Spiritual Growth is the Only Answer

Spiritual Growth

There is only one way to find total fulfillment. It is through genuine spiritual growth. Nothing in this world, no experience, no relationship, no amount of money or success will quench our Soul. Not even fulfilling our dreams. Only through spiritual growth will you be able to nourish deeply and fully your True Self. That’s the only way to touch the deepest within you, the most subtle, the very core of cores.

Substituting Spiritual Growth

There’s no human on this planet that isn’t deeply wishing for fulfillment. This can be a conscious or an unconscious wish, but the drive is there. This profound and inherent wish for fulfillment moves our entire lives. It is what makes us strive, fight, create, invent, love, hate, identify with people, places, religions or nations. It’s what ignites our ambition and motivation for life and for achieving ever greater things. The problem is that we are always looking for fulfillment in all the wrong places. Instead of getting to the root and source of fulfillment we are trying to hold on to crumbs of fulfillment and gather more of them. It’s like we’re always trying to lick a bread in order to satiate our hunger instead of eating it. This is bound to fail.

Spiritual growth is the Royal Path, the only answer to our deepest questions and need for fulfillment. How come? Because it directly deals with the deepest parts in us that call for fulfillment. Because we are sense-oriented and therefore externalize our awareness we forget where real fulfillment lies. As we deepen into authentic spiritual growth what we come to see is that what we really want is to realize what we really are and be able to live that. We come to see that what we really are encapsulates everything that is precious.

The Only Way to Fulfillment

Spiritual growth is the real meaning of life. Even when we think we are not on a spiritual path, this isn’t possible. All life is a spiritual path and all life aspires to grow to know itself. Consciously stepping into the path of spiritual growth, is when we finally align with the real order of things. Until then we’re playing games. It’s crucial that we grow up and see that it is only in our depth that total fulfillment is found. Only by means of spiritual growth can we start to open up to the heights and depths of the miracle that we are in essence. As we deepen into that we fulfill the Soul’s deepest longing which is to know itself and embody itself.

The Soul is one with life. It is one with the purpose of life. As long as we try to search for fulfillment in the outer world we will always find a fragmented and fleeting fulfillment. This world is beautiful, there’s no denial of that. But this world is an extension of our Being and Soul. It is the outermost layer of a rich and unified inner world. To draw from the well of fulfillment we have to go deep within and realize what we really are.

Self-Realization is Life’s Purpose

This life is so short and yet the vast majority of us live it completely disconnected from its actual purpose and meaning. This is why we see an unhappy humanity. Even the most creative and successful people are unhappy. How come? Because they (we) are not putting Spiritual Growth at top priority. So long as we don’t do that, we will continue collecting crumbs of happiness, tiny moments of fulfillment. We will always continue feeling empty and lacking within. That’s not a matter of opinion or preference. That’s the law of life.

Life is about growth and maturation. The more we mature, the more we take ourselves seriously, the happier we are. If you want true happiness, total happiness, there is no other way than dedicating yourself to spiritual growth and self-realization. You must invest all your energy into discovering and giving birth to what you really are.

Owning Your Spiritual Growth

It is so important that you come to a point of full honesty with yourself. To a place where you are totally clear with yourself about what really matters. You have to choose Spiritual Growth if you want to fulfill your purpose in a physical body. You must own your Knowing of what’s most important and do everything to live it 100% percent. There will be prices to pay, and like a knight, you should pay them with honor. Because there’s nothing more beautiful and worthwhile than to pay the price for what is True, Real and Meaningful. Grow up. Become a real adult. Not just in body, but in soul and spirit. Forget about following the herd, about what your friends and family expect of you. Live according to the truth of your Being.

Never wait for someone else to save you or to tell you what’s it all about. Own your Knowing. Back it up fully and completely. Step into true spiritual growth. Admit that you know that this is where the answer to all you ever wanted lies. Appreciate the opportunity you’ve been given by living in a physical body. It is precious beyond measure. Don’t waste it.

Full Dedication to the Truth Within

There are no shortcuts in real spiritual growth. You must do what it takes and go all the way and never stop. There’s no magic pill. The responsibility is yours and yours alone. Dedication doesn’t imply burden. That’ll be a dire misunderstanding. Dedication to spiritual growth, to the truth, means you recognize truth as the most valuable asset and so you naturally and wholeheartedly give all of you to it. You love it and therefore you invest all your energy in it. It is a love affair, not a burden.

The amazing thing is that we all love the truth within. We can’t help but loving it because it is who and what we are. And why should we ever want quick-fixes when it comes to our very own Self? What you are is the real gold of life and your purpose is to live for it. It is a love affair for life.

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