The 3 Dimensions of Human Completion

Human Completion

True happiness that penetrates all levels of being must address the complex human being that we are. This genuine state of all-encompassing wholeness, I call Human Completion. Many books and spiritual teachings attempt to offer a key to holistic happiness. However, it is my observation, that most teachings focus only on one dimension and by doing so, they deprive the seeker of truth a more complete self-realization. Let’s explore this topic in-depth throughout this article.

Reaching Human Completion

If you observe yourself carefully, you’ll pretty quickly realize that there is an inherent drive inside you to find happiness. This drive is not personal. It comes from the very fabric of existence itself. Existence wants to expand into ever new frontiers of self-discovery. And you are existence embodied as a human. What makes you so special is that being a human, you are not only a physical being, but also a soul and an eternal consciousness. You have a body, a psyche, a soul and an absolute dimension to you. All of that is the human being. Therefore, to reach a state of human completion, you must address yourself in your entirety.

Reaching human completion is an ongoing, lively state of both evolution and profound rest. It is forever growing and forever resting in eternity. This wonderful state of completion is the unification of all opposites and dimensions into one harmonious experience.

These are the 3 dimensions that make up the central
pillars for a complete spiritual growth.

How is Human Completion Reached?

Just like the triangle above, where each ventricle supports the other and is inherently dependent on it to create the full triangle, so do we need to connect all the 3 dimensions of ourselves to reach human completion. The 3 dimensions: Human, Soul and Absolute must all be sufficiently and continuously cultivated. You should aspire to awaken each dimension and harmonize it with the others. If one dimension is weak, it’ll affect all the rest. The human dimension is where we take care of our body and psychological self. The soul dimension is where we make sure to live a creative and evolutionary life. And the absolute dimension is where we discover ourselves beyond time and space, as oneness itself. Now, let us explore each dimension more in-depth.

The Human Dimension

The human dimension deals with your integrity as a physical being in time and space. This dimension calls you to take care of your body and psyche. Starting with your body, you should cultivate a healthy, vibrant and strong body. Why? Because your physical body is the vessel that will conduct the spiritual energy coming from your Soul and Absolute dimensions. It should be clear, solid and agile and receptive to the currents of energy coming from the deeper realms.

Secondly, this dimension deals with your psychological conditioning. On this level, you should make sure to treat you core themes and blocking patterns in life. We all have a bout 2-3 major themes to treat. Why’s that important? In order to be a reliable expression of the Divine and not mix the grace coming from beyond with selfish and unconscious troubled motivations coming from a confused and unresolved inner world. To reach human completion, you must transform your psychological self into an integrated and mature psychology that can also reflect wisely the light of the beyond.

The Soul Dimension

The soul dimension stands between the human and the absolute dimension. It is deeply rooted in the absolute but looks in the direction of form and human experience. It’s that part of you that deeply loves life and wants to fully participate in it. This dimension calls upon you to fully participate in life as an infinite evolutionary process of learning and discovery. It is a positive, passionate movement that always strives to evolve into new frontiers and horizons. It’s the part in you that dreams big and loves life as an endless journey, a never-ending story full of meaning and purpose.

The state of human completion asks for the full activation of the soul dimension. This dimension is what gives your life purpose and direction. By awakening the soul you start to experience every experience as an opportunity to grow and learn. Even difficult experiences are embraced and transformed into gems of wisdom. Thus, the soul awakens within you a true creative passion for life, a life-affirming attitude towards this epic journey as a human being.

The Absolute Dimension

The absolute dimension is the most fundamental dimension within you. It is the ultimate discovery of yourself as an eternal being, beyond time and space. It’s the revelation of an undifferentiated Oneness without boundaries and beyond opposites. It is the non-dual perception of reality. In the absolute, you are and have always been absolutely complete in the most perfect way. This dimension allows for the discovery of total freedom and liberation. You get in touch with the ever-fresh, ever-new wonder of life.

In the process of human completion, the absolute dimension gives the ultimate foundation of sanity. It is the most important dimension of them all. It is the very center of gravity of the entire path and all of its different dimensions. Knowing the absolute, you come to know freedom, rest and sanity. This is like the sun at the center of the entire spiritual path, as it is the most essential and naked Truth.

Danger – Do Not Neglect Any Dimension

Let me explain to you why these 3 dimensions are so important to form an integere human completion, and why neglecting one of them is a recipe for trouble and imbalances.

Many teachers focus only on awakening the absolute dimension. It seems so complete in and of itself. But at one point or another as an interacting human being, you will notice that there’s a huge gap opening between this perfect state and your expression on a social and emotional level. As a matter of fact, it happens quite often that people who realize the absolute without sufficient maturity on the human dimension, interpret freedom as the opportunity to do whatever they want, whenever they want, to whomever they want. This is where abusive behavior enters the picture.

A mature human dimension without the absolute dimension will create an endless search that never ever reaches satisfaction. There will always be a feeling that there’s still something to heal or fix about yourself before you can be complete. You will always perceive yourself as a limited being, striving to become unlimited. There won’t be any true rest and sanity.

Awakening the human and absolute dimensions without the soul dimension will make you pale and lacking life and vitality. Something inside you will be dry and lacking a purpose. You might feel deep freedom and human integrity, but you won’t have a deep sense of meaning, purpose and passion for living. You won’t know the “why” of your existence. And without a “why” to live for, our life can become very stagnant and pale.

Human Completion – One Harmonious Expression

Once all 3 dimensions are awakened and unified you will have the sanity and unconditional freedom of the absolute dimension, moving through a creative, life-affirming, purposeful soul, expressing itself through an integrated, healthy and mature human psyche and body.

Cultivating this degree of inner unity, is the way to be an expression of integrity, honesty, sincerity and unified truth. It makes you truly reliable as a complete human being. These dimensions become 3 powerful anchors that create a truly mature expression of Self-Realization and Enlightenment. This is what I call Human Completion.


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