Numerology and the Chakra System

Chakra System

Many of you reading this article have probably heard about the chakra system. If you haven’t, please read more right here. In this article I’m going to show you yet another deep and revealing dimension of the numbers. We’re going to explore the connection between the numbers 1 to 9 and the 7 chakras.

The Chakra System meets Numbers

The numbers from the perspective of numerology are living energies. They are not just symbols, but the actual energetic material that you and I are composed of. Each number has unique and specific attributes, characteristics and fields of life it represents. The chakra system is one of the most important parts of our energy body. Each chakra is a living energetic organism with very specific traits and qualities. The chakras directly govern and regulate many of our mental, emotional and physical experiences. The connection between the numbers and the chakra system is direct and obvious. Every number is directly related to specific chakra(s). Some numbers clearly correlate with one major chakra while others have a connection to more than one.

Numbers and Correlating Chakras

Let us now explore all the numbers from 1 to 9 and their correlating charkas.

Number 1

is mostly related to the Solar Plexus chakra located at the stomach area. This chakra, just like number 1 governs our sense of will, personal power and sense on individuality and self-sufficiency. This number amplifies our self-confidence and leadership abilities – just like the solar pleaxus chakra.

Number 2

is mostly related to the Heart Chakra. This is directly connected to the aspect of sensing everything deeply and without filters or shields. It is the number of sensitivity itself. It is also a number of kindness, relating, bonding and seeing the other. These are all qualities of the Heart Chakra.

Number 3

is mostly related to the Sacral Chakra. It corresponds to the child element of this chakra. It’s the part in us that loves to express feeling, emotion, song, laughter and creativity. It is about pure curiosity and childlike innocence.

Number 4

is mostly related to the Root Chakra. This number deals with qualities such as: stability, order, structure, discipline, hard work, having roots, steady routine and long term investments. This is very much the domain of the root chakra.

Number 5

is mostly related to the Sacral and Throat Chakras combined. It is an adventurer, loves tasting life through the senses, but is also an incredible communicator. It is juicy, messy, fascinating, charming and naughty…everything you would expect of the combination of the sacral and throat chakras combined!

Number 6

is mostly related to the Heart and Root chakras combined. It is where our emotions, love and care become manifest in a physical form. For example: being a parent, planning a romantic evening for a loved one or taking care of the sick. But also smaller things like remembering your neighbor’s birthday. This is exactly what the heart and root chakras create when blended together.

Number 7

is mostly related to the Third Eye chakra. It deals with finding wisdom and acquiring deep knowledge about the nature of things. It wants to probe deep beyond the surface and discover the secrets of life. This number represents the thinker, philosopher, scientist and mystic. In other words: the seeker of Truth. All of the above are directly connected to the third eye chakra.

Number 8

is mostly related to the Solar Plexus chakra. It is the aspect of ambition and always moving forward. It aspires to grow in power and influence and is an incredible strategist and manager. These are definitely qualities represented by the solar plexus chakra.

Number 9

is a special case. As a transcendental number that includes all other numbers, it has many connections. I’ll talk about the most relevant ones. It is very much related to the sun element of the Heart Chakra. Qualities like altruism, generosity, living for the benefit of all and impersonal love. It’s also related to the Throat Chakra: being an incredible communicator that changes people’s lives for good. Lastly, it is also related to the Crown Chakra as the wisdom of completion and loss of all boundaries.

The Main influences in your Chakra System

When examining your numerological chart, always make sure to first check your 5 Core Numbers. These numbers constitute your most fundamental blueprint, energetic infrastructure and makeup. When a number is present in one of those locations, it means that the specific chakra(s) that it correlates with is strong in your constitution. If the number appears more that once in your 5 core numbers, this chakra(s) is central to your path. And lastly, if the number appears in your Heart, Hands or Head numbers – the chakra(s) it correlates to are also very central on your path and makeup.

Some examples:

If my 5 core numbers…

  • include mostly 2, 6 and 9, I know that the most active chakra in my chakra system is the Heart Chakra.
  • are mostly 3 and 5, I know that the most active chakra in my chakra system is the Sacral Chakra.
  • include many 7’s, I know that the most active chakra in my chakra system is the Third Eye Chakra.

How is this Useful

Once you understand the deep connection between the numbers and the chakra system, you can have yet another profound way of understanding people’s tendencies. Moreover, you can better understand strengths, weaknesses and imbalances in one’s life. Seeing the numbers through another prism gives you the opportunity to understand yourself even better and gives further depth to how we all understand the scope of influence of the numbers in our life.


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  1. Both my name and DOB total 4. And I have been homeless my entire adult life, almost. How do I fix that? Shouldn’t my root chakra, being 4, be stable? Or does this prove your above theory all wrong? Not being meant as a put down, just not understanding how the 2 are possible, if what you claim is true, how does my life make sense to you!???!

    1. Post

      Dear friend, first of all thank you for opening up the way you did. Much appreciated!
      I do hope you get to see my answer, as I would’ve answered you by email, but you have none.
      So…numerology is not a one-dimensional system. Even if 4 is your life path number, there
      may be many many other factors in your chart that make this 4 move into its shadow side.
      When learning your numerology chart you will discover many energies working together,
      forming a story. I’m sure that if we take a close look at your chart we will be able to
      answer your question thoroughly.
      If you want, you can write me an email to:
      I might have something for you that can assist you with understanding your numerology.
      Take care!

    2. Your core numbers, in correspondence with the numbers of the chakras, could also symbolize the chakras that you need to work on opening.
      Just a thought.

    1. Post
    1. Post
    1. Post

      Hey Allissa, number 0 a bit like number 9 has many possibilities. As such it doesn’t relate to only one chakra in particular. I would say that it relates mostly to a certain aspect of the 7th (Crown) chakra, as it is like an open vessel through which light and information can enter. But that is only one aspect. If you wish to learn numerology deeper you can always sign up for my in-depth numerology studies or purchase my online self-study numerology course. Good luck!

  2. Thank you for this info! I am also loving listening to your podcasts. I have been practicing numerology for the past five years and I also do a lot of chakra healing work so integrating the two is awesome! Thank you for all you are providing I am enjoying your content and really align with your messages.

    Question for you: if my core numbers are 8, 9, 9, 9, and 7 would this mean the heart, throat and crown chakras are the most active or would the 9 connect and amplify the solar plexus/ third eye energies from the 9/7 respectively?

    Thank you again for connecting these two studies for me 🙂

    1. Post

      Dear Savanna, I’m very happy to hear you feel connected to the knowledge I share. To have a serious look at your Number-Chakra connection, I’ll have to meet you for a numerology reading. Much love

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