The Life Path Number Explained In-Depth

Life Path Number

It’s one thing to know your life path number and another thing to really know what it actually means! Many people can tell you their core number but without a proper understanding of what it actually tells you about yourself and what you should derive from it, it loses much of its strength. In this article I’ll attempt to focus on the meaning of the life path number as a location and won’t talk about the actual numbers. If you want to read about the various meanings of the different life path’s, you can simply click here. Ok, so let’s start.

The Life Path Number as Your Deepest Lesson

The first thing perhaps you need to know about the life path number is that it represents the deepest lesson your Soul chose to focus on in this lifetime. Sometimes people call it destiny, and while I have nothing against this word, I believe we need to be a bit more accurate. What does destiny actually mean? Some think destiny means becoming some kind of super hero, famous and grand or doing something extra specific. But what I want to suggest is that destiny in our context means to focus one’s entire lifetime on digging into, investigating, learning and exploring a certain life-lesson. This lesson of course if represented by the specific number that appears in your life path location.

And so while there are many lessons in life to be learned, this central one will be the most emphasized lesson of this current incarnation. And as such, it will appear in many areas of your life. You will need to experience its light and shadow in order to truly master it and allow it to shine through your expression.

The Soul’s Journey

It’s important to zoom out for a moment to see the bigger picture. Your life journey is the manifestation of a specific Soul intention. That intention is to perfect a specific Divine manifestation, a unique Divine quality, an asepct of the Divine. Throughout your many lifetimes you go through many many experiences, but throughout them all is a connecting thread that slowly slowly weaves together your unique life story and eventually your mature Divine expression. In this context we can understand that your life path number represents a part in your curriculum that is required for your Soul’s journey to flower and succeed. I’m mentioning that just to give you the feeling of the magnitude of what you’re partaking in. A marvelous cosmic story unfolding through your very life and personality. That’s exciting! But now, time to zoom back in into the life path number and its implications on you.

The Life Path Number as Your Unique Lens

The life path number is so central that naturally it has more than one function. Another important function of this number is to function as the central lens through which you interpret and understand life. This number is so deep and so central that it literally defines your energetic positioning towards life, the actual way you feel towards life, interpret it and understand it. Perhaps it’s a good point to use a few numbers just to quickly demonstrate what I mean.

Take number 4 – they perceive life in a matter of fact kind of attitude. It’s a place to establish solid and stable roots for them.

Take number 2 – life for them is a constant place of relating. They always need to relate to something or someone.

Take number 7 – they will always approach life as observers, not completely involved, not completely in the game.

It’s important to note that none of them is aware that they are doing it. For them it’s completely natural and normal. This is because the life path number is so deep that it’s one’s unconscious lens and unique approach and attitude towards life. As we grow in consciousness, this number can of course become increasingly more conscious of itself.

The Life Path Number as Your Deepest Emotional Temperament

Ok, so we’ve covered the destiny part and also the unique lens part, but we aren’t over yet. Another important aspect of your life path number is that it governs your deepest emotional temperament. You’ve surly noticed that some people are more emotional than others, some feel comfortable with emotions while others don’t. Some are warm and embracing while others are practical and reserved. Some can be cutting and overly straightforward while others extra sensitive and considerate. The life path number among many other things, decides what kind of relationship you’re going to have with emotions and as a result what your emotional temperament is going to be like.

Some numbers are more emotionally reserved than others, for example: 4 and 8. They don’t like to show vulnerability. Number 4 is perhaps the most emotionally reserved. It literally understands love in practical terms. There’s the 1 who’s emotionally integer and not hiding what they feel, but nevertheless their emotional nature is sharp and cutting. Sensitivity is not their thing. Number 6 on the other hand is deeply emotional, romantic and even nostalgic about life and people. They can’t help it but be soft, understanding and compromising. It’s all built in. Number 9 on the other hand is emotionally open, generous and wants to embrace the entire world (if it could).

The Life Path as Your Guiding Star

So now that we’ve covered quite a few of the life path number’s roles in your life, let us position it in the right light. If you follow the knowledge of numerology, you must know that there’s a hierarchy to the energies and numbers in your chart. And at the top of the hierarchy is your life path number. In other words, if you want to make sure you’re on track in your life, simply follow your life path number. It is your guiding start, a compass that tells you where you should go and what are the most important aspects in life you should hone in on and learn to master and perfect.

Whenever you are in a time of crisis in life, remember to connect to your life path number and draw from its wisdom and strength. Eventually it will keep you afloat and bring you to safety. Sometimes we give other parts of our being the upper hand, and although it will makes some sense, it will not make full sense. The sun will always be the most central star in our solar system, the one holding everything together. Even if you wanted to, you couldn’t replace it with Saturn or Jupiter, no matter how massive and cool they are. So remember to follow it and you will find that you are fulfilling what you came here for.


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