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The main premise of Tom’s teaching is that the process of Spiritual Growth, Awakening and Enlightenment is both endless and multi-dimensional. Awakening and Enlightenment are an ever-expanding discovery. What you know about your Self and Source today will deepen and refine itself tomorrow.


The process of learning never ends.


It is fundamental to always bridge between one’s growing inner realization to one’s manifestation on all levels. Inner and outer should become one. This is the meaning of true Integrity.


The 5 Dimensions of Spiritual Awakening:

All dimensions should be awakened in order to accomplish a complete awakening (complete – not final!). Together, these dimensions form a holistic Body of Wisdom and one emerges as a complete human being.

The order and depth of awakening into the 5 dimensions of being differs from person to person. All dimensions interpenetrate each other and are in reality inseparable. The order presented above is simply for convenience and doesn’t represent a linear process.

Spiritual growth is a dynamic and intelligent process and you should always stay involved in heart and mind with the process. Always listen openly and wisely to your dynamic unfoldment.

The deeper, higher and subtler the process becomes, only your inner wisdom will guide you to the next step of your endless flowering and unfoldment.



– is the dimension of our sense of wakeful intelligence. It is experienced as Pure Light filled with intelligence. It fills the entire scope of existence. Generally speaking, it is experienced in the Head-Space.


– is the dimension of profound rest and deep aliveness and nourishment. It is perceived as a total stopping and receding from sense and object-perception. It is accessed through non-doing and is felt as a deep rest in the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.



– is the most primordial layer of our existence and is perceived as absolute reality, a singularity before all dimensions. It includes everything encapsuled as total Oneness and absolute Formless Love. This is the ultimate undivided reality before any movement of creation. The portal to Source is through merging through the Crown Chakra into the beyond.

The Heart

– is the dimension of Divine Beauty, Splendor, Love and Oneness. It is where the deepest meaning is experienced and where we feel at home. This is the portal to the Soul. In the heart we experience how all dimensions make sense as one whole. Duality and Non-Duality meet and coexist in total harmony.

The energetic body

– is the dimension of our subtle light-body. It includes the 7 Chakras, the Central Channel and the Kundalini energy. This energetic body is a conduit of spiritual light and grows and opens as we grow. It is our Spiritual Body.

The Core Motivations

Love of Truth


Purity of Heart

At the heart of the spiritual path lies the genuine Love of Truth. Loving what is true more than anything else leads to a profound Honesty and Purity of Heart. Time and again you'll choose the Truth over your superficial self which is made of memories, beliefs, opinions, hang-ups, psychological narratives, thoughts and emotions. One starts to gravitate towards the Core Truth of one’s Being and Soul and beyond the superficial self.

This heart-based gravitational pull produces such a depth of honesty and purity of heart that spiritual awakening shines in its most refined beauty without the distortion of selfish motivations.

Honesty is one’s most reliable compass on the path to complete Self-Realization.


Forging a Spiritual Character

Your character matters very much. It is the vessel through which ever-deeper, ever more refined enlightenment is expressed and manifested. Your character should be forged in the fires of true virtue. One should continuously work on building a spiritual character. This includes developing qualities such as:

Kindness, Generosity of Heart, Courage, Self-Humor, Honesty, Sensitivity, Intelligent Self-Effort, Solid Willpower, Self-Discipline, True Caring and Service to Others.

A character forged in this purity, becomes a reliable vessel for the Supreme Light to flow. Such a character becomes a pure vessel and enables the manifestation of Light with a high level of sensitivity, care for the benefit of all and profound integrity.

The Purpose of the Spiritual Path

According to Tom’s teaching the spiritual path is meant to embrace both Individual and Universal fulfillment. On the individual level, the Soul is freed into ever-growing levels of completeness. On the universal level, the Soul becomes an instrument of a greater reality and participates in divine creation by manifesting the divine plan in form. We are simultaneously freed to be ourselves and to not belong to ourselves anymore.

Our role as ever-growing realized beings is to create a reality that reflects the subtler frequencies of Divine Existence.

We reach completeness and deep self-sufficiency and are simultaneously compelled to be creators of a bright future for humanity with an infinite horizon. We give birth to the Cosmic Human both in essence and in Civilization.


Spiritual Practice

Spiritual practice is of profound importance. Nothing of real value is achieved without genuine practice. Practice makes perfect. What you practice you become. One should practice with the spirit of joy, honesty and love of growth. Spiritual practice never ends – not before and not after awakening or enlightenment. There’s always further growth, depth and refinement. Nevertheless there is always simultaneously completeness at any moment.

Therefore a practice should be rooted in the moment and not as an expectation for a better future. Practice with deep ease and solid determination. In each moment enjoy a sense of completeness while simultaneously allowing this completeness to expand and grow.

Practice with intelligence, wisdom and heart-involvement. You make the practice work, not the other way round.

Progression on the Spiritual Path

As you progress along the spiritual path, you become less and less a personal being and more of a universal being. Less of a somebody special, but rather more empty of separation. There's a deepening shift from you being the center of life, to life being and living itself through your body, without a center. The personal you doesn't completely disappear but is rather deeply refined and integrated in a much vaster reality to which it now lovingly belongs.

Some general signposts of real spiritual progress are:

1. Remaning in equilibrium both in times of turbulence and joy.

2. Acting in a way that reflects less separation and more all-inclusiveness.

3. Openness of Heart and Mind.

4. Taking things (events, people, insults etc) lightly and moving on more swiftly.

5. Less concepts of how things "should be" and more openness to how they actually are.

6. Much more natural giving, service and caring for others.

7. Feeling you are less and less a fixed center and as such having less self-importance.

8. A growing sense of ever-present Silence at the core of your being.

These signposts are here to give you a general indication you're on the right path and not deceiving yourself with egoic pride and self-aggrandization in the guise of spiritual experience and growth. Nevertheless there are many more signposts, so remember to stay open and sensitive.


Practicing the Teaching

If this teaching resonates with you and you have a genuine calling to embark on a deep spiritual path, read more about taking Spiritual Awakening 1 on 1 Guidance directly with Tom and/or joining Tom’s Spiritual Practice Group.