What if All Tomorrow’s End? Time to Wake Up!

Wake up

The greatest illusion we have is the illusion of tomorrow. We avoid facing the amazing truth of our being and existence as long as we can. We are afraid to wake up. That’s at least what we were conditioned to as a collective. But the price is heavy. It costs us our happiness, sense of meaning and the deepest form of fulfillment. What would it take for us to agree to wake up and face ourselves? What would happen if all tomorrows die?

You Can Only Wake Up Today

When we wake up from our night sleep, it is always today. We never wake up tomorrow. And there is something very revealing about this fact. It tells us that if we want to wake up, from the deeper sleep of consciousness, it can only happen today, not tomorrow, not later when we’re old, not after pension. Today. Today is the day. In fact, every moment of Truth is always today. Take for example a moment where you want to tell someone you truly love them. You might find is scary, intimidating or hard and initially procrastinate. But once you summon the courage to be honest and transparent, the moment will come where you’ll be standing there and expressing your true love. And that moment will be today. All moments of Truth are today.

Running Away From What We Love

We have cultivated a very strange culture throughout the ages, a culture that runs away as much as possible from that which is most precious and good. A culture that distracts itself intensely, only not to sense what’s touching, real and beautiful. I could go on with my own assumptions as for the origin and reason for this tendency, but that’s maybe for another article. The bottom line is, we are conditioned to block what’s real and good and focus on what’s unnecessary and meaningless. To wake up means to agree to open our eyes to that which has true value in our life: Love, Truth and Wisdom. But because we were conditioned to push it away, we always procrastinate for tomorrow. We procrastinate saying “I love you”, we procrastinate sitting for meditation although we know it’s good for us; we procrastinate saying I’m sorry although we know that’s the right thing to do and the gateway to love and freedom.

We procrastinate again and again as if there are endless tomorrows, endless time. But if we are honest, we know there isn’t. Time flies by, and before to long it’s too late. That ship has sailed.

Why Waking Up Is The Most Precious Thing

The only thing that will make us change this habit of procrastination to a non-existing tomorrow is realizing for ourselves that to wake up is the door to all that is good, beautiful and precious. We must come to see and admit that a life without awareness to the subtle layers of our Being and Soul, a life motivated by egoic impulses, is an unhappy and empty life. As we start to wake up to what’s beyond the ego, beyond the physical form, to the subtle wisdom, silence and love that we are, we realize that right here, right now, what we are is the treasure we’ve always been looking for. As we wake up, we realize that all our alcohol, excessive partying, excessive sex, need to be rich and gain status in the world, are all extremely poor substitutes to the real deal: our own very awakened being. That’s the only place where wholeness and contentment lie.

Giving Up Fake Happiness & The Courage to Wake Up

So we are left with a simple yet life changing question: Are you willing to drop all your fake distractions and egoic pseudo-happiness? Are you willing to wake up beyond the fog and see the bright sun of your being? In other words: are you willing to discover true meaning, value and happiness? The only price you’ll need to pay is to abandon your investment in fakeness – yes, that fakeness that gives you a temporary egoic kick when you share with others your prestigious degree or high position in your company, while inside you feel dead and desperate. You’ll need to give this pretense up. But what you’ll gain is yourself – the living being behind the images and lies. A being that is made of Love, Light, Wisdom and Openness. This is what it means to wake up. It is surprisingly simple and all it takes is admitting the simple truth to ourselves.

So remember, better admit the simple truth today, because this is the only day you have. Nobody promises you that tomorrow will come. And even if it comes, it’ll be your today. You can’t escape today – that’s your only existential moment. All others are in your thoughts. So wake up. Wake up today. Drop all pretenses, be honest and start living the life you were truly destined to – not by society, but by Life itself.


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