How Numerology helps you Love Yourself

Love Yourself

If you’re like me, you’ve probably battled with yourself for years. You’ve tried to change yourself, be better, other, and somehow didn’t manage to feel comfortable with…well…loving yourself. You are not alone. As a matter of fact many sensitive people feel awkward about themselves. The key is to love yourself. And that’s one of the greatest gifts of Numerology.

Love Yourself as You Are

One of the problems we’re facing today is that self-image has become more socially important than authenticity. Nobody knows anymore who’s responsible for setting the standards of the “Popular” self-image. Nevertheless, it bugs us and we try to fit in, or at least we are continuously in battle with who we are. Do you get this feeling from time to time of being not enough?

In response to the enormous stress this puts on us, there’s a whole new movement telling us: “Love Yourself!”. It sounds right. It feels right. But how on earth is it done? And what does it really mean? Most of us are already so confused with images and pretension that we’re not completely sure who we are. So first you need to know who you are to be able to love yourself.

Numerology reveals your Original Self

When people come to me for a numerology reading, I always set aside my notions of how “one should be”. Why? Because each one of us is totally unique. The way we are created, our unique lens of experiencing and interpreting life is tremendously precious. It shouldn’t be stomped on, but rather cultivated and brought into full awareness and flowering.

Numerology helps you love yourself for the simple reason that it shows you the beauty in who you are. It gives you full validation and acknowledgement. It gives you the green light to be yourself. Some of my clients feel guilty sometimes simply because they were told it’s not ok to be the way they are.

For example, some people don’t handle long term relationships very well. And because Hollywood tries to sell us the image of the perfect couple/family life ideal, people feel something is wrong with them. But let me tell you a little secret: not everyone is built for long term relationships. Or at least I can say that there are many many unconventional ways to live in a long term relationship.

Through a numerology reading, you get to know your energies and tendencies and are allowed to love yourself exactly as you are. What a relief!

Loving Yourself is Knowing Yourself

Say you are a woman and all your core numbers are composed of 1, 8 and 7. You are strong in character, have a sharp mind, and are not the typical “Disney girl” image. Most chances are that to a degree you fight with yourself and are not fully at peace with having more masculine qualities. But the whole beauty is that your numbers (1, 8 and 7) tell you that you are meant to be exactly this type of woman. Strong, opinionated, sharp-minded and knowing what you want.

Perhaps you’re a man and all your core numbers are 2, 3 and 5. You are childlike, gentle, emotional and a bit like Peter Pan. As you grow old you feel you’re “not a real man”. You “should” be strong-willed, a leader, more like Hercules than Peter Pan. But your numbers give the proof that you are meant to be 2, 3, and 5! A child in nature, magical and sweet, charming in your gentleness and openness. That is your kind of manliness.

Your numbers are your cosmic approval to Love Yourself as you are!

Enjoy Being Unique! Let Your Numbers Speak!

I had a beautiful, lively and charming woman who came to a numerology reading with me. Her numbers were full of 4’s. And boy was she disappointed to hear that! She interpreted the 4 as dry, boring and opposite to her nature. It made me smile. Because as I got to know her I saw how this was exactly who she was. Her Heart Number was a 3 – childlike, sweet and easygoing. But she was also very practical and grounded with her 4’s. The 3 and 4 together gave her a perfect combination of simplicity – but it wasn’t easy for her to accept it.

To love yourself is to see the perfection in how you were made. It is stopping to compare with others and seeing the genius behind your unique constitution of energies. Truth is, you do love yourself. You just need to peal off all the conditioning accumulated on top of this love.

If you’re a 6 at heart, you are meant to be caring, emotionally driven and naturally taking things to heart. If 5 is at your core then yes – you are a free bird! Don’t be angry at yourself if you can’t be at one place for too long. And if you’re a 7 at heart, accept it that you are deep and oftentimes a bit of an outsider. Enjoy it. Find the magic in it!

Loving Yourself empowers your Self Esteem

The deeper you love yourself, the higher your self esteem gets. It’s not because you’re trying hard, but rather because you let yourself be. And a healthy self esteem contributes to mental and emotional well-being. This is why I consider numerology so important in guiding and educating individuals to love themselves. When you love yourself you literally take a load of baggage off your shoulders. You let yourself be natural, just like a flower, a nature phenomenon.

You have the right to love yourself exactly as you are. And if you have doubts, remember that numerology is always here to put you back on track.

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