Inner Clarity – Rising into the Light

Inner Clarity

Most of humanity lives under thick clouds of fog and confusion, unable to see reality clearly. These clouds obscure the pure and beautiful nature of reality that is experienced as inner clarity. The vast majority of people on earth will never taste even once in their lifetime the sublime taste of the Light of clarity. But for the lover of Truth there’s the possibility of awakening to a dimension of Being far more subtle then the fog of the mind. Let us explore this dimension.

The Subtle Field of Inner Clarity

Clarity contrary to what one may think is not about understanding things correctly. It also isn’t about having the right information about a certain subject. Inner clarity is a state of being that can only be reached by awakening the subtle fields of consciousness. It is a vibratory field in which confusion does not exist. To rise into the field of inner clarity you need to practice meditation in order to be able to pierce through the dense veil of mind fog. This mind fog is the normal state of humanity as a collective and because of that it demands a lot of self dedication and determination to go beyond it. But it is absolutely possible. The important thing to remember here is that clarity is a state of being and not a state of thinking.

Rising into the Light of Clarity

After a while of regular meditation practice you will start to feel how your energy flows upwards. A very profound silence will reveal itself within you. As you progress you’ll start noticing that you are moving into ever finer, subtler inner states. At one point you’ll enter a sphere of inner clarity. It is unmistakable. It literally feels like a clear blue sky in a bright sunny day. It’s not that you suddenly know everything. On the contrary – suddenly all the clouds are gone and you can see without any fog. It’s a wonderful and refreshing feeling. Meditating regularly will make you sensitive to the fact that you’re in fact touching on a layer of Light. This light is very real and is much more fundamental to your being than the noise you’ve gotten used to. It is the light of consciousness.

Inner Clarity – The End of all Problems

Upon entering the light of inner clarity you’ll be astonished by the sublime experience of it. All of a sudden you’ll feel as if there are no problems whatsoever. All your worries and fears will vanish. No traumas will be there, no wounds. It will be just you and this bright silence filled with the warm light of inner clarity. And the problems haven’t disappeared because you worked hard to resolve them, but rather because you stepped outside of their sphere altogether. Problems can only exist on a certain level of vibration. A rather dense vibration. As your meditation deepens, you very literally heighten your energetic vibration and gain access into a much more refined dimension of being. In it, problems cannot exist. It is free of divisions, conflicts and inner doubt. It is bright and clear. That’s the blessed space of inner clarity.

Inner Clarity even in the Midst of Adversity

As you become more experienced in your meditation practice and inner attainment, you’ll be able to stay clear even in difficult times. True spiritual practice trains you to be able to apply your meditation skills in trying situations. This is actually great news. It means that even when you feel depression, anxiety, doubt, uncertainty or loss, you can access within you the dimension of inner clarity. You will find that it becomes increasingly easier to access it at all times. It won’t necessarily get rid of your difficulties, but will rather give you a far better space and way to deal with them. Instead of dwelling on a problem for an entire week, you’ll get it over with in 30 minutes. That’s pretty incredible when you think about it. You’ll become much more available for creative participation in life, for service to others and for leading a Dharmic life.

Simply Keep on Practicing

At no point should you give up your meditation practice. If the Dalai Lama at the age of 85 still practices meditation a few hours every day – there’s probably a good reason for it! As a matter of fact it’s important to make meditation as much a natural part of your life as taking a shower and brushing your teeth is. The more you do it, the more refined and stable your inner clarity will be. Meditation is one of those rare things that only get better and better with time. It never gets old or boring. On the contrary. The more you practice, the more rich, interesting and fulfilling it becomes. Stick to it and you will bear the fruit of inner clarity.

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