Spiritual Friends – a Necessity on the Path

Spiritual Friends

One of the most precious assets you can have is spiritual friends on the spiritual path. Good friends in general is a rare gift, but true spiritual friends is even rarer. These friends are not only there for you on the surface level of your Being but there to support your full flowering on all levels. This kind of friendship is of most sacred value.

The Sacred Value of Spiritual Friends

To walk the spiritual path is one of the rarest things on this earth. It is sacred and if you are on it consider yourself lucky and blessed. But if you have true friends who walk this path with you, consider yourself the luckiest. When you meet your true spiritual friends on the path, in many ways it is like meeting a Soul Family. These people will accompany you through the brightest of discoveries and through the darkest nights. Friends are usually attracted to each other based on some common denominator. In this case it is the highest and most refined one – Love of Truth.

As you tread the spiritual path with honesty and depth, you will increasingly meet yourself for better or worse. You will come to see you brightest light and deepest shadow. You will open and change profoundly. So many anchors you had in your life will be dismantled, people will very often misunderstand you and family not necessarily approve of your choices. You’ll come to see dimensions of yourself that are touching and precious beyond measure. This path of core transformation is the most intimate and subtle and as such also moves you most. It can get at times disorienting. Friends are needed.

What Makes One a Spiritual Friend?

Spiritual friends first and foremost are dedicated to the Truth within themselves. Because of that they are dedicated to the very same within you. To have such a dedication is of the most delicate and subtle form of care. Your friends will have deep compassion for you, support you in the deepest way. They will also challenge you to be as honest as possible with yourself because they know it’s the only way to be Free and Realized. The advantage of spiritual friends is that they meet you eye level. They walk the path together with you. This is an important and complementary element next to the spiritual teacher. The teacher is your guide and is much more advanced than you on the path. Therefore there is a natural distance. Just like a 20 year old would have from a 5 year old.

With your spiritual friends you can share everything – your deepest insights and more intimate difficulties. They will support you and encourage you to always go on, never give up, no matter what.

Spiritual Friends Share an Energy Field

The connection built between the core spiritual friends is of the finest frequency of light and love. Together with the spiritual teacher it is like a real family. A family of light. The teacher imbues the students with greater and greater light and their vessels grow bigger, stronger and more mature. They start holding and conducting the light themselves. Then as they meet together, they can activate this field of light for their further Spiritual Evolution. There is a very powerful energy field that is created amongst spiritual friends and it works even without physical connection.

The more conscious you grow with your friends, the stronger the energy field between you. Then a miracle occurs. Even when you’re apart physically, whatever one of you does affects all. This is great news. It means that every spiritual breakthrough, every leap, every genuine self-effort, affects all your friends. You are not working alone. You have real backup. It also gives you the sense of responsibility for all the others. One for all and all for one.

The Power of a Group

There are two occasions when a practice can go very deep. One is when the students are with their spiritual teacher. The other is when they meet as a group. Spiritual friends function also as a power station and can generate incredible spiritual energy together. They can sore high, move deep and create breakthroughs together. What a blessing that is. When each friend is evolved and mature enough individually, then the meetings become even more splendid. This is a real Cosmic Party!

It becomes such a joy to meet your friends because there is literally no limit to your light together. You start living in Heaven together. You lift each other ever higher into the sublime spheres of Divine Life. There is nothing more beautiful than this. Nothing more precious.

Mutual Integration

Along the spiritual path you will go through many profound changes. These changes will need to be integrated into your life on all levels. This process is delicate and never happens overnight. It takes a lot of sensitivity, care, wisdom and dedication to integrate ever growing depth of realization into one’s life. Spiritual friends can and should help each other bring about this ongoing integration. Their simultaneous dealing with similar issues can quicken their integration processes and make them easier. It is beneficial to meet often and share wisdom, inquire together and become deeply bonded and intimate. This will remain a blessing for your entire life and beyond.

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