Kundalini – The Spiritual Purifier

 Spirituality is by definition – Life Changing

Once the Kundalini is awakened in oneself a profound process of Spiritual Unfoldment and deep Purification and Refining starts taking place. In our times there is the fantastic advantage of access to teachers, books and seminars about Spirituality. But there’s also a big problem the authentic Lover of Truth faces: how to discriminate between Authentic Spirituality and In-Authentic Spirituality.

The real spiritual process is totally life changing. You cannot go through it and remain the same. Some people claim they had an awakening but they are still the same old Joe with the same old habits. In other words, they claim to know something of real value within but to not live it out in any way. This is the first signpost of In-Authentic spirituality.

When I say “In-Authentic” I’m not implying a moral judgment, but rather pointing at the motivation that moves people into and through the spiritual path. Very often the motivation is not Love of Truth and God but rather a limited motivation to achieve some nice feel-good state for one’s own sake. It’s all ok, but this can only take you so far.

How deep is your Motivation?

Loving the Truth means that you Love something that’s forever bigger than you, something that forever pulls you beyond your current limitations into a greater and greater refinement. Now let’s go back to the Kundalini. When the Kundalini awakens and starts flowing through your Sushumna (Central Energy Channel) it literally awakens you to the Living Truth of God, Life, Love and Oneness. It informs you with the Truth again and again until you fully merge with it and live it in full coherence.

The Kundalini, or spiritualizing force, has a distinct purifying effect. It literally makes you purer and purer. In practical terms that means that over time you will inevitably find yourself becoming less violent, abundant with love, more joyful, less aggressive, undivided, having clarity of will and intention, a natural wish to be of service, seeing that which unites us all and an embrace of all dimensions of life to the exclusion of none. These are just a few of the many effects of the Kundalini’s sacred work.

In other words, the authentic spiritual process in essence Has To Do with becoming pure, embodying the Pure Light of Consciousness in: Action, Words, Thoughts and Behavior. It calls you to break the separation between inner and outer so that whatever Truth is revealed inside is immediately expressed outside as well. That is the real process of a making of a real Master.

Spiritual Bypassing

The spiritual process cannot be diminished to just a recognition of some state that is disconnected from any actual palpable effects on one’s entire Being and Becoming. That is simply called: Spiritual Bypassing. It is oftentimes motivated by a wish to gain power or as stated already above – a limited motivation for some degree of rest.

The Kundalini is an inevitable and inherent part of the spiritual process of En-LIGHT-enment. Look deeply into all ancient traditions of enlightenment and you will find a reference to it: from the Hindu, to the Jewish, the Egyptian, African etc.

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