Numerology Studies – Where to Start

Numerology Studies

Many people are interested in the mysterious power of numbers. My numerology Facebook group is growing every day more and more with people from all over the world. And many want to learn how to use numerology by themselves. In this article I will explain how and where to start your numerology studies.

Good and Bad Quality Numerology

The origins of numerology, like many ancient esoteric sciences, is unknown. It exists in many traditions, but nobody seems to really know where and how it all began. I’m not going to attempt to answer this mystery, but rather make a distinction that’s imperative for someone who wishes to go into numerology studies.

Like any serious art or science, some people use and teach it deeply and for the benefit of others, while other people use it on a very superficial level and more for personal benefit. In the world of numerology studies, you will find that many websites and numerologists promise to tell you about your “lucky numbers” or give you “numerology readings” by just typing in your date of birth and so on. However, I want you to know that serious and deep numerology, needs a person to sit and properly analyse your numerology chart. No software can do that like a human. There’s too much data that needs to be considered and synchronized.

Tip #1:

Seek out good books about numerology. Good books will give you an introduction to the very basics. I’ll recommend a few good books for numerology studies towards the end of this article.

Numerology Studies with an Expert Numerologist

I’ll say it as honestly as possible. To learn numerology truly in depth, you’ll need to study with a numerology adept. There is no way around it. Good books are wonderful as an introduction, but the subtlety of information and depth of analysis goes beyond any book’s capacity to provide. Therefore I recommend you search for a professional in the field that offers deep and comprehensive numerology studies. Take into account that no weekend workshop or even 5 of them, can cover real numerology studies. Numerology is vast and can become anything from a hobby to a full-time profession.

Tip #2:

Search for a numerology expert to study from directly. Make sure the studies are comprehensive and cover not only the basics.

You can check my Numerology Courses page and contact me directly. I personally offer a full package numerology studies – from the fundamentals, all the way to being an adept. Every student can of course study to the degree that interests them.

The Mistake of Learning Many Calculation

Many people think that by learning many different calculations they will understand numerology better. It doesn’t work this way. What makes one a good numerologist is the depth to which they understand each number’s meaning and world (external and internal) and the sophisticated interaction of all numbers with one another. Learning many calculations is like collecting many pieces of a puzzle without ever putting them together. It won’t make much sense. Only when all the pieces come together can you see the full picture.

When analyzing yourself or another person through numerology, you want to put all the numbers together. You want to know how they dance together and what picture they create. A good numerologist will teach you how to weave your own and others’ numbers into a real life-story.

Tip #3:

Learn deeply the meaning of each number. Then learn how does each number interact with all the rest. Discover what picture and what story they create together.

Recommended Books for Numerology Studies

After encountering many numerology books, I will present to you the 4 books I found most useful, trustworthy and comprehensive.

By far, the 2 books that stand out the most are those of: Matthew Oliver Goodwin: Numerology – The Complete Guide. Goodwin has managed to generously share in his two volumes, the essence of numerology analysis in the best way I’ve seen so far. I highly recommend for anyone interested in numerology to get his books. Make sure to first read the first volume first (the black book) and only then the second volume (white book). They build on one another.

Numerology Studies

The next book that I favor is that of Juno Jordan: Numerology – The Romance in Your Name. This book is very good in explaining each number very in-depth and I like her interpretations.

Numerology Courses

Lastly, I recommend another book I really appreciate of Ruth A. Drayer: Numerology – The Power in Numbers. This book’s power lies in the very wise and flexible approach it has towards numerology.

Numerology Courses

Numerology on Facebook

As part of my contribution to the numerology community worldwide, I have created a Facebook Group that provides high quality discussion about numerology. Everyone can help each other learn and grow. I keep the discussion level high and respectful and attempt to inform people with the real and impressive potential of numerology. I welcome you to join this group and get involved. This is a wonderful way to introduce yourself to numerology and get to know like-minded people. I will from time to time answer people’s questions personally on the group.

The Best Option

Ok, so the best option I kept for the very end. If you want to understand and be able to apply numerology… and if you want to have a reliable source of information… and if you want a place that can teach you numerology step by step… then this Self-Study online Numerology Course is your best option by far:

Your Soul’s Blueprint
Revolutionary Self-Study Course in Numerology

This course contains all the information you need to understand and make use of numerology. I haven’t come across any book, website or course that give you such a comprehensive experience.



P.S…Check out my numerology Podcast!

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