty and ground will crumble. All the belief systems, dogmas, traditions, habits…all of it will crumble in order to be rebuilt from a different state of being. The crumbling stage feels unsettling, as if there is no stable ground to stand on, but that is only because we are moving into a discovery of a much more Real and Stable ground. The issue of justice is going to surface but won’t be that easy to reconcile as still there are very opposing opinions as to what justice means. Nevertheless it will be a subject that’s on the table.

Tune in to the Right Influences

Our energy field as a collective is very open this year which means two things:

  • We are very open to spiritual inspiration
  • We can be easily affected by negative influences

Therefore it’s very important to strengthen your clarity of intention and your healthy filters in order to tune in with those channels of inspiration that are truly benevolent and constructive. Through our heightening sensitivity (2-0), we are asked to build our collective strength and power (1-8)…2–>0–>1–>8 (2018). The only question is: what kind of power will we choose? Will it be a power that is based on using force and holding on to the past or will it be one that is based on integrity, truth, authentic spirituality, wisdom and love?

Here is my recommendation for 2018:

Take time to clarify your deepest heart intentions and set them on the track of Love and Truth. Search for sources of Positive inspiration (both inner and outer) that’ll support you with going through this time of purification in the most constructive and nourishing way. Learn to choose the Light and to bring it with love into those shadow sides that are deeply yearning to be seen and liberated into the Light. You want to include the shadow so that you become One. Empower your thinking to be more constructive, strengthen your faith that all is possible, all is happening for the Good and that it’s possible to create a wonderful reality based in Love. Remember that there’s always a solution and that more light is always possible.

And most importantly, remember to take everything that is said here with a smile, as after all, life is beyond all forecasts!

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