Trauma Detection through Numerology


Almost every living human being experiences some kind of trauma throughout their life, from very small to very big. These traumas shape our life, behavior and feelings and if they happen early on in life, they are an enormous shaping force. It therefore only makes sense that we should be able to spot them through numerology and help any person gain a deeper understanding into the nature of their trauma, its effects, and how to bring it to a deeper resolution.

Trauma Defined

Traumatic events can appear as a one time event or repeated events. In both cases the event is shocking and unsettling, causing persistent aftereffects. Some of those are denial, shock, fear, problems to sustain relationships, having a hard time settling and grounding in life. Other aftereffects are unpredictable emotions and even physical symptoms like headaches and hair loss. I’m not talking here as a medical expert (since I am not), but I want to give the context for this blog article.

In this article I’m going to focus not on specific traumas, but on the very phenomenon called trauma and how we can spot it in a numerological chart. What are the signs that one has a traumatic personality? How does this affect the person’s life? How can they come to a resolution? This and more we’ll now look into.

Diametrically Opposed Numbers

The most important factor in numerological analysis is understanding the way the numbers interact with one another. Each pair of numbers create a specific story together. Some stories are easier than others. It’s important to understand that no story is either bad or good. It simply is what it is. Every experience is there for us to learn and grow. So are any specific numbers traumatic? The answer is clearly no. However, there are certain number combinations that create a big split in ones inner and outer life and are very often pointing to an early childhood trauma. This is what I’m going to show you now.

Very often you’ll come to see that adjacent numbers such as 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 4 and 5…are diametrically opposed in qualities and character. For example: 1 is the most masculine, decisive, strong-willed number whereas 2 is the most feminine, indecisive, gentle number.

Another example: 4 is the most orderly, self-controlled and reliable number whereas 5 is the most free, uncommitted and unreliable number.

Now, imagine that one of these adjacent and diametrically opposed numbers appear in a person’s chart. What does that cause? Well, simply put, it causes a great inner split, or in other words a trauma.

Pulled in Opposing Directions

When I’m pulled into very opposing directions by opposing numbers such as 1 and 2 or 4 and 5, it is because something about my parents, family, surroundings was very difficult for me, causing a big conflict. This is very often an unconscious trauma. Take 1 and 2 as an example. Number 1 represents the father figure and number 2 the mother. If both numbers appear in one’s core numbers (especially Life Path, Expression or Soul Urge numbers), it can very well show there was either a very troublesome relationship between the parents. Sometime it even indicates there was a divorce.

The child might have been so conflicted about it, that they feel deeply split and might tend to always fight with decision making and questions of independence for the rest of their life.


Let’s look at another example. When one has number 4, signifying the need for safety, control, routine and stable roots, right next to a 5 that is all about change, adventure and rebelling against the rules – you can only imagine what a difficulty it is to contain both energies in one person. This form of split can very often indicate that the person’s boundaries were disrespected, even physical boundaries (after all numbers 4 and 5 are physical numbers). They wanted to feel safety (4) but it was abruptly taken from them (5). They needed healthy boundaries (4) but these were aggressively crossed (5). It can also work the other way round: they wanted freedom and adventure (5) but were severely suppressed (4).


Can Numerology Help Deal with Trauma?

Now you can probably get an idea of how such opposing numbers create a very difficult childhood experience. Just another quick example: My number 3 wants to be a child, be playful, but very early on I’m forced to be an adult (4). I might be forced to take serious responsibilities (4) very early on, and cannot have a real childhood (3). You get the idea.


Now the question arises: can numerology also show a way out? Can I find some good pointers in my chart for a resolution?

The answer is yes.

But please remember that this is not medical advice! This is only an advice rooted in numerology. This means that this in no way replaces getting professional advice from a psychiatrist, psychologist or any other medical expert. Numerology can however give you some valuable keys to work with these split energies. The idea is to find the common thread that can unite the two opposing numbers. The thread can be tiny – but if it’s there, that’s all you need. A certain quality they both share and can therefore work together towards harmony.

Solutions Through Numerology

Let us get very practical here and give concrete examples. What can be a common quality that unites numbers 4 and 5? Well, their connection to the physical dimension, to the body! That’s pretty fascinating isn’t it? One of the ways for a 4 and 5 combination trauma to heal itself is through working with the body. Finding something to do with their hands, a craft, or some form of physical exercise they enjoy and gives them stability. This way, they slowly unite the 4 and 5 energies, thus creating more harmony and unification inside them.

When we look at 3 and 4, what unifies them is their unique tendency to want to keep things simple. If they learn to not suppress or cancel each other, but allow for simple expression they’re in the right direction. Keeping things easy and practical will make the 3 and 4 meet and find harmony.

When I give numerology readings to clients, what I often do is help them see the trauma in a constructive light. I’ll show them what the conflict is all about and then give them exact keys to harmonize the conflicting numbers. It’s amazing that by keeping things that simple and direct, people often feel much better about their life-long traumas. To me that’s one of the great gifts of numerology.

  • Some of the main ideas presented in this article are based on the discoveries of my numerology teacher – Sharon Ron (Shtibelman), the founder and creator of the Human Body Numerology method.
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  1. What about the numbers 2 and 9 combo which is supposed to be highly toxic. How to heal or help this?

    1. Post

      Dear Nicky, the 2 and 9 combo are many things – but toxic they really aren’t.
      As a matter of fact they are a very kind, sensitive, caring and good-willed combo.

    1. Post

      Dear Tavia, I’m not sure whether you’re asking a general question about numerology books I read or whether you think I used books to write this article. I’ll answer the latter first – I didn’t use any books, only my interpretations. Secondly, if you want to know about some good numerology books – Click Here.

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