Numerology and Your Shadow

Your Shadow

What is Your Shadow?

We are all born with inherent potentials and abilities, only waiting to be discovered over time as we grow up and mature. But no potential comes without a flipside, a blockage of sorts, that is also part of you and works against your fulfillment. That is, until you learn to acknowledge it and work with it consciously. This is called your shadow.

Your shadow is an important aspect of your being and personality. It consists of your major conflicts, blockages, suppressions and all those things you try to hide from yourself and the world. The violence, the jealousy, hatred, vengeance, your tendency to be cynical, your closed heart and rigid tough-headedness, the sorrow, sadness and fears…and the list goes on. You know what I’m talking about? Of course you do! We all do. Even if we pretend to not have any shadow.

Thing is, your shadow plays a pivotal role in your spiritual and psychological growth and maturation. Without acknowledging it and working with it consciously, your development will come to a halt.

Why is Your Shadow so important

Even though getting in touch with your shadow may not be comfortable and may even be quite unsettling, it is healthy when done properly. The shadow side of your being holds very important lessons you must learn in order to reach higher degrees of wholeness, wisdom and fulfillment. To shoot an arrow, you must create tension in the opposite direction by pulling the bow. This image can help you understand the role of shadow. For every great potential you have, there’s an equally great shadow pulling in the opposite direction waiting for you to utilize it.

However, despite its great importance, most of us avoid our shadows at all costs. It feels so much better to see and hear only good things about ourselves, to hide behind a fake (but safe) self-image, to pretend to be cool and on top of things so that you can survive socially. That is of course, until you realize that living a lie feels worse than seeing yourself as you are. That’s where Numerology comes into the picture.

Numerology Reveals both Potential and Shadow

Your full name and date of birth hold the plan and blueprint of this lifetime. By diving deep into your numerology chart, you are pretty literally given the codes that unpack the purpose and potential of your life, both light and shadow, conflicts and strengths. And inasmuch as it is important to know your potential, knowing your shadow through numerology is a total game-changer, as it gives you the clarity to tackle your shadows head-on with precision, purpose and understanding. Your shadows are not bad at all. In fact, the real art is to learn to work with them and harness them in your favor. It’s like raw material that can be turned into ever more refined substance. The beauty with numerology is how it shows you the full picture in detail, and expands your perspective so that you can address yourself as a holistic being – potential and shadow alike.

Numbers and Number Interactions are the Key

Numerology is all about understanding the numbers deeply and the intricate ways in which they interact and merge with each other. If only you’d learn deeply your 3 Core Numbers, you’ll be astonished at the amount of information your can glean from them. Naturally, the best way to go about that would be getting a numerology reading from a professional numerologist or learning numerology yourself. Still, by reading and learning some basic materials, you can gain some insight about your shadows and start working on them consciously. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

If one of your core numbers is number 1: your shadow will revolve around egocentricity, being aggressive and overpowering, resisting authorities, and lack of self-confidence.

If one of your core numbers is number 4: your shadow will revolve around being overly strict, stubborn and rigid, being emotionally closed and harsh and fears pertaining to money, health and stability.

If one of your core numbers is number 7: your shadow will revolve around fear of the subconscious, anxieties, fear of loosing your sanity, lack of trust in your inner knowing and confusion about what’s real and what isn’t.

Naturally, what I wrote here in these examples is just the tip of the iceberg, but it hopefully gives you an idea.

Numerology – a Manual for Your Inner World

If you ask me, having access to numerology is a blessing, as it spares you a whole lot of time guessing what’s going on with you and what you should do about it. We all deal with difficulties and are faced time and time again with our shadows and it is therefore crucial that we have a direct way of seeing and approaching them. Numerology is straightforward and doesn’t leave place for doubt. It cuts right to the core of who you are and what you need to learn and deal with in order to grow and evolve. In a simple numerology reading, your shadow can be clearly explained to you and this indeed may be a turning point in your life and overall growth.


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