Chakras as a Way of Understanding Each Other


Beyond the surface of the apparent form of any person you meet there’s a whole inner world inside them. This inner world is the actual reality of any person, their actual intimate inner experience. The ability to connect with anybody on that level is an enormous gift. This is where accessing the Chakras and developing the ability to read into the insides of another plays an important role.

Chakras Reveal the Inner World

There’s nothing better than an intimate meeting with another. This wondrous ability to penetrate gently and lovingly into their insides and truly and deeply understand them as if you were sharing their experience. This capacity of truly listening and being able to feel deeply another person is lacking in our world today. It is therefore no surprise that so many people worldwide feel so lonely.

In order to find real contentment between two people, we have to find a way to truly share our inner worlds and not only the surface of our words. For this, we need to develop our Inner Body, the energy body which opens the sensitivity of the Chakras and enables us to perceive the meaning and feeling behind the words. The Chakras, the Aura and the energy body, hold within them invaluable living information about us. With words we can conceal our true self, but through the Chakras and energy body, our inner world is like an open book.

For those who still want to live in a lie this may sound frightening, but for those who want Truth, Authenticity and meaningful exchange this is a blessing.

Good Therapists and Guides know how to Read Chakras

Over the years I’ve met numerous people who went to years of therapy with almost no results. The reason is simple: many therapists hide behind a theory and don’t really see you! Now, if someone cannot see you truly, how can they give you any constructive advice? How can they even understand what you really mean when you share your pain with them? Truth is they can’t.

Good therapists and good guides however, are those who have developed a deep sensitivity to others. Their sensitivity (whether consciously or unconsciously) has opened their ability to feel into people’s Chakras and energy body and thus connect to them beyond the sheer mental description of their feelings, but rather to the actual lived experience they are sharing.

This is an enormous difference. The latter can serve you in the deepest way. This seeing and communication with your deeper inner world allows them to walk you hand in hand to a safe shore.

It is a gift to be understood

Growing up, spiritually speaking, means the capacity to on the one hand see deeply into ourselves and simultaneously see beyond ourselves and into the depth of another. The reason many relationships don’t last long is because we don’t listen to each other. We also don’t read each other correctly. But how can we read another correctly if we don’t even read ourselves correctly? Many people have told me over the years that they don’t know what’s going on inside them. This is one of the sources of suffering. It is a deep disconnection.

It is of utmost importance to develop spiritually speaking and be able to listen to our Chakras, our energy body and our most subtle whispers from within. By doing so we first of all build a connection to the most precious person we know: Ourselves! Now, the deeper we know ourselves, the deeper we get clear on what’s actually going on, the deeper we can see exactly the same in others. And what a marvel it is when we can be intimate and close to ourselves and others. It is a rare gift.

How can you Develop Your Sensitivity to Chakras?

To cut straight to the point, I’d say: Meditate! Meditation is the best tool to develop sensitivity to yours and other’s Chakras and inner world in general. There are two main aspects you should develop in your meditation practice when it comes to sensitivity to the Chakras. The first aspect is learning to be in deep silence. The second aspect is the activation of your energy body.

Silence is what allows you to quiet down your inner talk so that you’re truly available to see and listen to yourself or another on a whole deeper level. Through silence you can start to hear the whispers of the inner world and of the energy body and chakras. Activating your energy body through meditation, works directly on stimulating the 7 Chakras and central energy channel (also known as Sushumna in the yogic world). This stimulation activates slowly and gradually the energy body and the Chakras, thus allowing them to come online in your direct experience.

Spiritual Growth is the Key to Happiness

As we meditate regularly and develop our inner world, we can start to live in the world of Oneness, where true intimacy, understanding, friendship and kindness prevail. By reading people’s chakras and assisting them in their spiritual growth and self-understanding I attempt in my own humble way to contribute at least a tiny bit to human happiness.

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