Core Student Group

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Tom’s core student group is a space for profound Spiritual Awakening and Maturation. The group is made up of people who chose to put Truth and Spiritual Growth at their top priority. We study both the knowledge of inner transformation and practice deeply to make it our own experience and solid realization.

The group meets once a week with Tom in order to continuously nourish, cultivate and grow in spiritual depth, realization and fulfillment.

Being part of the core group requires an honest and deep dedication to Truth and Self-Realization. This is not a group for anyone who searches for quick-fixes. Rather, it is designed to build, shape and mold the very depth of what you are into an ever-fuller, ever more refined flowering of your entire Being and Soul.

Like any serious endeavor, this requires sincere and honest dedication, love of truth and intelligent self-effort.


Joining the core student group

  • Read the following texts


  • Read through Tom's Teaching to get acquainted with the path.

  • Meet Tom for a private session (via Video Skype or in person)

Learn more about the private session here.

  • Join the group for a 3-month trial period

After completing these three stages and after the 3-month trial period in the Core Group, you can have a real experience of the teaching and the group, and decide together with Tom whether the group fits you and you fit the group.


The Advantage of an Intimate Group

Tom works with a small and intimate group of students. This allows for each one to receive Tom’s full attention during group meetings and in between if needed. This form of intimacy enables to address the subtle and delicate processes that each student goes through. Such a personal attendance isn’t possible in big formats with a huge crowd.


If you would like to join please complete steps 1 and 2 first, and then:

Contact Tom Directly