Reading Chakras – How is it done?


We’ve always searched for ways to truly understand what’s going on in a human’s mind and emotions. In this blog post I’ll explain how the Chakras play an irreplaceable role in giving accurate and a deeply trustworthy diagnosis and mapping of what a person is experiencing and how this is actually done.

Chakras – What are they and what role do they play in understanding yourself?

In today’s marketplace you’ll find numerous methods claiming to help people understand, empower and heal themselves. In a time where marketing plays such a major role and is often deceiving, we should learn to find those methods that truly work. As a spiritual teacher and guide who works with people for many years, I’ve come to the conclusion, that if a therapeutic or coaching modality doesn’t start to show concrete results after about 2-3 months, it’s either not a good method, or it’s simply not for you.

My path has led me to choose ways of working with people that simply bypass the mind and leave no space for faking it. Since many of us, consciously or unconsciously hide the truth about ourselves, it can make it very difficult for a guide to provide us with the necessary help. This is why a major part of my work with people relies on Chakras. They simply bypass the mind and lead me directly to the issue at hand.

The Chakras are energetic centers that run along the center of your body from the perineum area all the way to the tip of your head. Together they form an energetic spine. There are 7 major chakras and each Chakra corresponds with and is responsible for a whole major aspect in your human life.

How do the Chakras Bypass the Mind?

Generally speaking, our mind is made of thoughts, emotions, memories and interpretations. It can be a beautiful tool when used wisely. However, most of us are way too entangled in our thoughts and identified with our emotions to truly see what’s going on inside of us. It’s not a judgment, just a simple observation. After all, we are all doing our very best. Nevertheless, we have to find a method that can bypass this confusion and lead us directly into the root cause of our problems and challenges.

The Chakras do exactly that.

How you’re asking? Well, the chakras are energetic centers and they exist prior to your thoughts and emotions. Every thought, emotion and experience you have is registered and reflected in your chakras immediately. In other words, while you can verbally try to hide what’s going on inside of you, your Chakras are like an open book, completely transparent. This allows the chakra reader to see your inner reality clearly and directly and therefore be of tremendous help to you.

You are always in touch with your Chakras and Energy Body

Your energy body exists just beyond the physical body and frankly speaking, although it may sound strange to many, all of us are very familiar with our chakras and energy body.

Let me prove that to you.

When you say “I have butterflies in my belly”, you’re definitely not pointing to a physical phenomenon, yet this feeling of excitement and romance is felt in your lower belly. Why? Because that’s where your Sacral (2nd) Chakra is found which deals with joy, romance, excitement and more.

When you say “I mean it from the bottom of my heart” or “I’m totally heart broken”, you’re definitely not pointing to a physical phenomenon, however these feelings of “meaning it” and of being heart broken are clearly felt in the heart area. How come? Because that’s exactly where your Heart (4th) Chakra resides which deals with issues of meaning, love, relationships and more.

When you see a painting of a person who has a brilliant new inspirational insight, you always see a light bulb shining above their head. How come? Why don’t we draw the light bulb on the feet, on the ears or the hands? It’s very simple: because on the tip of our head and slightly above the Crown (7th) Chakra is located, and it deals with spiritual inspiration, insight and understanding.

As you can see, whether you’re aware of it or not, you are always in touch with your Chakras and Energy Body totally instinctually and intuitively.

How is a Chakra Reading done?

Accessing a person’s energy body and reading their chakras demands training and a refined sensitivity. This is what I teach in my 9-Week Chakra Reading Mastery Program. Now that you saw how we’re all in touch with our chakras and energy bodies, it probably makes more sense to believe that you can access them.

The process of accessing your own or another person’s chakras, is simply a matter of entering a state of deeper silence through meditation and then setting the intention to feel the chakras. Meditation and silence allows your perception to become more subtle and sensitive and in that subtle state you can perceive the inner world of energy.

As you enter that state, simply think of an issue you’ve been dealing with for quite a while, a certain challenge perhaps. Then listen carefully to your chakras and see which one you sense most strongly. Avoid manipulating the process and trust that the chakras will show themselves to you simply through you being silent and intent on inquiring deeper into a certain issue.

Learning how to read Chakras for yourself and others is more than a helpful skill, but also an evolutionary path to spiritual awakening and inner transformation. The more masterful you become in understanding and working with your chakras intelligently, you will find centerdness, wisdom and clarity you’ve never known before.

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