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Name Meaning

In the mystical sciences a name is much more than just a random bundle of letters. It has profound significance and in it are hidden many secrets about who you are and what’s your destiny. In this blog post we’ll look together into the beauty of your name meaning. Perhaps you will discover that your name was after all not given by chance.

Penetrating your Name Meaning

In numerology when we speak about the meaning of a name, it is important that we understand that each letter has a numerical value. Each number symbolizes a specific quality, a trait, an energy available to you. The vowels in your name have specific meaning and so do the consonants. A name has its unique energy. Think about businesses and much effort goes into finding just the right name! A name has an impact. It leaves a very powerful imprint on the listener as well as the bearer of the name.

To understand your specific name meaning we have to look into these different factors. But to truly understand what’s hidden in your name, we’ll have to go back to your full name at birth. Yes I know…some of you perhaps don’t feel connected to it or maybe even changed it. But when your soul chose your name it did it in alignment with universal intelligence. Therefore we have to go back to the original blueprint to understand your destiny and inner qualities.

The 3 Ways of Interpreting Your Name

In this blog post we’ll cover 3 ways of looking into your name meaning:

1. Your full name (first , middle and last names) – Your full name when translated into numbers and reduced to a single digit shows a big deal about your talents, skills and destiny in life.

2. The vowels – reducing the vowels in your full name to a single digit reveals your deepest urges and dreams.

3. The consonants – reducing the consonants in your full name to a single digit reveals your most immediate personality and the way you show yourself to the world.

Your Full Name Meaning

Your full name reduced to a single digit is of tremendous importance for understanding who you are. It tells you what are your strongest talents and skills in navigating life and dealing with manifesting yourself in the world. It is the way you bring yourself into expression. Therefore it is also called: The expression number.

Very often it will show you what career attracts you and also what capacities you have to bring into it. Say your full name reduces to a 2 single digit. In such a case you are great in team work, a wonderful listener and a good mediator. You’re sensitive to people and their needs and can negotiate very well. At the same time the 2 doesn’t function well under pressure and needs a supportive environment. Just from this little piece of input you can deduce different kinds of matching and unmatching careers.


J i m H i l l s
19 4 8 9 3 3 1 = 1+9+4+8+9+3+3+1 = 38 = 11 = 2

R o b e r t J o n e s
9 6 2 5 9 2 1 6 5 5 1 = 9+6+2+5+9+2+1+6+5+5+1 = 51 = 6

In the case of Robert Jones, the name meaning in full is 6. Number 6 represents a generous and very giving person by nature. This person will be inclined to always take care of others and put them before himself. Robert has a nurturing capacity and is wonderful at taking responsibility for himself but also for others. He’s a natural parent. This makes him a wonderful manager, therapist and educator. Simply a man that works for the good of a group. He’ll need to be in a space where he can give and contribute something.

Your Vowels Meaning

The vowels reduced to a single digit represent your deepest urges, dreams and visions for yourself. This is why it’s called the Soul Urge number. It oftentimes shows what motivates a person, what they want to become. Again this can be an important hint as to their career choice – but not only. It can be a big determining factor as to the direction you will take your life. It is the “Where to” of your life. You have you capacities in your Expression Number but the Soul Urge shows where you want to take them. Who you want to become.

Let’s check that with our names from before:

J i m H i l l s
9(i) 9(i) = 9 + 9 = 18 = 9

R o b e r t J o n e s
6(o) 5(e) 6(o) 5(e) = 6+5+6+5 = 22 = 4 (There’s a 22 Master Number here but in this blog post we’ll not go deeply into it)

Jim who has a 2 Expression Number (very gentle and mild) has a 9 Soul Urge number (very idealistic and brave). This means that although Jim’s capacities lie in cooperation, tact, diplomacy and mediation, he’d like to direct these capacities towards idealistic ends. He’s like to see a better world, justice, and to help the masses. He’ll need to find a way to harness his sensitivity into idealistic ends.

Robert on the other hand has a 6 Expression Number (very loving, emotional and soft hearted) but a 4 Soul Urge (Organized, Cautious and Practical). In his case he’ll need to find a way to harness his generosity of heart and emotional skills to achieve something practical, visible, useful and concrete (number 4).

As you can see the name meaning opens more and more insight into what motivates the person and what they are meant to be. Let’s move to our last component.

Your Consonants Meaning

Last but not least, to understand you name meaning you’ll need to reduce your consonants into a single digit. This will tell you who you show yourself to be on the outside. It’s your persona. Not the deepest you necessarily, but the outer you. This is why this is called the Personality Number. This is very often the first impression you make on others, a certain social skill but also a coping mechanism with society. The personality number shows how you deal with new encounters, strangers and people before things go deep and intimate. Let’s again look at Jim and Robert:

J i m H i l l s
1(j) 4(m) 8(h) 3(l) 3(l) 1(s) = 1+4+8+3+3+2 = 22 = 4

R o b e r t J o n e s
9(r) 2(b) 9(r) 2(t) 1(j) 5(n) 1(s) = 9+2+9+2+1+5+1 = 29 = 11= 2

Jim we can see likes to appear as a serious, organized and practical person to the outside. It may not necessarily be who he really is deep inside. But that’s the impression he likes to make and his way to give a first impression. This is represented by number 4.

Robert on the other hand loves to appear gentle, accepting, accommodating and considerate . This is represented by the 2. Again, this may not represent who he is deep inside but it’s a way and skill to navigate in the world.

And although the Personality Number doesn’t represent our depth it is still a very powerful tool we have. It’s a skill in social situations and a way to reach people.

Name Meaning – Conclusion

As you can see, using only the letters in your full name, so much information can be extracted from it. Your name meaning is deep and affects your entire life – from birth to death. It shows much more than has been shown in this post. Some of the additional aspects I’ll most probably write about in future posts, but the subtleties will be left for those who want to study numerology. Try to check this out on yourself, your family and friends. You will very soon see that nothing is random. Nothing happens by accident. Your name meaning holds the secret to who you are and what you are meant to be. Learn it wisely.

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