Number Codes – A Secret Language

Number Codes

Number codes are unique number sequences that appear suddenly and are unmistakably unique. You may get the receipt at the grocery store and the sum total will be 11.11$ or 77.77$. You may wake up suddenly in the middle of the night, just to look at the clock and realize it’s 3:33 am. These number sequence occurrences happen to many people. But what do they mean? How should you interpret them? And do they actually always mean something? Let’s explore that together.

Number Codes – When do I Know if They are Real

As a numerologist, I have many people telling me about the constant recurring numbers the see. Dare I say that it even became a bit of a trend. People like to refer to these number sequences as Angel Numbers, but I personally prefer Number Codes. Whether it’s a 333, or 1717, 2222 or the famous 11:11, people seem to give these numbers a lot of meaning. But is it justified? Let me clarify this point. Yes, there are messages coming from the universe, and yes they can and do appear as number sequences. But, if you are looking for them in every receipt, clock and phone number, I can assure you – the chances are very low you are actually getting a message.

When is a number code authentic? When you completely and utterly don’t search for it, and then in the most peculiar way, it appears in the least expected way. Then you can know, that life has decided to bring something to your attention. But if you want to find “special signs”, you will find them everywhere and they will have very little to no significance whatsoever.

How to Interpret Number Codes

Many websites provide fixed interpretations for number codes that seem completely universal. And while to a certain degree that is true, it touches only a very superficial level. You must realize that the universe speaks uniquely to every soul and provides specific guidance on its path. The number sequences provided to you, will mean something to YOU at this specific point in time. In addition, the universe is not that boring, but rather very creative. It can use a specific number code to deliver many difference messages. Don’t forget that after all, the universe is alive and even has a great sense of humor!

Number codes will often relate to a specific period in your life and even to your numerological chart. Without taking these two factors into consideration, you will almost surly not receive the message delivered to you. So let us not flatten the meaning of this universal language.

A Story Of Number Sequences

Now that I’ve laid the ground for understanding number codes, let us look at an example.

Say I go to a parking lot with 1000 parking spaces. Each parking space is numbered from 1 all the way to 1000. I start looking for a parking space, and it’s a busy day. As I’m circling the lot, everything seems taken. I drive slowly round and round to see if anything becomes free, but after several rounds I decide to give up. Then, just before I leave the parking lot, I say to myself – ok, one last time and that’s it! I go around and at the very end of the lot I find 1 available spot out of the entire one thousand spaces. As I park and get out of the car, I realize that the number of my parking space is 927.

I happen to also know my numerology 5 Core Numbers, and I suddenly realize that these numbers are identical to my core numbers! Now that’s one hell of a message. And by the way, this story is real and happened to me while I was in California. In that specific case these number codes came to tell me: “You are on the right path. Simply keep going!”. They were identical to my Core Numbers and were the only space available out of 1000 spaces!

Practical Ways of Interpretation

Let’s look at a few possible ways to interpret number codes.

Checking the Number and the number of Repetitions

If you take the 111 as an example, then your first way to interpret this number code is by looking at the repeating number and its meaning. Next step would be to check the amount of repetitions – in this case three. So we have a number 1 that points to leadership and new beginnings. It also points to courage, innovation and initiative. Appearing 3 times, we can definitely see a clear emphasis. It’s not appearing once or twice, but three times. The message is therefore being emphasized.

Looking into the Sum Total

The sum total of 111 is a 3.
1+1+1 = 3
This is simple arithmetic.

So although our number code is made of 1’s, the end result is a 3, and should be taken into consideration. Now that we know that we’re called to leadership, innovation and courage, we also know that we should step into our creativity. Maybe this message is telling us to take initiative and step into our creative element. Maybe it tells us to dare and enjoy life, dare and be childlike, dare to be happy.

Read the Numbers as a Process

Lastly, we should also look at number codes as a process with a beginning, middle and end. This way of interpretation is less relevant for a number code that consists of the same numbers. Let us use a different number code for this example then: 349
Say, completely by accident, this numbers appears before you: once at night when you wake up on the clock and the next day as the receipt at a restaurant. Now you can look at it as a process being offered to you:

First step = 3 Second step = 4 Third step = 9

It may be telling you that whatever project you’re involved in at the moment, you should start off by being open, creative and communicative (3). Once that’s established and perhaps you’ve created some positive hype, next step is to establish and stabilize your project (4). Once it’s stabilized and working, it’s time to dare and go big time and perhaps shoot for the masses (9).

These are all various ways of interpretation, and I would warmly recommend to combine them together. Naturally you want to learn the meaning of the numbers in order to be able to interpret such messages.

Reflecting Your Own Numbers

To really interpret a number code you’ve been repeatedly getting, you need to compare it to your numerology chart. For that, the best thing is a professional numerology reading. However, even by learning your 5 Core Numbers and reflecting on how this message may relate to them is very beneficial. Maybe you are called to balance a certain tendency and open up to complementary qualities to balance your chart. Or perhaps you might wanna hone on something within you that you’ve neglected. But then again, maybe there’s a great talent inside you and the universe is just shouting – get it out there! The interpretations are many and very creative. It’s a great joy to dive into this world.

If you want to study numerology on your own, you can check out my Self-Study Numerology Course. It’ll give you a powerful foundation in numerology and you’ll certainly be able to access number codes with a far greater understanding.

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  1. Hi! I have enjoyed your web site. I am also a predictive numerologist of over 50 years and I am always looking to connect with other numerologists. I live in Pantego, Texas because there are so few of us. I have written one large book several times and I have taught many classes over the years. I would love to exchange information with you. I am currently using numerology as a medical intuitive aromatherapist. I also, make rose, melissa, and other oils and extracts for sale in my shop. I am happy that you are doing well in your numerology practice.

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      Dear Rhavda, lovely to hear about your rich experience! If you have facebook, you can join my numerology group – we have interesting discussions there. Click here to check it out. We can generally connect via facebook. Love,

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