Health Issues Detection Through Numerology

Health Issues

If there’s one subject that is so central to our well-being it is definitely health. At one point or another, we all deal with health issues. Some of us deal with them already from an early age, others later on in life. Some people constantly seem to struggle with their health while others have it easier. In this article let us explore how numerology can help us detect potential health issues in our life.

Health Issues in The Numbers

It sounds quiet far out to imagine that numbers can point to certain health issues. I’m not claiming in any way to give here medical advice or even a proper medical diagnosis, but I want to show you how numbers can point to certain health inclinations. Every number represents a set of qualities and tendencies. These help the numerologist analyse accurately their clients and give helpful advice. The more you enter the world of the numbers you realize they correlate with pretty much every aspect of our life: body, mind and spirit. For example, one of the things I teach my numerology students is the corresponding Chakras for each number. And the chakras are deeply connected to our physical body. Therefore the numbers are as well.

In other words, numbers affect both our energetic and physical constitution. They influence not only our unique destiny, lessons and path, but also our psychological and physical health. Another way to look at numbers is through the 4 elements (earth, water, fire, air):

1 – is mainly fire and air
2 – is mainly water
3 – is mainly water with touches of air and fire
4 – is mainly earth
5 – is mainly fire and water
6 – is mainly earth and water
7 – is mainly air
8 – is mainly fire and earth
9 – is mainly fire and air

Types of Health Issues

Some of the numbers as you can see above are directly related to the earth element. This element has a very strong connection to the body. Therefore numbers: 4, 6 and 8 very often deal with physical health issues more than other numbers. A person embodying one or more of these numbers in their core chart will almost always deal with a sensitive body. Health will be a repeated topic. That is not to say that other numbers in the list don’t suffer from health issues. It’s only that for 4, 6 and 8 the very topic of physical health is a central life theme.

Health Issues
Numerological chart that embodies mostly the earth element. All the
numbers in this chart have a direct connection to the physical dimension.

Now let’s look at the numbers 2 and 7. Number 2 is all water and 7 all air. Both of these numbers have a very sensitive constitution. Water element deals with deep emotions and the air element with our mental sphere. Very often you’ll see people with strong 2’s and 7’s in their core chart dealing with psychological health issues. They may suffer from anxiety and depression more often than others. Number 7 can also suffer from brain related health issues: memory problems, dementia and so on. In addition, nervous system related issues can also be a problem here.

Health Issues
The upper triad – Heart, Hands and Head numbers which are the most
defining numbers in our chart, are all 2’s and 7’s. Lots of water and air.

Then you have the fiery numbers such as 5, 8 and 9. The fire element can affect our digestion, heart and blood system. For example, people with these numbers in their core chart may suffer from high blood pressure.

Important: Let us remember that I’m really over-simplifying things here just to show you the line of thought. This is much more complex and not every person with a 7 will suffer from anxiety and not every 8 and 9 from high blood pressure.

Fast Numbers Slow Numbers

If you look at the numbers from the perspective of motion, you’ll notice that some are slower while others faster. Slower numbers such as 2, 4, 6 which are also more earthly, conforming and root chakra oriented (I’m not referring anymore to the 4 elements in this example) can be more lethargic. There can be a tendency to laziness. And laziness can lead to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Faster numbers such as 5 and 8 which also include lots of fire and dynamism in them may suffer from sexual related health issues.

Can I Predict Health Issues?

Predictions are a tricky domain in numerology and one should be very cautious with them. As a professional, I’ll never ever tell a person something like: “you are about to have cancer”. This is wrong by all means. Health is a very complex subject and also very sensitive. Secondly, who am I to intervene with a person’s free choice? And lastly, I’m not a medical professional – but a numerologist. So what can I know?

I look into the period cycles of a person:

  • Personal Year
  • Life Cycle
  • Current Pinnacle
  • Current Challenge

If a person is entering a period cycle that includes a strong combination of numbers focusing on physical issues such as 4, 6 and 8, I can advise them to be more attentive to their body and overall health and make sure they exercise regularly. In that period, they are more prone to confront health issues on the physical level.

Health Issues
In this picture you see both cycle and pinnacle have a strong earth element number:
4 and 6. The physical aspect is therefore a major topic during that period.

If someone is entering a 7 and 11/2 (master number) period cycle, I know they’re more prone to psychological difficulties. This way I can advise them to do things that uplift their spirits and strengthen self-confidence. This will help them deal better with the deep, purging and somewhat irritating energy of the 7 and 11/2. I would also advise them to take good care of their nervous system.

Numbers that Don’t Agree with Each Other

In some cases certain period cycles or core numbers are in strong disagreement with one another. In such a case, health issues can again be the result. For example, if I have the very chaotic combination of 7 and 5 I may suffer from lots of inner confusion, sometimes even resulting in a psychological breakdown. If one has the combination of 5 and 4, being so opposed to one another while also being strongly connected to the physical dimension, the probability of physical illness is higher.

Another option is when a certain number appears in excess. For example if one’s cycle and pinnacle are both 4 and 4 this can be pretty challenging. The excess 4 energy may lead to the emergence of the shadow side of the number, resulting in many health issues. This example is also valid when the numbers repeat in one’s core chart as part of the 5 core calculations. An excess 7 in the core chart can lead to depression and anxiety issues.

Solutions to Health Issues through the Numbers

So now that we have some idea about how to find health issues through the numbers, it’s time we talk about solutions.

There are 2 ways for solutions:

  1. Bring the number to it’s positive functioning
  2. Balance your energy by connecting to the energy of complementary numbers

Positive functioning – if you are affected by 4 and 6, you can make sure to have steady yet mild physical activity (4) like walking or jogging regularly, chi gong and maintaining healthy diet (4). You can also make sure to experience enough positive emotions through connection to family and loved ones (6) and also do creative things like painting and singing to strengthen a healthy body and mind connection (6).

If faced with the 7 and 2 energy of sadness, anxiety and depression, you can cultivate the silence and meditative qualities of both. You can take more time off and make sure you are properly listening to your needs (2), getting enough attention (2), enough meaning in life (7) and perhaps even study something new (7). These actions can replenish your energies and bring you back to a positive life experience.

Balancing – if you’re met with an excess 4 energy which tends to rigidity, stuckness and worry, you can bring more of the 5 and 3 energy into your life to counterbalance that with flow, creativity and spontaneity. Very often this will assist you in keeping a healthy balance.

If on the other hand you have an excess of 5 energy which can lead to overindulgence, decadence and self-destructive tendencies, use the 4 and 6 energies to bring balance, stability and self-discipline to counterbalance yourself.

Health Issues
This core chart shows a person who has so many 5’s! This definitely leads to often experience the shadow side of the 5. It’s most important in such a case to balance the chart with the complementary numbers while also transforming the 5 to it’s positive manifestation.

Final Words

Remember that as numerologists, we are only giving general direction to people, so they can live in harmony with the cosmic energies that govern and move their life. We are not God and we do not know the future for sure. It’s important to stay humble and supportive. Also, after reading this article, don’t conclude that because you have any above-mentioned number combinations, you will suffer from one of the conditions mentioned. This article only touches the tip of the tip of the iceberg and only tries to open your mind to the world of numerology. Stay positive and constructive. There’s always place for change and choice.

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