What is Numerology?

Numerology is a science and art used for thousands of years for the understanding of the human soul and personality using one’s full name and date of birth. Our name and date of birth tell a specific story, the story of us, of who we are and what we are meant to be. It tells us a lot about our talents, capacities, personal traits, our deepest urges and longings, as well as about our challenges in life.

Every person has a personal chart based on their unique name and date of birth and this chart reveals a profound depth of information and insight about your soul journey and provides concrete keys for action, change or understanding that answer your deepest needs on almost any level and aspect. The Numerology reading allows you to see and realize what is most important for you, it reveals your unique path – one that would make you most in tune with yourself.

Few know, that the genius and famous Pythagoras who contributed so much to mathematics and geometry is also considered to be the father of Numerology. Pythagoras regarded numbers as living energies and universal essences that are one of the building blocks of the universe. Therefore, by understanding numbers deeply you can tap into the intelligence that created and sustains this immense and wondrous universe and understand its workings.

For you this means that through understanding your own personal numerological chart you can understand what you are literally made of, what are your inherent qualities and what’s the plan of the universe for you. Therefore, numerology is a spiritual yet practical system to help you live in alignment with your soul’s path, with the bigger universal plan, according to the higher will of the whole. This in turn creates more satisfaction, happiness, freedom and a sense of deep meaning.

Tom teaches a unique numerology method, called ‘The Human Body Method’ , developed by his Numerology teacher Sharon Ron. This method is based mostly on Western Numerology as well as elements from Kabbalistic Numerology. It’s a profound method, very intuitive and full of insight rarely found in other modalities of numerology.