Meditation – The Secret Way to Happiness


Why is Meditation becoming so widely popular these days? How come it is exponentially growing, not only amongst monks and spiritual practitioners, but among business men and women, great corporations and even as direct recommendations from conventional doctors?

Meditation – The Remedy of Silence

For thousands of years meditation has been part and parcel of every serious spiritual tradition and religious practice. From Buddhism, Yoga, Hinduism, to Judaism, Sufism and Christianity – meditation is found to be central in them all. So what is meditation? Is it just a boring silent sitting, where one closes their eyes and nothing happens? Is it a stagnant and life-denying practice? Do meditators become aloof and alienated from material life?

Meditation is a natural state of being, vivid, complete, peaceful and joyful. It is discovered when our attention is withdrawing from its constant occupation with the “content”of life (i.e objects, feelings, memories, thoughts etc.) and simply rests in its natural state of expanse. Our Awareness/Attention is for the most part conditioned to narrow itself down and be obsessively concerned with “things” instead of enjoying the natural state of inner vastness and freedom.

Through the repeated practice of Meditation, we gradually learn how to give less and less importance to the “content”of life and create a balance by giving sufficient importance to the “no-content”of life. In other words, we learn to become deeply silent and still.

Meditation is for intelligent people

It is pretty amusing to see how childish our perception of meditation and spirituality is. Many think that being spiritual and taking on the practice of meditation means being a “Hippie” or that one needs to wear loose Indian clothes, have long hugs and awkward eye-gazes. When I hear people claim these conclusions, I don’t know whether I should cry or laugh. On the one hand it is funny as it cannot be further away from the Truth of Meditation. On the other hand, realizing what a distorted perception has been created about meditation, makes me deeply sad.

Meditation, the one practice that brings sanity, common sense, tranquility, equilibrium, harmony, wisdom, a loving heart and so much more, a practice that is our salvation, has become a target of ridicule and misunderstanding.

As a matter of fact, meditation is for deeply intelligent people. No Indian clothes, nor special words like “Namaste” or even becoming vegetarian will help you unless you put your heart and mind into meditation. It is meant for serious people who truly wish to access the very depth and core of their Multi-Dimensional Being, free themselves of age-old conditioning, overcome their own hang-ups and breathe the fresh air of Peace and Joy.

What are the benefits of Meditation?

Fortunately more and more scientific researches are emerging with the solid conviction that meditation is not some hoax but rather a deeply beneficial practice on many many levels. This is why we see it embraced and adopted by the CEO, the doctor and the spiritual practitioner alike. It is simply a universal practice that anyone can follow regardless of race, social status, sexual orientation or any other criterion.

The benefits of meditation are manifold and like any other practice, the more time and commitment is given to it, the deeper and all-encompassing are the benefits. Here are some of the benefits of Meditation:

  1. Ability to calm one’s thoughts and emotions and enjoy true relaxation.
  2. Access to deeper insight that can give one answers for significant questions.
  3. Solid sense of centeredness that remains stable even in turbulent times.
  4. Development of the subtle perception that allows one to feel the energetic
    dimension of life and people, thus allowing a deeper understanding of where
    people are truly coming from.
  5. Refinement of one’s character and personality: more compassion, sensitivity, patience
    and honesty.
  6. Profound spiritual growth that frees one from the sense of limitations and gives
    deep insight into the laws and nature of Reality and the Universe.

I could have written easily 10 more benefits, but for the sake of keeping this blog post easily readable I left it with 6 benefits. There is no human on this planet that could not benefit profoundly from these exquisite benefits.

How should I learn Meditation?

The advantage of our time is that one doesn’t need to travel to the far mountains of the East in order to find a meditation class or teacher. They are available in plenty. However, the disadvantage of our time is that due to the marketing/success oriented conditioning, people with very little (or no) qualification and experience claim to teach meditation. This makes it hard to find a truly good, ripe and experienced teacher that can lead us into the very heart of meditation and help our practice bear nourishing fruit.

The best way to find a good teaching and teacher is always to have a pure intention of learning the very purest, truest form of meditation. Our heart’s intention is what attracts people and situations into our life. So if you are serious and sincere, you will find the right teacher and teaching.

After years of teaching individuals and guiding meditation groups, I’ve realized just how important it is to provide a setting where sincere lovers of Meditation can truly learn the accurate secrets that lead one to practice it deeply and correctly. For this reason I give 1-on-1 guidance that takes one on a journey of discovery into the real experience of meditation and activation of one’s deepest potentials. In this intimate and empowering setting, one not only gets the experience, but the right understanding and a set of meditations one can use in everyday life simply and easily.

Hopefully, my personally-tailored 1-on-1 guidance will be one of the pillars that stand for the true and pure power of meditation and will supply a reliable teaching for sincere seekers of Freedom, Joy, Peace and Growth.

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  1. Hello! I am a humble practitioner of Mindfulness (just focusing on breath and going back to it when attention is lost). I really liked your article, and it fuels my wish to keep practising daily! Have a super happy life, Namaste _ /\ _

    1. Post

      Dear Federico, that is wonderful to hear! Keep practicing and you will see results that will revolutionize your entire life and being. 🙂

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